Stand out in the Winnipeg Nightlife Scene with Body Sugaring

The Winnipeg night life is brimming with good food, drinks, vibrant music, and lights. 

Make sure you are not left out of the scene. After all Winnipeg night life would not be complete without you in your high-slit sultry dress matched with red stilettos. 

Not confident yet? Perhaps you are missing something simple to help give that confidence. Go then and get to that level of sexy perfection with body sugaring

Sugaring does not only gently pull those unwanted body hairs out, but it is also the healthier way to get rid of them. 

So, you have never tried body sugaring? Note these benefits that come with body sugaring. The simple benefits will convince you to book a session after perusing this list. 

Winnipeg Nightlife Scene with Body Sugaring


Use of Entirely Natural Ingredients

Body sugaring only makes use of very minimal yet very efficient ingredients. These include sugar, water, and lemon juice. It is so enticingly sweet-smelling, pure and all natural that you can even have it for a healthy dessert. 

No Burning Sensation on the Skin

In the body sugaring procedure, the water-soluble paste solution is applied at body temperature. Thus it does not leave any burning sensation which could cause redness and swelling. Sugar does not adhere to and stick to live skin cells, and therefore it does not harm or worse, pull the skin with the removal of hairs. This is the reason why sugar is also a natural exfoliator and moisturizer for dry skin. 

In addition, sugaring is very safe for application over varicose veins even. 

Sugaring is Hygienic

Any pot that is full of a paste solution that has a high level of sugar concentration leaves no breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, every jar is immediately emptied of any remaining sugar paste after the body sugaring session is complete. 

As well, this is tested and proven by time and history which are a witness to the millennia of employment of sugar for skin and wound treatments. Sugaring leaves you with no reason to fear any forms of contamination or irritation. 

Sugaring is highly pliant and thus is able to pull the hairs right from the roots.

Because of the high pliability of the sugar paste, it can support even the shortest hairs to be able to eliminate it from the root while following the natural direction of its growth. 

Reduction of Hair Regrowth

After three to four treatments, the new hairs are much finer. Also, sugaring pulls the hair out from the root, and hence it makes the hair follicle collapse. This means that it will take a longer period for the follicle to rebuild itself which is necessary for hair regrowth. As the frequency and speed of regrowth decreases, the hair follicle’s natural tendency is to stop rebuilding and in turn, the hair barely grows anymore. 

Winnipeg Nightlife with Smooth Legs


Are You Convinced Yet?

Be prepared to get in that little black dress and show off that sweet kind of velvety skin that is free of unwanted hairs right under the limelight of Winnipeg night life scene. 

Always be Winnipeg night life ready. Call us now at Bare Body Sugaring and let us take you through the sweet, suave, soothing, refreshing and efficient Winnipeg body sugaring. We have the best body sugaring menu in Winnipeg. So we have your back and any other stubbly body parts, covered. At Bare Body Sugaring, your skin stays smooth, safe and healthy, and you leave your unwanted hairs in the skilled hands of our body sugaring gurus.

Top 3 Hair Removal Options for Sensitive Skin

Hair removal is not so simple when you have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin will react to harmful chemicals in hair removal methods and most products. Usually resulting in red and itchy skin that is far from the smooth skin you’re aiming for. So what are your best hair removal options for sensitive skin? In this guide we will talk about the best options for you that don't include nasty shaving razors or products that will hurt your skin. For ladies who want to wear a bikini this summer, these options are perfect for you!

Best and Worst Hair Removal Options


Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is hands down one of the best hair removal options for sensitive skin. Body sugaring involves the use of a paste of sugar, lemon juice, and water. The paste is spread on your skin that is body temperature and covered with a strip of cotton cloth which is then stripped off to rid your skin of stubble. 

Very much like your typical hot waxing, but with two major differences. The paste is not hot so there’s no risk of burning your sensitive skin. Also, unlike waxing, the body sugaring method removes hair along its natural hair growth instead of against it. This will give you a hair-free skin without the same level of pain and discomfort that hot waxing gives. On top of that, the more sugaring can result in permanent hair loss. Wouldn't you love a permanent solution to your unwanted stubble?

