Jobs In Winnipeg: Tips To Land A Good Job

No matter where you are in the world, one major part to success is having a good job that can provide for you and those under your care.

While many people start with low-income jobs to gain experience, after a while you can go for higher income jobs with the experience and education and skills that you have gathered among the years of your adult life.

Chances are, if you're over thirty you know very well how to get a good job, but either way it's good to learn what employers are looking for.

There are many things that go into landing a job, and so taking each one into consideration is the key to making sure your application and resume stand out among the crowd, making it more likely for you to be called back.

If you can dazzle during both your resume and then the interviewing process, chances are you'll land the position. T

his guide we have written will help you make sure you're prepared for each step of the way for whatever job you hope to get here in our lovely sunny city of Winnipeg.

Jobs In Winnipeg: Tips To Land A Good Job

What Jobs In Winnipeg Want To See

The first tip to landing a good job is to make sure you follow all application instructions. Some creative jobs will require examples of past works, most jobs require a specially tailored resume and cover letter, while some simply want the filled out application form.

Making sure you follow the instructions perfectly means that you won't be scrapped for not following them, which many jobs will do, and could save you the thought of losing the job due to skipping through the instructions without paying close attention to them.

Another tip is the follow-up call. Some jobs will print on the application or state when filling it out that they do not want follow up calls, but if you don't see that listed than it could be a good way to get your foot in the door. 

You could either call or go in person, but either way checking up on your application is a good way for them to remember your name.

One tip though is to always make sure you're speaking with a manager or the hiring manager, as most general employees won't really care what you have to say.

Lastly, when you do get the awaited interview, always make sure to look clean and professional, wearing business casual clothes and (if you are feminine) makeup, but nothing too heavy.

Also, if you're looking to remove body hair before your interview, Bare Body Sugaring is a good way to get the clean and sleek look you want. You don't want them distracted by your appearance, but you want them to notice that you put effort in.

Also it is good to take a copy of your resume and cover letter to the interview as well, and give it to them in case they lost your last one.

What Jobs In Winnipeg Want To See

If you follow these steps, and make sure to communicate honestly and in a professional manner, chances are you'll have a job in no time! Good luck, and happy hunting!


Looking For Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax is quickly becoming a wonderful alternative to other hair removal options. Aren’t you tired of using your old razor and shaving cream? Tired of getting razor burn or dealing with harsh lights from laser hair removal? Most people are looking for a more comfortable and safer alternative for their hair removal.

Waxing has always been thought of as a painful hair removal option. However, body sugar isn’t a new form of hair removal. It has been around for thousands of years actually, and it is much less painful than actual wax.

sugar wax.jpg

The Perfect Hair Removal Option

Sugar is nothing new like we said before. This is an ancient practice that actually was used by the Egyptians as a hair removal option. They used it to remove hair in the most painless way possible. They did this because this type of wax does not cause skin irritation.

Most other wax recipes actually stick to the skin when they are pulled off and cause serious irritations, rashes, and even can tear the skin.

The amazing thing about this type of body wax is that it won’t pull the skin at all. The recipe used makes it so that when the body sugar is removed, the skin is left unharmed and the only thing that is removed is the actual hairs on your body.

Cold Sugar Wax Recipe

With this sugar wax recipe you will have a product that not only exfoliates when you use it but will start to lighten the hair follicles and actually make the amount of hair that grows back lighter every time you use it.

For this recipe you will want to use exactly one cup of sugar, one cup of honey, and a half cup of lemon juice. Making sure that you stick to this ratio is crucial. A little bit over or a little bit under will mean that you will not have the correct ratio to get the recipe right.

You will then want to melt the sugar using medium heat on the stove. Do not stir it at all. You can swirl that saucepan around slowly to mix the sugar. Once the sugar has caramelized simply add the honey and the lemon juice.

Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon preferably and continue to stir until the mixture has melted. If it is too thick you can add about a spoonful of water until it has thinned up to your satisfaction. After a few practice runs you will figure out the best consistency.

Once you have done this let it cool down and remember to store it in a container that is completely air tight and leave it in the refrigerator.

body sugar scrub.jpg

Sugar Wax

Go ahead and try this recipe yourself until you find the right balance yourself. If you want to try having this type of wax removal as an option in a salon, try our body wax specials or give us a call today to see what kind of packages we have to offer.

Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

Since the dawn of time us humans have sought after clear, hairless skin. Whether for aesthetic purposes or necessity for cleanliness, we have always set a societal ideal for pure and smooth skin, free of hair and other imperfections.

Looking back on the art and statues of days gone by, you can easily see this perfect image of humanity perpetrated everywhere, from paintings and marble statues to even in literature. That has not changed as of late, as we have sought to perfect and advance methods of hair removal for ourselves for generations.

Body hair removal techniques have varied across the eras of human invention. The most common methods have included hot wax that bonds to the hairs and rips them out, and using a blade to shave the hairs so tiny they aren't noticeable.

While these methods have lasted throughout the years as reliable, affordable and easy to do, they do come with their own share of dangers.

For one, traditional wax may seem the best because it pulls the hair out at the root, but the wax can easily burn your skin if not done properly, and also the harsh pulling can cause your hair to break, causing problems with the hair growing back.

Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

How Body Sugaring Is The Best Hair Removal Method

If you look back at the ancient Egyptians, body sugaring is obviously the way to go. Body sugaring combines lemon juice, water, and obviously sugar to make a simple wax that you use like your average hair removal wax.

You heat it up to the required temperature, smooth it on, and peel off like normal. But the differences in the experience are truly staggering, as we will detail for you below.

First off, you don't need to heat it up that high for it to be a good, smooth wax. Unlike traditional wax that needs to be heated extremely hot to stop being solid, with sugaring wax it only needs to be around body temperature. This means that neither you or the person doing your sugaring will be hurt in the process.

Secondly, when it pulls off of you, it hurts a lot less than waxing does, feeling more like a small pinch rather than a painful rip of your skin.

It also does hardly any damage to your skin, and has the least potential for broken hairs out of any of the waxing processes around the world, as the wax is more gentle and bonds more easily to the hairs, lifting them completely out without breaking them in the process.

And lastly, one of the major problems with waxing is if you accidentally leave stuff on, it can be hard and painful to get the wax off of you. With body sugaring you can fear no more as all you need to get the solution off of you is some warm water and a gentle scrub.

How Body Sugaring Is The Best Hair Removal Method

So if you're interested in body sugaring services for men and women, be sure to give us a call or click today for more information and we can set you up with an appointment.

