What Is Sugaring Hair Removal?

Do you want to wear shorts, bathing suits, and dresses? However, you have unwanted hairs that need to be removed?  

You may want to remove it but most of the time hair removal is stressful and painful.

Try sugaring as an alternative for waxing.  So, what is sugaring to remove hair? 

To help you become acquainted with this hair removal technique, we have discussed in the following paragraphs the facts about it, the recipe of its paste and the parts of your body that can be sugared.

What Is Sugaring Hair Removal?

What Is Sugaring to Remove Hair

Sugaring is an ancient natural hair removal or epilation method that has become a top choice for several people due to its benefits and advantages.  

Earliest references in the history of hair removal were traced back in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece.  

This treatment is very similar to waxing through removing hair from its root but less painful comparing if you wax.  

Sugaring process is done thoroughly and could only consume less of your time than waxing.  The paste or gel used in the treatment never burn you, and it is not double dipped.

During the process, the paste will be put on the skin in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair and is left for seconds.  

When the paste will cool a bit and becomes slightly harder, it is flicked off along the direction of the growth of the hair.

Sugaring makes your hair grows slow, approximately 4-6 weeks, and your skin sweet. To have this treatment, you can visit a spa, or you can do it yourself (DIY).  If you are to choose between sugar hair removal vs. waxing, select sugaring.

Recipe for Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring uses a gel or pastes made from water, lemon juice, and sugar.  No chemicals like coloring and fragrance are added to the sugar hair removal vs waxing; it is all natural and hypoallergenic.  A paste can be easily removed using water.

If you decide to have sugaring DIY, making paste has easy and simple steps to follow.  You will only need 1/4 cup of water as well as lemon juice and 2 cups of sugar.  Mix the ingredients in a heavy stainless steel pan with a medium to high temperature and continually stir it.

Turn down the temperature to low going medium when the mixture will boil, and let it simmer for about 25 minutes.  

You can observe that the mixture slowly darkens and the final color should be dark amber.  Turn off the heat and leave it for 10 minutes then put to an air-tight container.       

After cooling it down, it is now ready for hair removal.

Where Can You Be Sugared

Anywhere in your body can be sugared. Legs, underarms, lips and even face given that hairs have enough length to be pulled out.  

Since sugaring is all natural, it is a popular hair removal method on the face since it is hypoallergenic.  This can avoid breakouts and other non-favorable reactions to your face.    

Sugaring: A Natural Hair Removal Technique

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The Sweetest Sugar Shop That You Need

The sugar is a paste made up of sugar, lemon juice, and water that takes off every hair possible.

The ancient Egyptians nailed it when they came up with the most brilliant hair removal method ever invented!

Sugar waxing or sugaring is nothing new as far as hair removal goes. In fact, sugar waxing has been used for hair removal in the Middle East since 1900 BC!

In those days since sugar was a scarce commodity, honey was boiled down to form a paste that was used in much the same way as sugar is used for sugar waxing today.

Unlike regular waxing, sugaring doesn’t remove the top layer of skin along with the hair making for a more pleasant waxing experience.  For most women, hair removal is an ongoing dreaded element of beauty regimen. 

The Sweetest Sugar Shop That You Need

Why not Wax?

Waxing precautions and warnings left unchecked could leave your skin extremely red, burned or scabby. This method is extremely exfoliating to skin and may leave the wrong kind of hair removal mark.

If you're ever unsure about getting waxed for any reason, always do a patch test first. This is only a reference guide, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

It’s a form of torture for which we actually pay good money and we submit to it, if not happily, at least willingly.

And we do this so that what nature gave us can be tweaked into a new version of what’s acceptable.

If you have a sunburn, or even if you've just been outside all day, do not get waxed! It doesn't matter what kind of wax the technician uses any kind will further irritate and damage your skin.

A good technician will refuse to wax you anyway and will have you reschedule. This goes for any waxing on the face and body.

Why Give It a Try on Sugaring?

Whether you're a sugar virgin or expert, super hairy, barely hairy, or shy, there were shops that don't judge. they are there to sugar.

They've done thousands of Brazilians, it's all they do and it's what they love.