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams are also a good option for your hair removal needs. Some of these creams contain harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin, but there are also those that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. These types of creams can be a bit pricier than the normal creams, but the investment will definitely worth it. 

You just need to be careful in choosing your creams. Don’t use a hair removal cream for pubic parts on your face like your lip area. Use creams that are suited for the specific area you want to remove hair from. Don’t leave the cream too long as well because these are great ways to burn or irritate your skin.

Use Sugaring as the Best of All Hair Removal Options


Laser Hair Treatment

If you’re really bent on permanently removing hair as fast as you can, laser hair treatment is one of the best hair removal options for you. This treatment is generally safe even for sensitive skin. Usually a spa will apply a gel that protects your skin during the treatment. However, to stay on the safe side, it’s crucial to do a patch test to see how your skin reacts. 

Laser hair treatment usually involves four or more laser treatments 4-6 weeks apart. The key to having a successful laser hair treatment removal is to select a doctor with extensive experience and zero records of failed laser hair procedures. 

So What Are the Best Hair Removal Options for Sensitive Skin?

Everyone's skin is different, and even if a removal treatment worked for a woman with sensitive skin, that doesn’t mean it will also work for you. The key to choosing the best among the many removal methods is by trial and error. Trying a clinic with experts of their craft is how women with sensitive skin find what works best for them. 

When trying a new hair removal treatment, do a patch test first to see if the materials used in the methods will cause any bad reactions to your skin. It’s also important to consult your dermatologist before you undergo any hair removal methods to keep yourself safe and avoid preventable skin problems. 

All your Questions about Body Sugaring Answered

Women are in a constant search for the next big solution to remove stubborn hair for a flawless, smooth skin. Waxing used to be the best option available for those who do not have thousands of dollars for laser hair treatment. Yet the one common complaint about waxing is the wax paste hurts a lot especially if it’s your first time.This is where body sugaring comes in.

Bare Body Sugaring-Kissable Smooth Skin

Sugaring hair removal uses very similar techniques as body waxing. In this ancient hair removal method, spa expert will use a special mix of sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the stubble. The paste is cooled down so that it won’t burn your skin, and then spread on the area of hair that you want removed. Then it is covered with cotton strips of cloth, which will be yanked off to remove the stubble. 

Body sugaring is a great and ancient form of hair removal. For those who are not yet familiar with it, Bare Body Sugaring will answer all pertinent questions about this amazing method: 

Does Sugaring Hurt Less Than Wax?

A lot of women find sugaring significantly less painful than waxing. In waxing, the hair is removed against its natural direction of growth. This is what causes the high levels of pain. This method also causes ingrown hairs and skin irritation. In sugaring, on the other hand, the stubble is removed along with the natural hair growth direction. So your hair will be removed in a simpler and less painful way. 

Many women also experience getting burned by hot wax. Sugaring is done at body temperature unlike waxing, so it won’t burn and hurt your skin. 

How Long Does the Hair Need to Grow Before Using Sugaring Hair Removal?

Another great thing about sugaring hair removal is that hair at 1/8”, which is half the required length for waxing, will be gone! You can achieve this size stubble in just 7-10 days of growing. Gone are the days when you have to agonizingly wait for your hair to grow back to almost an inch!

Bare Body Sugaring for Smooth Skin

Can Sugaring Remove Hair Permanently? 

Stubble that is 1/8” in length is in the Anagen Phase of growth. This is the growth phase which is considered ideal even for laser treatment. Regular hair removal at this stage leads to permanent loss. Every time hair at the Anagen Phase is extracted, a little part of the follicle wall is torn with it, which eventually causes the wall to collapse. Regular body sugaring may lead to thinning of hair and permanent hair removal.

How Much Does Body Sugaring Cost? 

Each sugaring spa has varying prices, and the cost will also vary on how large the area is that you want to remove stubble. Here at Bare Body Sugaring spa, we offer safe and comfortable sugaring hair removal services for reasonable prices.

If you’ve had your skin burned, irritated, and even bloody from waxing, it’s time to switch to sugaring hair removal. This method is proven to be safe and gentle on your skin and effective in removing even short stubble. Contact us now to book your appointment toward a smoother, more comfortable, sugary, kissable skin.