The Many Pros And Cons Of Sugaring For Your Body

Since the beginning of civilization humans have tried to rid themselves of body hair. Whether it's for health and odor related reasons, or if it's purely an aesthetic choice, humans have craved smooth, hairless skin since almost the beginning of human civilization.

When looking back at art and statues made by our ancestors you will see a common trend of hairlessness except for on the head and potentially on the face, for men. This has been a standard for many people's beauty ideals, and can lead to smooth skin that is nice to the touch and helps you keep your skin healthy and soft.

However, modern times never seems 100% satisfied with each new method of hair removal. While technology for hair removal is getting more advanced by the minute, nothing seems to be 100% effective.

Razors can accidentally cut your skin or break your hairs, laser hair removal can hurt your skin and is expensive, needing multiple treatments in order to be permanent, and even traditional waxes can hurt, burn, and cause your hair to break.

Having broken hairs or damaged skin can not only be painful, but it can cause hair, if it does grow back, to be uneven and potentially dark and thick, negating the whole process and causing you to have to spend money in repairing your damaged hair.

Pros And Cons Of Sugaring

Pros And Cons Of Sugaring

However, there is a way that most people overlook because it's not exactly "modern". That way is body sugaring. Body sugaring is a technique that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, which involves a simple solution of sugar and a couple other ingredients heated to around body temperature, then applied to the desired area and pulled off in a gentle manner.

There are many benefits to body sugaring, and frankly, we don't see many downsides, aside from the general downsides whenever you do any wax treatment of the skin needing to be treated carefully for a few days after the procedure is done.

One of the major pluses of body sugaring, however, is that it is a lot less painful than wax. While wax needs to be heated to extreme temperatures, and rips off roughly after applying, leaving some residue that is even more painful to remove, with body sugaring it only needs to be heated to body temperature, making it feel less painful and making it easier for the person doing it to apply.

It also only bonds with hairs, and pulls them up in a way that doesn't damage the surrounding skin. Also, since its mainly sugar based, if any residue or spots are left on your skin, you simply have to run it under some water and scrub gently for the solution to melt and go away.

Experience Body Sugaring in Winnipeg Now

Experience Body Sugaring in Winnipeg Now!

So if you're looking for amazing Winnipeg body sugaring, be sure to give us a call or click today. Our professionals can sugar your most troublesome areas with our gentle sugar, and help you get to the state of hairlessness that you want your body to be at.

The Intriguing Facts Of Winnipeg History

Winnipeg, located in Manitoba, Canada, is a place that is rich in history, sights, and excitement. Businesses in Winnipeg are blooming and modernizing each and every day, bringing new flavor and life to every corner of the sunny Canadian city.

With each new step towards the future, such as body sugaring spas, holistic medicine practices, and new age eateries, we are reminded each and every day why we chose Winnipeg to be our lovely home. A city rich in culture, but not afraid to embrace the future and bring a new and exciting tomorrow.

However, Winnipeg, like every other place on this planet, is nothing without its rich and interesting history. Where there is the future, there must have been a past, and we will take a minute to tell you the history of the lovely place we call our home.

The Intriguing Facts Of Winnipeg History

Winnipeg History: A Summary

Winnipeg, being located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, marks almost the perfect middle of the North American continent.

The city is known for its slow but sure pace towards the future, and features ethnically diverse residences all throughout the city. Winnipeg is known as the sixth largest city in Canada, and boasts being the economic center of Manitoba.

Our lovely city started out as but a few fur trading posts way back in 1738. However, the first settlement on Winnipeg soil was not to be until 1812, when a group of Scottish crofters arrived and made Winnipeg into their home.

When the 1873 consensus was counting the cities booming around the area, they counted Winnipeg as a city boasting 1,869 citizens. In 1885 the Canadian Pacific Railway brought forth not only a new method of transportation for the Winnipeg residence, but an almost unrivaled period of growth and prosperity, unequaled by almost any record of Canadian urban development.

With that prosperity came a great boost of immigration, high wheat prices, capital, and improved farming techniques that made Winnipeg one of the biggest economic assets of Canada all the way up until World War 1, where things began to stagnate, lasting well into the 1940s as an effect of the economic downturns of the time.

However, after the 40s and until present day, Winnipeg has become a beacon of major grain, financial, manufacturing, and transportation that benefits the whole of Canada, all the way up until this very day, where many Winnipeg businesses are at the forefront of the future and advancing the area into a new era of prosperity.

Make Winnipeg Your Home Today

Make Winnipeg Your Home Today!

So if you aren't already calling Winnipeg your happy and proud home, you might want to consider finding a place in the area to live, seeing that Winnipeg is an amazing place to live and call home.

From the bustling economy to the amazing tourist attractions, rich culture, and lovely places to live, not to mention the businesses that are blossoming and flourishing around the city each and every day, including ours, Winnipeg is a lovely place to call home, and we would love to see you here.


Brazilian Sugaring vs. Wax Body Hair Removal

Body hair removal has existed for thousands of years, since the times of ancient Egyptians. The reasons have varied from culture to culture, some finding it more hygienic to shave, and some just preferring it as aesthetic.

Regardless of the reason, the culture behind body hair removal has been evident in almost every nation around the world, from times as early as thousands of years ago. If you look back at ancient paintings and sculptures, you will find the subjects hairless, as in ancient Rome where the style was also coveted.

There have been many methods to remove body hair since the beginning of the trend. Every method is unique in its own way, and every generation seems to become more and more set on finding better ways to remove body hair.

Advancements include using lasers to destroy hair at the follicle, in an attempt to permanently stop the hair from growing again.

However, sometimes the best thing to do is to go simple. So today we will be comparing the ancient method of bare body sugaring to more modern waxing techniques.

The Comparison Between Brazilian Sugaring vs. Wax Body Hair Removal

The Comparison Between Brazilian Sugaring vs. Wax Body Hair Removal

One major thing to compare when talking about waxing or sugaring is the pain level. Whilst with wax the pain can be tremendous, and even after the pull you can still find waxspots on your body, with sugaring the pain is much less and even if the sugar wax stays on your body, unlike regular wax the sugar wax is soluble in water, so just a quick rinse and it comes off.

Another thing to compare is efficiency. With wax, multiple visits are required every month to keep the hair from growing back, going on indefinitely for years. With Braziliansugaring, just a few visits back to back and the hair will just stop growing on its own.

This can keep you from having to come in for years and years, and help you stay hairless longer, and maybe even forever.

The third comparison I would like to make is the damage hot wax causes. Wax needs to be heated to extremely high levels to melt sufficiently for use, and if the person applying it doesn't test it to make sure of safety first, it could cause severe burns to your body.