You won't come there with hairdryers flying around, pedicures and manicures happening all over the place, and the hair removal room in a dark corner at the back. 

Bare your beauty, girl! Bare has a responsibility to womankind, a conviction to have every woman love her body.

There was a refined speedy technique that will leave you wondering why you ever went without sugaring before. Let's just say, you don't beat around the bush.

Who Is Perfect for Your Sugaring Experience?

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Bare Body Sugaring?

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3 Things You Need to Know About Sugaring Treatment 

You cannot deny the fact that you have that unwanted hair that you want to remove.  Especially if you're going to wear shorts, bikini, and dresses.

 Hair removal methods are most of the time, stressful, pricey, time-consuming and painful.

However, there is excellent news for you.  There is now a natural and less painful alternative for waxing from the start to finish of the process.  

This new method is called sugaring treatment or merely sugaring.  Sugaring treatment can make your skin sweet and glowing.

Nonetheless, what are the differences between sugaring and waxing? How does a sugaring treatment work?

3 Things You Need to Know About Sugaring Treatment 

What Is Body Sugaring

Sugaring treatment is an ancient natural hair removal method.  This technique would not use paper strip but rather sugaring paste.  Using the hands, pastes are carefully spread into your skin, opposite the hair growth’s direction, then left for few seconds.

The paste would cool and become slightly harder.  It will then be flicked off along the direction of the hair growth to avoid breakage.  One must have the flicking skill to remove all the hairs successfully.

Sugaring paste contains sugar including water and fresh lemon juice.   

Sugaring vs Waxing

Waxing and sugaring are two different treatments.  The direction of application and flicking of waxing and sugaring, respectively are opposite.  

Waxing uses strips while sugaring uses paste or gel. 

Sugaring does hurt less than waxing.  Waxing can be harsh and may result in hair breakage causing ingrown.  

Sugar only attach to the hair follicles and does not live in skin cells.  However, substances in wax may live in cells resulting in a painful hair removal and lifting of skin.  

Sugaring is gentle to skin but an excellent exfoliating method to make your skin smooth and silky sweet.  This is good for sensitive types of skin.  People may stay in smooth in an average of one to three weeks.

Even people with symptoms of high blood sugar or diabetes can have sugaring treatment as long as it is done gently and carefully.

How Does Sugaring Treatment Works?

Sugaring treatment can be done through paste or gel.  Using a paste is a naturally traditional method.

 The warm thick paste is applied to the skin opposite to hair growth.  It is then flicked along the hair growth’s direction.

When you use a gel, the process is similar if you wax.  The gel is put in the direction of hair growth and flicked in the opposite direction using cloth or muslin strip.  

Also, sugar paste can also be applied to missed hairs.  

If you are skilled in sugaring treatment, it can be done quickly.  Several hairs can be flicked out at once since paste can be applied to large areas without drying.  

Moreover, you can easily clean the skin after sugaring since the pastes and gels are water soluble.

However, if you are not skilled, sugaring DIY can be a bit hard.  That is why most the spa and beauty salon specializes in waxing.  

This is because getting the perfect paste consistency is sometimes difficult, and appropriate flicking needs professional and experts.

Things You Need to Know About Sugaring Treatment

Try It Now

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Sugaring Leg Hair for Painless Hair Removal

Waxing may be a great way to remove unwanted hair. However, the process can be very painful. There are different methods in removing unwanted hair from your body.

We'll let you know more about a method which might then be what you will prefer from this day on. 

We all would want to have smooth and glowing skin. More than that, especially for girls, we would want our body to be free from unwanted hair. 

Having to wax our legs, arms and bikini area as mentioned earlier, can be very painful. Still, it can be what we still do because we know of no better method to go about it. 

In this article, we'll tell you a lot about sugaring leg hair. The technique can be used for your other body parts.

Get to know sugar scrubs and how the natural product can be very effective in hair removal.

Sugaring Leg Hair for Painless Hair Removal

Sugaring is a Painless Method of Hair Removal

Although there are a lot of methods other than waxing, a lot of people still resort to doing it because of lack of information.

Waxing is one of the most popular ways on hair removal besides shaving. It may seem easy and you can easily learn to do it on your own. 