Wax also breaks a majority of the hair that it pulls up, causing it to potentially become ingrown or grow back weirdly and unevenly. However, with sugaring, it only needs to be around body temperature, and so there is absolutely no risk of burning. It also helps grab the hair at the root gently, keeping the hairs from breaking.

Get the Best Sugaring Treatment Today

Get the Best Sugaring Treatment Today

So if you are considering taking steps to become body hair free, schedule an appointment to get a sugar waxing session today. Your body will thank you.

The Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

With today's beauty standards, having hairless skin can help you feel fresh, clean, and looking your best in many current outfits. Hair removal and waxing has been around for thousands of years, originating way back in the times of the ancient Egyptians, who used using crude waxes and sugar-based waxes to achieve flawless, hairless skin.

The trend spread around the world and stayed fairly consistent as the standard of beauty in many paintings and statues from Greece, Rome, Egypt, Africa, and other places of culture and beauty.

Nowadays, however, the processes of waxing and hair removal can severely damage your skin and hair follicles over time, and they aren't super-effective, either.

While many companies and scientists are pouring thousands into trying to develop the best permanent hair-removal products, most of these new methods, such as laser hair-removal, can cost thousands of dollars and may also be very inconvenient, taking several hours and multiple visits every month.

What About Sugaring Hair Removal

What About Sugaring Hair Removal?

While we have been searching for new and exciting innovations, the old Egyptian technique of a simple wax made from sugar, citric acid, and water has been proven for thousands of years ago to be effective, less painful, and less damaging to your hair or skin than other, more modern methods.

One major benefit of sugaring is that it is far less painful. Since the sugar wax is a simple solution and doesn't get extremely hard, it lessens the pain you experience when waxing. This is because the sugaring wax isn't as damaging to your skin, and breaks a lot fewer hairs in the process than traditional waxing methods.

Another benefit of sugaring hair removal is that it absolutely cannot burn you. Many people who have gotten waxed before have suffered welts and burn scars from previous waxing attempts, because the wax needed to be heated to a very high temperature in order to spread. Unlike traditional waxes, sugar wax spreads easily near body temperature and need not be heated much higher.

A third benefit to sugaring hair removal is that the sugar wax dissolves in water, so if you don't peel it all off, a quick rinse with warm water will remove all the wax, leaving your skin fresh and clean. Traditional waxes can sometimes leave wax on your body, which is tedious and painful to remove on your own after the initial pull.

It can even damage your skin if left on for too long. With sugar waxing, even if some is left behind, warm water will dissolve it quickly and easily, leaving you pain-free and able to get on with your day without worrying about leftover wax.

Sugaring Can Lead to a Hair-Free Skin

Sugaring Can Lead to a Hair-Free Skin

If you consistently remove the hair during a certain phase of growth over several consecutive visits, you may find yourself not even growing any more hair in the area. That's right, regular sugaring treatments can lead to you being hair-free within just half a year, with the hair never growing back.

So call or click today if you are interested in setting up an appointment! If you're still worried, check out our reviews from satisfied customers!

Plan your Trip Itinerary with Things to Do in Winnipeg this Weekend

Winnipeg is a city in Manitoba known for its events such as music and wine festivals, concerts, and other activities Manitobans love doing, making Winnipeg a city known by tourists for its diverse attractions.

If you are a tourist planning to visit this city for a weekend getaway, you should plan things to do in Winnipeg this weekend carefully to make the most out of your trip. If you are looking for fun things to do in Winnipeg on a date, then a trip to the best Winnipeg sugaring salon can be one of your options to pamper yourself.

Also consider free things to do in Winnipeg when planning your trip, given that these are fun things to do for adults. If you are looking for things to do in Winnipeg this weekend, then you should plan your itinerary to make the most out of it.

fun things to do in winnipeg for adults

Planning Things to do in Winnipeg this Weekend

If you want to make the most out of your weekend trip, then you should plan your itinerary ahead of time. Advanced preparation for your trip to Canada can assure things run smoothly, so look for ways to get the best deals on places to stay, shop, and dine for your upcoming trip. Searching the internet for weekend events in Winnipeg, such as festivals in Manitoba, can be a good place to start.

Start by Listing Free Things to Do in Winnipeg

Every place has a list of activities and attractions that tourists search for to make their Winnipeg experience complete. Make a list of free things to do in Winnipeg, no matter the month, and then pick the events that attract you, it really helps to be prepared. You should begin planning your travel itinerary by searching for free things to do in the city on a weekend utilizing your favorite search engine. You can also ask locals and other tourists for recommendations, and the internet can become your friend in times like these.

Fun Things to Do in Winnipeg for Adults who Travel Alone

free things to do in winnipeg

Manitoba boasts fun things to do for adults who travel alone, given that attending just one festival can help a tourist experience Manitoban culture. Keep your sights on the Winnipeg calendar and engage in hot activities you can enjoy over the weekend, and make the most out of a relaxing solo trip. Want to pamper yourself? Visit a spa or a salon and get a message.

Fun Things to Do in Winnipeg on a Date

Visiting sights and checking out high-end restaurants are two different things you can do in Winnipeg when you take a date. If you are looking for fun things to engage in Winnipeg on a date, attending local celebrations or festivals, check out local historical attractions or museums. Take a romantic stroll through one of the many gorgeous provincial parks. You are sure to add value to the memories and stories you will share in the future

Body Sugaring Before Clubbing

A lot of us love having fun. Be it going to the club or parties, we want to enjoy our lives and set aside worries for the moment. During these moments, having fun in nightclubs can have us in close contact with other people.

Sometimes, really close. Sometimes, really really close. You might already have a great rocking body. You could look great dancing and having fun. But if you want the beauty beneath all your clothes to really come out, body sugaring is the secret.

Body sugaring is the process of painlessly removing unwanted hair. When going to dance clubs in Winnipeg, it would be nice to be prepared for anything. Here are the benefits of body sugaring and why you must do it.

Body Sugaring Is the Painless Removal of Unwanted Body Hair

Body Sugaring Is the Painless Removal of Unwanted Body Hair

You already know and already experienced waxing. It can be very painful and not a whole lot of fun. Body sugaring is the painless removal of unwanted body hair. You won't have to worry about the process hurting you so much. It's quick and painless.

Actual body scrubbing involves the use of natural paste to remove hair. Bare body sugaring already has a lot of converts doing the process. You'll be more confident going to bars and dance clubs in Winnipeg if you try body sugaring.

Body Sugaring Before Going to Dance Clubs in Winnipeg

Going to dance clubs or a nightclub can be a lot of fun. It can be more so doing body sugaring before going to dance clubs in Winnipeg. You'll be even more confident and enjoy your urban life more. You'll have more fun with more confidence.

You'll enjoy the rock or hip hop music. You'll swing, salsa, be more alive! You might even notice that members of the opposite sex are looking at you. If you know how to read between the lines, you could know what they want.

They could just check you out at first and offer to dance with them. You could exchange numbers and even hang out. With body sugaring, you won't have a problem with any of that. You'll have the confidence to do anything, even to show more skin. 

Body Sugaring Increases Your Self-Confidence

Body Sugaring Increases Your Self-Confidence

You can enjoy your reign at events by having the perfect skin and great self-confidence. You can have that with body sugaring. Body sugaring increases your self-confidence. You'll feel better with how you are after a body sugaring session.

You'll have more fun because body sugaring increases your self-confidence. With the painless hair removal, you won't mind being too close to other people. You'll look great and feel great with body sugaring.

Enjoy dance clubs in Winnipeg after a body sugaring session. Body sugaring is painless and you'll look and feel great afterwards. Body sugaring increases your self-confidence and you'll find yourself having a great time enjoying the nightlife.

You'll be talking and close to other people and have a great time. Experience more fun and have more confidence. Have that with body sugaring.

The Best Option for Permanent Hair Removal

Proper grooming has been found to give a lot of benefits to a person ranging from hygienic down to social benefits which is why permanent hair removal has been practiced ever since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians and other nationalities have developed various techniques in the past on how to remove unwanted hair naturally permanently, and one of the most prevalent and popular ones still being practiced as a permanent hair removal strategy today is body sugaring. Body sugaring enables permanent hair removal at home, making the benefits of sugaring hair removal more readily available and accessible to many.

benefits of sugaring hair removal

How to Remove Unwanted Hair Naturally Permanently

Looking for an effective method of removing hair permanently can be challenging, especially if it requires the employment of methods such as electrolysis and laser hair removing programs. These methods are challenging in a sense that both laser and electrolysis are expensive, despite their proven success of permanent hair removal. Men and women look for alternatives such as hair removal products to deal with their unwanted facial hair or those found on their chest, underarms, and other areas of the body. People use a hair removal product to help them achieve their goal on how to remove unwanted hair naturally permanently. Little do they know there is an ancient system which is still being practiced today to help them conduct methods of permanent hair removal at home.

Methods of Permanent Hair Removal at Home

Several methods of permanent hair removal at home are available for you to select from. Among these options, an ideal method is body sugaring, given that it can remove unwanted hair permanently, with minimal effects on your skin, especially your face. This is considered to be one of the great alternative hair removal systems to waxing, laser, and other methods, given that is it cost effective, efficient and can help you achieve great results.

Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

Since body sugaring has been practiced for thousands of years, aestheticians have revealed the benefits of body sugaring hair remover and these are:

1. It reduces your risk of causing skin irritation, unlike waxing.

2. It uses natural ingredients found at home, making it safe to use.

3. It is cheap and cost effective.

4. Sugar paste works similarly with wax, but it is easier to clean up and doesn't stick to the skin.

5. It can remove even the shortest hairs permanently in the long run.

how to remove unwanted hair naturally permanently

With these benefits of body sugaring listed, you can now skip using synthetic hair remover and go natural with body sugaring.

Removing your unwanted hair permanently requires you to look for methods which are cost effective, yet safe and efficient. Body sugaring can give you these benefits to help you achieve your goal of permanently removing your unwanted hair.

You can make body sugaring creams at home, but alternative commercial body sugaring cream is also available on the market.

Look for product reviews before getting them, and make sure the product offers you the same (or even better) benefits as the one you can make at home.

Get the best deals as you shop for these items and gain confidence from the reduction of unwanted hair growth these products can achieve

A Beginner’s Guide in Using Sugar Paste For Hair Removal

Grooming yourself is necessary, given that proper grooming and good hygiene practices can not only make you appear healthy, it can also attract others to you as well.

With this in mind, many men and women are looking for ways to remove unwanted hair as quick and as effortless as possible.

Over the years, many hair removal techniques have been developed, yet one of the most ancient but prevalent methods is using sugar paste for hair removal procedures. 

making your own sugar paste for hair removal

How to Make Sugaring Wax

As mentioned earlier, body sugaring is a traditional waxing technique which originated in Egypt during the ancient times.

It is considered to be a minimalistic method of natural waxing given that sugar paste is a gentle way of removing unwanted hair and at the same time, it is also gentle to the skin.

If you are considering a DIY body sugaring procedure, then you should know how to make sugaring wax. Here is a recipe on how to make sugaring wax to remove your unwanted hair growth:

1. Gather all the needed ingredients. A sugar paste is composed of 4 parts sugar, 1 part water and 1 part lemon juice.

2. Mix all ingredients together under moderate heat (around 250F). 

3, Set aside to cool before using it on your skin.

The recipe stated earlier is only one of the numerous recipes you can follow in making sugaring wax paste.

 If you are not confident with making one on your own, then you can opt for buying a sugaring paste for sale as your natural hair removal treatment. 

Using Sugaring Paste for Sale

As mentioned earlier, you can make your own sugaring paste, but you can also buy a sugaring paste for sale if the ideas you followed seem to be not working.

Many suppliers who have sugaring paste for sale can guarantee you of the same (or even better) quality as DIY sugaring wax which works.

As long as you have applied the paste according to how the direction which came with it stated, then you can be assured of a professional waxing experience done with minimal costs.

where to buy hair removal kit

Where to Buy Sugar Wax Kit

If you want to know where to buy sugar wax kit, you should keep yourself updated with the most popular suppliers in your area who can offer you the best deals for the same, prime quality that you want.

Use a hair removal wax with the best quality which simply removes your unwanted hair growth quickly and efficiently.

There are two options you can choose from if you want to use sugar paste for hair removal for a natural waxing procedure.

You can either learn how to make sugaring wax through DIY tutorials, or you can buy a sugaring paste for sale and do it on your own, or you can have a professional sugar waxing service done by experts.

If you choose to go with the former, you need to know where to buy sugar wax kit. Otherwise, you should ask around for any spa using sugar paste for hair removal with good offers on their prices.

The Benefits of Using Sheepskin Wheelchair Cushions

Sugaring hair removal is a method of pulling out unwanted body hairs without the pain associated with the regular waxing procedures and without the inefficiency and ineffectiveness related with regular shaving.
The popularity of sugaring hair removal has skyrocketed over the recent years, owing not only to its effectiveness and longevity, but also because of the healthy advantages and benefits which the procedure brings forth.

the difference between sugaring hair removal and waxing

Body Sugaring Treatment vs Waxing Treatment: How Does Sugaring Hair Removal Work and Why Does It Differ a Great Deal from Waxing?