However, the process is just to painful. With sugar scrubs, you get to use a paste that is just as effective but is far less painful than waxing. Sugaring is a painless method of hair removal.

Sugaring leg hair and other parts of your body would then be a breeze.

Sugaring Leg Hair for that Smooth and Glowing Skin

If you haven't tried making use of a sugar paste or sugar scrub before, you will love it. Bare Body Sugaring is the best spa to have this type of hair removal.

They offer professional services for both women and men. Experience sugaring leg hair for that smooth and glowing skin. 

Sugaring has been done since the ancient times in Egypt. It's organic, safe and you will love just how painless the process can be.

If you are sick of having to experience so much pain with waxing, try hair removal with the use of sugar scrubs.

Bare Body Sugaring is the Place to Be

Bare Body Sugaring is the Place to Be

Although you can just DIY and find a recipe on the internet, you might first want to do it with a professional.

Our salon has been in the business for years and our offers are very affordable. You will feel very clean, fresh and renewed with our services. 

You can learn a few tips from us and might even just keep on coming back for our great service.

If you want to experience hair removal with the use of a sugar scrub, Bare Body Sugaring is the place to be.

You no longer have to feel the pain of waxing your body. Hair removal with sugar paste will be your new favorite method. Sugaring leg hair will be quick, easy and painless. 

We are excellent with sugaring leg hair and generally other parts too. Visit us and get to have that smooth and glowing skin with our method of hair removal.

Things to Know Before Learning How to Remove Leg Hair with Sugar

Unwanted hair growth is a really big nuisance to grooming, especially since a several professions require a certain grooming standard to keep the company branding as professional as possible. For some people, they deal with unwanted hair growth simply for aesthetic and hygienic purposes, but regardless of the reason, people like you want to deal with this issue as discreet, efficient, and pain-free as possible. Hence, learning how to remove leg hair with sugar (or any unwanted hair for that matter), can be highly practical on your part.

A common denominator about permanent hair removal is that it is either expensive and painless or the other way around. The thing is, it is a must to learn how to remove facial hair fast using sugaring hair removal recipe involving no strips with the similar techniques that you use when you learn how to remove leg hair with sugar paste. You may be wondering, what is the difference between sugaring hair removal vs waxing, and what makes this method stand out from other ways or remedies of naturally removing hair.

If you are itching to learn more about how to remove leg hair with sugar (or any other hair for that matter), then read on.

sugar paste.jpg


Sugaring Hair Removal VS Waxing

When it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) hair removal in the legs, the most common effective technique is waxing, and only a few people know or may have heard about using a natural, homemade recipe made with sugar or honey. Hence, you might be wondering what the differences between sugaring hair removal vs waxing are and while they have differences, they have commonalities also. The main difference between sugaring hair removal vs waxing is the ingredients used to remove hair.


Why Learn How to Remove Facial Hair Permanently Fast

Naturally, sugaring hair removal vs waxing mainly differs in the ingredients used in a sense that while wax uses strips and needs to be dripping hot when applied to the skin, sugaring is much more gentler and uses a sugaring hair removal recipe involving no strips, unlike wax pastes.Hence, the tendencies of getting an irritated skin or injuring it are minimal in sugaring than in waxing, which is why it is recommended that you learn how to remove facial hair permanently fast with it or learn how to remove leg hair with sugar and enjoy its benefits.


Implement Techniques on How to Remove Leg Hair with Sugar

Now that you know that hair removal in the legs can be painless yet efficient at the same time, learning how to remove leg hair with sugar is apparent. Before you implement this technique to rid of unwanted hair permanently, crucial to perfect execution is the way you mix the products needed in the recipes used, given that the way the ingredients are mixed can influence the consistency of the paste. To make it easy for you, permanently get rid of your unwanted body hair using the best sugaring hair removal recipe involving no strips, today.


sugaring hair removal.png

Using Sugaring Hair Removal Recipe with No Strips

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is never easy, given that you have to endure some kind of a pain in the pocket and on your body just so you can keep up with it. One of the things that require you to do so is hair removal, and while most people think that doing it can be painful and expensive, it can also be cheap yet efficient. Using sugaring hair removal techniques, you can get rid of your unwanted hair in various parts of your body (arms, legs, face, and many others), efficiently.