While the basics of sugaring hair removal are in a way similar to a waxing treatment, the two hair removal procedures have more differences than similarities and the benefits you can obtain from the former are much more favorable than those from the latter.
Like waxing, sugaring hair removal is a viscous substance applied to the skin. Once removed the skin, the mixture will then remove the unwanted hair from the roots.
However, the great difference lies in that in sugaring hair removal, the lifting of the substance happens following the direction of hair growth, which is much more effective and much less painful, than in waxing, wherein the swift lifting of the substance from the skin occurs against the direction of hair growth.
In addition, sugaring involves the use of all-organic and natural ingredients that are not infused with any harmful chemicals. This makes body sugaring treatment healthier, in that it leaves the live healthy skin cells during the process of hair removal while taking with it the dead skin cells you’d want removed anyway.
There is little to no discomfort in body sugaring treatment during and even after the procedure is over.
There is practically no chance for your skin to develop any rashes, irritations and inflammations, that is unless you have extremely sensitive skin.
In addition, the sugar paste or solution applied during body sugaring treatment, is kept at room temperature. That way, your skin will not experience any burning sensations, unlike the painful hot wax used in waxing treatments.

What Are the Pros of Body Sugaring Treatment?

advantages of sugaring hair removal treatment

Ease of Application and Tidying Up

This healthy hair removal procedure is perfect for large areas of the skin and body, like the back and legs. And the process does not take long to perform and the paste or substance is also easy to clean up after use, as it is simply rinsed with water.

As well, sugaring solution does not dry out fast and easy, unlike wax, so it can be applied to larger areas at once, without worrying the sugar solution will be difficult to come off.

Much Gentler on the Skin and near Permanent Halting of Growth of Unwanted Body Hairs

Consistent application of sugaring hair removal paste can cause the growth of unwanted body hairs to completely stop over time.
The reason for this is because sugaring does not only pull out the hair from the roots but it also damages or kills the hair follicles themselves, which are the ones responsible for fast hair growth.
Therefore, as you frequent the body sugaring salon, you will eventually help your hair follicles to expire and finally fail to function, resulting in less or no more hair growth.
Have you tried sugaring hair removal? If you have not yet, it is time to hit Bare Body Sugaring salon, Winnipeg’s best sugaring salon, and take out those unwanted hairs now.


The Industries with the Most in Demand Jobs in Winnipeg

There are so many job and career opportunities around Winnipeg, Manitoba and you are probably wondering what industries have the most in-demand jobs in Winnipeg.
Presented here are some of the industries which have the most jobs in demand in Winnipeg.

top professional jobs in winnipeg

Professional Services Jobs in Winnipeg

A rather broad category, professional services jobs in Winnipeg include white collar occupations, not including finance services.
These occupations are lawyers, human resources experts, consultants, architects and engineers. These professions currently have many opportunities if you’d like to thrive and build a career in these respective industries.

Telecommunications, Media and Information Technology Jobs in Winnipeg

Also a broad term that encompasses several specific professions, such as, telecommunications, media and IT services jobs, IT support services representatives, and fiber optic and cable technicians, all of which are in demand in Winnipeg.
Software development as well as occupations that handle IT hardware also fall under this category. So do programmers, app developers and those professionals in the research and development sector.

Healthcare Jobs in Winnipeg

Jobs in Winnipeg that are in line with providing medical care to patients include physicians, nurses, psychologists, xray technicians and radiologists.

Also included in this category are in-home and nursing home caregivers and professionals who administer health and medical care systems and technical assistance in laboratories and pharmacies.

Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Jobs in Winnipeg

The food and beverage services industry jobs also are in high demand given Winnipeg’s consistently booming tourism sector.
The hospitality, hotel and restaurant jobs in Winnipeg include chefs and fry cooks, the maître d’, maids and maintenance keepers, and concierge supervisor and assistants.

Financial services jobs in Winnipeg

Occupations or positions in this category include bankers, accountants and auditors, investment brokers and financial advisers or financial administrators.
It is also important to state that this does not include professionals in the insurance sector of financial institutions.

Education Sector Jobs in Winnipeg

Basically, all teaching jobs both in private and government-operated schools, colleges and universities are part of the education sector workforce as well as the administrative and support positions within the educational institute.

Public Sector Jobs in Winnipeg

Civil servants in government offices are also in demand in Winnipeg. They provide public service as well as support to government agencies and institutions such as the provincial and municipal departments, and the parliamentary ministries.

agricultural jobs in winnipeg

Agriculture, Farming and Manufacturing Sector Jobs in Winnipeg

These include positions that produce or manufacture agricultural items as well as those that manage and handle their overall operations. They are the farm laborers, the manufacturing supervisors, the skilled traders, and quality assurance and quality control analysts.
As you go job hunting or as you may be in the early phase of figuring out which career path to take, treat yourself to a sugaring hair removal procedure at Bare Body Sugaring sugar shop, the best Winnipeg sugaring salon, and be more confident and prepared to conquer the world as you take on new roles and challenges in a career you choose and that matches your skills. 

Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

By far, body sugaring can be considered the best hair removal method that there is available that you can treat yourself to.

best hair removal that offer skin care

What Is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring makes use of a simple, all-organic and natural paste which contains sugar, lemon juice and water.
The paste will be applied and molded onto your skin and then will be quickly lifted in a brief sweeping motion extracting all your unwanted hairs in the process. The swift removal of the sugar paste solution from your skin will follow the direction of your natural hair growth. This means much less breakage and little to zero pain or discomfort for you.
After the body sugaring services, the paste and the gloves used will be instantly discarded and you will be left with luxuriously smooth skin free of unwanted hairs.

Why Body Sugaring Is the Best Hair Removal Option

Body Sugaring vs Waxing

With the best hair removal technique known as sugaring, you will not risk your skin getting rashes, irritation or any sort of inflammation. The technique is also practically painless. There is basically zero chance of pulling or hurting your skin during the procedure.
Plus, it is much more hygienic and completely sanitary compared to waxing. The reason for this is because any solution or substance that is mixed in with the sugar will be naturally resistant to growth of bacteria and germs. In addition, any excess sugar paste and the gloves used will instantly be discarded and will never be recycled or reused. So this process is completely sanitary and safe.
Given the very healthful sugar-lemon and juice-water solution, you are guaranteed that there will be no trace of harmful chemicals that will touch your skin and therefore makes sugaring very ideal for you if you have overly sensitive skin.
Finally, unlike waxing, there is no requirement in terms of the length that your hair needs to be for them to be efficiently pulled out with the use of this organic sugar paste.

Body Sugaring vs Shaving

When you shave off unwanted hair, you risk cutting or nicking your skin along the way. Shaving does not pull the hair out from the root which can leave a rough look and feel to your skin. This is simply because of the remaining short hairs that are left after shaving. 
As well, shaving is very inefficient in that you cannot accurately use the razor in terms of following the natural hair growth. Doing so results in faster, messier, and thicker regrowth of your hair. You also risk getting folliculitis with shaving better known as an ingrown hair.
All these issues can be avoided with body sugaring.

how sugaring is a lot better than laser hair removal treatment

Body Sugaring vs Laser Hair Removal

You won’t have to expose yourself to unnecessary radiation at a large fee with sugaring hair removal unlike with laser hair removal procedures.
Laser hair removal actually does not work on all skin types especially on types that are more sensitive. However, sensitive skin can easily be treated with sugaring without any worries of irritation and inflammation after the services.
Are you convinced yet that body sugaring is the best hair removal option? If so, go ahead and make an appointment now with Winnipeg’s sweetest sugar shop, Bare Body Sugaring salon and gain more confidence with your body as our expert sugaring attendants rid you of those unwanted hairs.

What are the Pros and Cons of Sugaring? 

Body hair, especially excessive amounts, have always been a problem. Those that prefer a body with silky smooth skin instead of one full of hair have spent millions of dollars on different technologies to remove unwanted hair. From shaving to waxing to tweezing and top of the line laser hair removal, more and more innovative technologies and methods are being used to get rid of excess hair and provide baby smooth skin. 

One such method that is on the rise in terms of popularity is called sugaring. Sugaring is becoming highly popular because it appears to be one of the most cost-effective hair removal methods today. However, before trying it out, it would be best to know what the pros and cons of sugaring are. 

beautiful skin after successful sugaring

Pros and Cons of Sugaring: Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

When compared to other methods of hair removal, the pros and cons of sugaring provide more pros or benefits. For instance, the cost is lower especially if you can do it on your own which is one or the major advantages. However, for safety concerns, and for better results it would be best to have it performed by a professional. 

Moreover, unlike other methods, such as waxing, sugaring makes use of only natural, organic ingredients, resulting in fewer side effects and risks of skin damage.

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of sugaring is that the effects are immediately felt and last longer. In fact, it can lead to permanent hair removal. 

Is Sugaring Bad for Your Skin

As mentioned earlier, sugaring makes use of natural ingredients, such as sugar and lemon that is turned into a sugary paste. The mixture itself is not harmful to the skin, but the timing of application may be. The mixture should be applied to the skin at a certain temperature. 

There is some danger if it is applied while it's too hot. At that point, scalding can occur. This is the reason why it's best to have a professional perform this type of hair removal method, rather than doing it on your own. 

Additionally, the mixture can be fully removed with water alone. In waxing, some of the wax still remains on the skin even after a couple of days. With sugaring, the mixture is fully removed after each session, thus leaving your skin feeling clean and bright. 

Pros and Cons of Sugaring: Side Effects of Sugaring Hair Removal

When performed by a professional, sugaring has very little cons, otherwise known as side effects. In fact, the only side effects or disadvantages noted with this particular hair removal method is its effects on highly sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, there could be redness and a bit of inflammation. 

As long as the method is performed properly, no damage to the skin should occur. 

benefits of sugaring on your body -- flawless skin.png

Try Sugaring for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you're looking for a cost-effective solution for excess hair removal, then sugaring would be a very promising alternative. The fact that it only uses natural ingredients is an added benefit, which means that no harsh chemicals will be used on your skin. These days, going all natural is not just a craze, but a key to a healthy lifestyle. As you learn more about this hair removal method, you'll discover a bit more pros and cons of sugaring not mentioned in this article.

The Best Winnipeg Sugaring Salon

Women and even some men struggle when trying to remove hair from their face and body. There are multiple ways in removing hair but it can be very painful. There have now already been options to remove hair permanently but they can cost you a lot of money. 

There is already a method that exists to get rid of hair with less pain and comes at an affordable price. Have you heard of body sugaring? It was invented by the ancient Egyptians and now we want to write it into our Winnipeg history.

the best hair removal method in Winnipeg history.jpg


What is Sugaring?

You might have already tried other means of removing hair but have you already tried sugaring? Sugaring is a method of removing hair with a special substance which consists of sugar, lemon juice and water. 

The Winnipeg Bare Body Sugaring Salon offers the most professional kind of service. We’ve been using the method of sugaring for quite some time now and we’ve already mastered the art. We are currently the best Winnipeg sugaring salon in all of Winnipeg history. Don’t believe it? Come down our salon and try our bare body sugaring service. 

The difference of sugaring and waxing is that it is less painful. That alone should have you leaning more towards sugaring instead of the more painful method of waxing. Try sugaring at the best sugaring salon in Winnipeg, our bare body sugaring salon.

Benefits of Having Hair Removed Through Sugaring

For one, you will look much better without all that unnecessary hair. You will also have smoother skin because of not having all the stubble. You can achieve this by trying the bare body service at the best sugaring salon in Winnipeg history, the Bare Body Sugaring Salon

With smoother skin, you’ll also feel better about yourself and have more confidence. Remember, for skin removal with less pain and good results, try hair removal at the best bare body sugaring salon in Winnipeg history. You’ll be surprised with the quality of the service and the benefits you’ll immediately feel by trying sugaring.

Can Men Also Use Sugaring?

Men like women are people who want to look their best too. Although it is not necessary for men to get hair removal, it’s becoming a trendy way for men to feel and look their best. Though not common in Winnipeg history, sugaring can also be a method of hair removal for men. 

We’ve mastered the art of painless hair removal, so just sit back, relax and don’t you worry about a thing. You also don’t have to worry about clean up afterwards. The sugar substance won’t stick to your skin like wax does, so there is no need to worry about that either. 

men using sugaring method to remove body hair

Sugaring – Changing the Course of Winnipeg History

Hair removal has already been part of the norm of human society. There is nothing wrong with hair removal and it is becoming more and more popular. In fact, it actually helps us to feel good about ourselves. 

Our skin becomes smoother and with the best sugaring salon in Winnipeg history, you can be sure that we will provide you with quality service. It may not have been prevalent in that past but man too can have their hair removed with the method of sugaring. Let’s totally replace waxing with sugaring and reshape hair removal in Winnipeg history by making sugaring the top choice for hair removal. 

Sugaring vs Waxing: The Face-Off

Sugaring vs Waxing: The Face-Off

Body sugaring and waxing are both popular hair removal methods expertly done by salon professionals.