Sugaring at Home or at a Spa?

Tired of doing painful ways with removing unwanted hair? Although there are lots of ways effective ways on hair removal, some can hurt you pretty badly.

You might already be familiar with waxing and the pain associated with it. 

You might also be familiar with salt scrubs and how it can irritate the skin. Now, there is a new and popular way of easily removing unwanted hair with less to no pain.

The method is called sugaring. You can be sugaring at home or have it at a spa. It is a very effective and easy way in removing hair. 

You can do the procedure on your own at the comfort of your own home. Know more about sugaring as you go through this article.

Sugaring at Home or at a Spa

What Sugaring Is and Its Incredible Benefits

It’s great to know what sugaring is and its incredible benefits. Sugaring is the removal of unwanted hair much like having a salt scrub.

However, salt scrub can irritate the skin because of the salt granules present in the mixture. With a sugar scrub, you don't get any skin irritation because sugar is a very fine ingredient. 

You no longer have to wax your legs, bikini area and other else. With a sugar scrub, you get a paste that is very easy to use, doesn't hurt and is effective in removing unwanted hair.

You can make a DIY sugar scrub from a recipe you can find on the internet and be sugaring at home. 

All you have to do is gather the natural ingredients and follow the steps in creating the paste. You get smooth and glowing skin without the pain of having to remove the hair.

Sugaring at Home vs Sugaring at a Spa

As mentioned earlier, you can find a tutorial that demonstrates how to make a DIY sugar scrub on the internet and how to use it.

You can find so many recipes on the internet or just purchase a kit. They can be very easy to do and simple to use. 

If you don't have the time to make your own scrub for hair removal, you can purchase them at a spa or online. Sugaring at home vs sugaring at a spa, which is better?

It all depends on you. At home, you can get to do it yourself. It costs less and you get to do it at the comfort of your own home. 

At a spa, you get a professional do the work for you. Professionals at a sugar scrub salon has good technique on how to make the process painless. You can also get tips on how to do the process.

You might want to try having it at a spa first and learn good ideas on how to go about it before you start doing it at home.

Weigh the pros and cons and know which decision suits you best. Know which has more advantages for you.

Bare Body Sugaring is Your Best Choice in Winnipeg

Bare Body Sugaring is Your Best Choice in Winnipeg

Whether it's your first time or not, bare body sugaring is your best choice in Winnipeg. You might be nervous when it's your first time.

If you don’t have time to be sugaring at home or you don’t want to do it yourself, come to us. 
Don't worry, you are in good hands. We are professionals at what we do and we are well-experienced with giving our services.

We specialize in Brazilian bikini that is safe to use and very gentle to the skin. 

Make us your partner in skin care and we'll show you how we can reveal your true beauty. With us, you can have truly beautiful and glowing skin. Grace everyone with your smooth and flawless skin.

Although sugaring at home is not a bad idea, Bare Body Sugaring is the best place to be sugared.

We are experts at what we do and offer professional services. We have great supplies that does magic to your skin and our method for hair removal is perfect for everyone.

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What are the best hair removal options for sensitive skin? This has become an increasingly popular question amongst many. More people suffer from sensitive skin than you might think. 

When it comes to rough or robust hair removal methods, they can leave your skin red, irritated, and in pain.

When do the pain and discomfort become enough of a problem that we decide to do something about it?

The Best Hair Removal Options for Sensitive Skin

That is where body sugar comes into play. This is not a new method of hair removal but sure is one of the most favored among the sensitive skin community. 

Wax for Sensitive Skin

Wax has long been a method used to rid your body of unwanted hair and stubble. But what about hair removal options for sensitive skin?

Wax is known to be abrasive and painful. However, with body sugar wax, the all-natural formula has been proven to cause less skin irritation. 

Instead of pulling on the actual skin itself like other waxing methods, the formula is designed to only attach itself the hair and avoid sticking to your actual skin, causing much less irritation.

This has made body sugar a great alternative to other facial hair removal methods as well.