However, despite sugaring’s long history, that dates back to old Egyptian times, waxing has been deemed more widely subscribed to. It has only been recently that sugaring has made it to the mainstream waves of beautification techniques, specifically as a hair removal method.

Which Should You Employ?

sugaring or waxing?

The answer, plain and simple, is natural sugaring by Winnipeg’s Bare Body Sugaring salon.

To sum up, natural sugaring is much kinder and gentler to your skin.

So, how else do the two hair removal methods differ from each other? What exactly puts sugaring ahead in the race, over waxing?

Sugaring vs Waxing: The Formula of the Solution

Sugaring paste formula is all-organic and natural, while waxing cream is heavily chemically-infused. Hence, it's hypoallergenic and is fitting for any skin types without any risks of irritation, itchiness or inflammation.

The sugaring mixture is simply composed of organic sugar, lemon juice, and water. This simple concoction particularly makes sugaring the much more hygienic and sanitary option relative to waxing. The reason for this is because any natural elements added to natural sugar makes the blend absolutely resistant to bad bacteria, germs and molds. In addition, in the hair removal technique of sugaring, any unused paste is immediately discarded and the container is instantaneously sent to be sanitized to be as new as it had been prior to first use.

Sugaring vs Waxing: The Technique

Natural sugaring is definitely much less painful compared with waxing. Also, the solution used in the former is never hot and instead remains only at room temperature.

In natural sugaring, after application of the paste solution, the hair is flicked swiftly in the direction of hair growth. In this way, the unwanted hairs are pulled out right from the roots and follicles, even those which are as short as 1/6 of an inch. This results in a truly smooth finish with no hair ends awkwardly and even a little spikily protruding from the skin surface.

Therefore, there is so much less strain and pressure on the skin while the hairs are being extracted owing to the manner and the direction of plucking them off.

This is the exact opposite of waxing, which makes it very painful.

Sugaring vs Waxing: The Health Benefits

Given the all-organic and natural sugaring paste, it is the obvious choice for you if you are more concerned about your skin’s health.

Sugar has tried and tested healing properties. It was used to treat wounds and inflammations on the skin back in the day. With this identifying feature of sugar, which is the main component in natural sugaring, it means that this particular hair removal technique clearly wins the argument on which of sugaring or waxing is the more healthy hair removal method, if waxing is actually ever healthy.

As you undergo the process of sugaring, you are nourishing that specific area of your skin too. Sugar naturally hydrates and exfoliates the skin as it also peels off your dead skin cells without sacrificing the live skin cells during the procedure.

On the other hand, in waxing, the cloth strip used to painfully draw out the unwanted hairs also carelessly removes even the healthy skin cells.

health benefits of sugaring

The Verdict

In the sugaring vs waxing showdown, the former is the clear winner in several aspects.

Apart from all of advantages and benefits mentioned in the previous sections, natural sugaring is very suitable on any region of the skin, especially the more sensitive upper lip, chin and bikini area. Even males in Bare Body Sugaring’s manscaping will be much more comfortable with the sugaring hair removal technique.

Go Confidently Bare and Natural With "Bare Body Sugar's" Natural Sugaring

Bare Body Sugaring which is dubbed as Winnipeg’s sweetest sugar shop is a salon which focuses and specialized solely on natural sugaring method of hair removal.

The specialty shop caters to both ladies and men. The natural sugaring process of the latter is referred to as manscaping.

What Is Natural Sugaring?

Tracing its origin way back to the very ancient Egyptian times, the natural sugaring method of hair removal has come a long way through all these millennia over millennia of evolution until what we find and are using these days.

Despite its very long history, the popularity of natural sugaring has ironically only skyrocketed over more recent years thanks to more and better health benefits which it yields particularly compared to other hair removal procedures.

What Makes up the Natural Sugaring Paste?

Body sugaring technique makes use of a very simple concoction of water, lemon juice and water. All these are all-organic and natural and the solution is absolutely free of any chemical infusions such preservatives or colorants, unlike the other less time-consuming yet risky and almost unhealthy hair removal procedures.

How Does It Work?

The body sugaring mixture is hand-crafted and is faintly warmed up to typical room temperature which makes it more than tolerable for the skin to bear. There is practically no burning feeling or even too much warmth on the skin.

The body sugaring paste of only three all-organic and natural ingredients is then applied to the area of the body which you want to rid of unwanted hairs.

The thorough application and smoothening of the paste on the skin is specifically against the direction of the hair growth and is then peeled off following this direction of hair growth. The mixture on the skin being peeled off in a rather swift sweeping motion is popularly known as “flicking.”

It is important to note that flicking body sugaring paste off the skin is a skill that is meticulously learned by the natural sugaring experts.

Although natural sugaring takes more time relative to other more painful and more chemically-packed hair removal procedures, it does more than clearing your skin of unwanted hairs but is also proves to be the very, if not most, healthy procedure.

What Makes Natural Sugaring So Healthful?

oil for hair removal

The paste used in the technique is all-organic and natural. Natural sugaring mixture is comprised only of three organic ingredients that are sugar, citric acid and water. It is not at all mixed with any chemical additives. Therefore, you do not make your skin ingest harmful chemical products which may accumulate over time and take their toll on your health and body in the future.

It is free of any harmful bacteria and germs. Anything with sugar in it plus the natural preservation properties of lemon juice virtually chases bacteria and germs away. Sugar is pet peeve to bacteria and germs which contains their reproduction and growth.

In addition, the container for the body sugaring paste is completely sanitized prior to use and is instantly discarded after use, regardless if there is any excess mixture.

It is naturally moisturizing, hydrating and exfoliating. Sugar, saturated in citric acid and water, makes for the perfect exfoliator. As your unwanted hairs are pulled out right down from the roots and follicles as the paste is being flicked, it takes with it the dead skin cells too, leaving your skin feeling and looking much smoother and younger. The plus side is that healthy live skin cells are kept intact in your dermis. Again, this is not the case with other hair removal procedures.

Go Bare and Go Healthy with Natural Sugaring.

Given all these advantages and comfort of the process, it is time for you to make the switch, if you have not yet done so. Go organic and natural with body sugaring to rid your body of unwanted hair and achieve that smooth and glowing skin you have always wished for.

One of the Things to Do in Winnipeg: Body Sugaring at Winnipeg's Sweetest Sugar Shop

Winnipeg is so full of life and will surely never fail to give you a fun time. This great place has a lot of equally great things to see and experience. It is full of parks, museums, historical sites, and landmarks.

There are so many things to do in Winnipeg. Life in this part of Manitoba practically never halts from the break of dawn until dusk and beyond.

Things to Do in Winnipeg: Sugaring!

Hop from the museums to the surrounding parks while savoring history and the neighboring age-old tourist structures. Make sure to drop by Bare Body Sugar, where only the best sugaring services for men and women in Winnipeg are performed.

Getting body sugaring will surely give you a boost to carry on with roaming around the beautiful city, and of course, make sure to end the day with some drinks at a local bar in your best getup.

What Is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring may seem modern and relatively new to the ear, but it is an unwanted body hair removal treatment that, ironically, is ancient. The process has been in use for centuries and centuries.

Body sugaring basically involves the use of a thick honey-like paste that is a natural mixture of water, lemon, and sugar.

The solution is then applied and molded onto the skin where you want your hair removed. The application is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The paste is swiftly peeled off in a sweeping motion that results in the extraction of the hair in the direction of the growth. Along with the stripped off paste is the unwanted hair as well as dead skin cells.

The procedure can be applied to the upper lip and chin, the bikini area, and the arms and legs. Body sugaring can also be applied to the chest and the back for men. The latter is specifically called “manscaping” at Bare Body Sugar.

Things to Do in Winnipeg - Sugaring

Body Sugaring vs. Body Waxing

Body sugaring is much more hygienic than body waxing.

Given the all-organic ingredients of the very simple lemon-water-sugar paste used in body sugaring, it is the much healthier option too.

Body sugaring is more sanitary in the sense that sugar, which is the main component of the concoction, is naturally resistant to germs, molds, and bad bacteria. Anything that is made of pure sugar and other natural elements basically leaves no breathing room for bacteria to grow and reproduce.

The paste used in the procedure is natural and safe to apply on all skin types. It does not cause any kind of irritation or inflammation, such as itchiness or rashes, because it is not at all chemically-infused.

A huge plus is that with body sugaring, you do not only rid your skin of unwanted hairs but your dead skin cells also come off with the paste. It is very important to note that only the dead cells are taken out and the live cells remain untouched, intact, and healthy. This is just not the case with body waxing.

Body Sugaring vs. Shaving

You can subscribe to body sugaring every three weeks initially. Then the need to undergo the procedure lessens over time because body sugaring is very effective with helping slow down or even completely halt hair regrowth.

On the other hand, your DIY daily shaving does not entirely extract the hairs right from the roots and follicles. It leaves behind evidence of the hairs. You would not actually be very confident showing off shaved legs when there is the obvious appearance of the hair very close to the skin. In addition, shaving also damages your skin and darkens the areas that you constantly shave. So give your skin a rest and put this at the of your list of things to do in Winnipeg.

One of the Things to Do in Winnipeg Bare Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring vs. Laser Hair Removal Treatment

So we have established that body sugaring is healthy. It is, in fact, the healthier choice compared to body waxing. It is also healthier than laser hair removal treatment.

For one, as you get rid of unwanted hairs, you do not expose yourself to unwanted radiation with body sugaring making this a must add to your things to do in Winnipeg list!

Laser hair removal treatment is already very invasive in that you will have topical anesthesia applied first because the laser’s pulling out of your hair is rather painful. The cream and the laser itself can result in inflammation, acne breakouts, and folliculitis. Not only that, hair removal with lasers is way more expensive than body sugaring.

With laser treatment, you rid your hair while in pain, under unhealthful radiation, and at a very unnecessarily high price. All these issues disappear with body sugaring.

In other words, when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, body sugaring is the way to go.

So, add body sugaring at Bare Body Sugar to your things to do in Winnipeg checklist, and make sure you crash it out as a task done at the end of the day.

Stand out in the Winnipeg Nightlife Scene with Body Sugaring

The Winnipeg night life is brimming with good food, drinks, vibrant music, and lights. 

Make sure you are not left out of the scene. After all Winnipeg night life would not be complete without you in your high-slit sultry dress matched with red stilettos. 

Not confident yet? Perhaps you are missing something simple to help give that confidence. Go then and get to that level of sexy perfection with body sugaring

Sugaring does not only gently pull those unwanted body hairs out, but it is also the healthier way to get rid of them. 

So, you have never tried body sugaring? Note these benefits that come with body sugaring. The simple benefits will convince you to book a session after perusing this list. 

Winnipeg Nightlife Scene with Body Sugaring


Use of Entirely Natural Ingredients

Body sugaring only makes use of very minimal yet very efficient ingredients. These include sugar, water, and lemon juice. It is so enticingly sweet-smelling, pure and all natural that you can even have it for a healthy dessert. 

No Burning Sensation on the Skin

In the body sugaring procedure, the water-soluble paste solution is applied at body temperature. Thus it does not leave any burning sensation which could cause redness and swelling. Sugar does not adhere to and stick to live skin cells, and therefore it does not harm or worse, pull the skin with the removal of hairs. This is the reason why sugar is also a natural exfoliator and moisturizer for dry skin. 

In addition, sugaring is very safe for application over varicose veins even. 

Sugaring is Hygienic

Any pot that is full of a paste solution that has a high level of sugar concentration leaves no breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, every jar is immediately emptied of any remaining sugar paste after the body sugaring session is complete. 

As well, this is tested and proven by time and history which are a witness to the millennia of employment of sugar for skin and wound treatments. Sugaring leaves you with no reason to fear any forms of contamination or irritation. 

Sugaring is highly pliant and thus is able to pull the hairs right from the roots.

Because of the high pliability of the sugar paste, it can support even the shortest hairs to be able to eliminate it from the root while following the natural direction of its growth. 

Reduction of Hair Regrowth

After three to four treatments, the new hairs are much finer. Also, sugaring pulls the hair out from the root, and hence it makes the hair follicle collapse. This means that it will take a longer period for the follicle to rebuild itself which is necessary for hair regrowth. As the frequency and speed of regrowth decreases, the hair follicle’s natural tendency is to stop rebuilding and in turn, the hair barely grows anymore. 

Winnipeg Nightlife with Smooth Legs


Are You Convinced Yet?

Be prepared to get in that little black dress and show off that sweet kind of velvety skin that is free of unwanted hairs right under the limelight of Winnipeg night life scene. 

Always be Winnipeg night life ready. Call us now at Bare Body Sugaring and let us take you through the sweet, suave, soothing, refreshing and efficient Winnipeg body sugaring. We have the best body sugaring menu in Winnipeg. So we have your back and any other stubbly body parts, covered. At Bare Body Sugaring, your skin stays smooth, safe and healthy, and you leave your unwanted hairs in the skilled hands of our body sugaring gurus.