Facial Hair Removal

When it comes to our skin, one of the most sensitive areas of our body is the face. But, there are a lot of people who grow unwanted facial hair.

Other forms and treatments that are used to remove that hair can cause serious irritation. 

There is no more noticeable place to have irritated skin than on your face. This is where we want to results of our hair removal methods to leave our skin as smooth and soft as possible.

For women, shaving your upper lip can be tricky. 

Creams and other products like veet can lead to chemical rashes and other noticeable irritation to the skin.

Using a product like sugar wax to make hair removal a quick and easy task is the answer that many women have been looking for.

Don't just take our word for it. Try sugaring as one of your hair removal options for sensitive skin.  

Hair Removal Options

We previously talked about how many different types of hair removal options there are today but none that are specifically directed at individuals with sensitive skin.

Many of us have tried using creams like veet, and other products like special razors for shaving, and even weird gels.

Laser hair removal seems to be a big trend currently but can cost a lot and isn't readily available for most.   

Learn More About Hair Removal Options for Sensitive Skin

Learn More About Hair Removal Options for Sensitive Skin

Body sugaring can be done in a salon or right at home. This is one of the easiest, safest, and most natural forms of hair removal used on the market today and is centuries old. 

This method has stood the test of time and has been proven again and again to be one of the best hair removal methods that you can choose.

If you want to try it out today, contact Bare Body Sugar to set up an appointment or just to learn more about body sugar. 

Be Informed of Sugaring Side Effects

Sugaring proves that it is the safest and one of the most widely utilized hair removal process.  The credit goes to its all-natural ingredients consisting of hot water, lemon and sugar.  

That said you can just imagine the relaxation and convenience it will give you.

Did you know the sugaring side effects?  The pros and cons of sugaring?  Better be informed of the facts on sugaring hair removal prior to having one.  

That way you will know what to expect and you’ll be prepared with its side effects especially the disadvantages.  

Be Informed of Sugaring Side Effects

Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

One of the special benefits of sugaring hair removal is that the elimination of your unwanted hair can be permanent.

 This is possible when the hair removal process is repeated.  Sugaring, when applied often tends to destroy the hair follicle that results to blockage of hair growth. 

Interestingly, the process of preparing sugaring hair removal solution is easy and practical.  

With the sugar gel or paste being done out of water, lemon and sugar (and sometimes honey), these ingredients can be easily spotted in the comfort of your house.  

More so, sugaring side effects are reportedly minimal compared to other hair removal methods.  

With easy steps followed religiously, you can become an expert in sugaring hair removal.  Is this a hint that you can put up a small business of sugaring hair removal?  

Yes.  You can start in your house and hopefully, your new venture will gain you a sizable profit.

Disadvantages of Sugaring

One of the disadvantages of sugaring is that it works best on a height of ¼ inch of your hair.  Reported sugaring side effects, if the process is not carried out properly, are skin inflammation and infections.  

That said, sanitation and hygiene must be practised well at all times to prevent complications of the sugaring side effects.

When you opt for sugaring hair removal and you have a sensitive skin, it is best to consult a skin doctor for recommendations and awareness on the pros and cons of sugaring.  

Expect pain in the process of sugaring especially to the most sensitive part of your skin.  If you have a low tolerance of pain, it is suggested that you hire an expert practitioner to do the job for you.

Facts About Sugaring Hair Removal

-Sugaring is a classic practice since the ancient period and remains a popular choice of women for removal of unwanted hair.
- Lemon as part of the natural ingredients of creating a sugar paste plays a vital role in making your skin look smooth and shiny.
- The main ingredient of sugaring hair removal which is sugar acts as a n exfoliant that removes the dead cells of the skin.
- Essential oils and honey can also be mixed in the natural gel or paste used in sugaring hair removal.

Sugaring Side Effects You Need to Know

Why Choose Sugaring

The very fact that sugaring hair removal only uses high-quality natural ingredients make it one of the most reliable and efficient hair removal process.

 When you choose sugaring, you also choose to be eco-friendly.  You choose to be smart and be more considerate of yourself and your environment.  

Choose Only the Best Brazilian Wax in Winnipeg

Considering having a Brazilian wax? You can fall in love with the best waxing salons in Winnipeg. Guaranteed with the utmost professionalism and care, your first experience with Brazilian waxing or Brazilian sugaring in Winnipeg is sure to amaze you.

Whether it is a curious feeling of getting one to achieve a smooth feel or as part of your wedding preparations, the best Brazilian wax in Winnipeg will not fail you.

Choose Only the Best Brazilian Wax in Winnipeg

What Is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxing includes the removal of pubic hair with the use of a special wax (hot or cold). The hairs are removed when the wax is removed using a cloth strip.

The process typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, and it’s interesting to note that Brazilian waxing can also be applied to men for removal of pubic hair. 

Known as “bare wax,” Brazilian waxing finishes smoothly and hairless. Brazilian wax was styled by the J. Sisters salon in Manhattan, New York and not in Brazil.

The trend for the Brazilian waxing is becoming popular and is widely utilized by models, actors and even pregnant women.

The Basics of Brazilian Waxing

Before you head to the best waxing salons in Winnipeg, you need to be aware of your skin type. Brazilian waxing is a painful process so make sure you can endure the pain, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

The best Brazilian wax in Winnipeg and Brazilian sugaring in Winnipeg boasts of experienced and efficient staff who will do the sensitive job for you.

One of the best waxing salons in Winnipeg, per customers’ reviews, is Bare Body Sugaring in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

There are a lot of factors you should consider before booking Brazilian waxing or body sugaring in Winnipeg. It is suggested you have an appointment a week after your monthly cycle (females) for convenience.

More so, you can take pain relievers before getting Brazilian waxing per Bare Body Sugaring in Winnipeg, MB.

Drawbacks of Brazilian Waxing

One of the significant downsides of Brazilian waxing is the pain. If your pain tolerance is low, you might be frustrated with the process as some described their first time getting a Brazilian wax an painful one. 

Maintenance of Brazilian waxing is costly, especially if done in premium salons. There are also clothing restrictions after the procedure.

Tight jeans and clothes are not recommended for a few days after getting a Brazilian wax. There is also a need to secure a doctor’s recommendation for women diagnosed with diabetes and those who are pregnant.

Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

When done at home, Brazilian waxing can be customized and is easy on the wallet. If you are used to it, it can be finished quickly and efficiently with clean, smooth results that will impress you.

Moreover, Brazilian waxing, when done correctly, will free you from itching and redness.

If you are confident enough and have the funds to start a Brazilian wax business, your knowledge and skills will give you a prosperous life.

Who knows, your salon could be one of the best waxing salons in Winnipeg in no time.

How to Use Sugar Paste for Hair Removal

Body sugaring has been around as long as shaving has and it actually has many different benefits. The ancient Egyptians discovered this particular hair removal method and used it regularly as an alternative to shaving.

But how do you use body sugar today? We are going to go over how to use sugar paste hair removal and what the benefits of using this hair removal method are.

body scrub.jpg


Sugaring Paste Kit 

First off, there are a couple of different body sugaring methods that are used. Both methods use the same recipe but are applied differently. The first one is very similar to using wax. You simply put the sugar paste on the desired area and apply strips of cotton that you will gently tear off the skin resulting in the removal of hair.

The other method of sugaring is known as bare body sugaring. With this method, you will simply stick the sugar to the desired area and use your hand to pull the paste off and then repeat the process until there is no hair left. This method is a natural way to remove excess body hair and leave you with smooth and soft skin.


Does Sugaring Hair Removal Hurt?

One of the biggest questions that comes up when talking about how to use sugar paste hair removal is "does it hurt like normal waxing does?" The answer is no. In fact, the ingredients used in body sugar are all natural and organic so you don't need to worry about chemical irritation at all.

The reason why body sugar doesn't hurt is because the natural ingredients (primarily the sugar) helps to keep the paste from attaching to the actual skin. The paste will stick to the unwanted hair and when you yank the sugar wax off, it will not pull on the actual skin but simply remove the hair.

One thing that many people do to help increase their comfort levels when using this technique is to also use baby powder. Simply rub the baby powder on the area you plan to use your sugar wax on. This helps further prevent the substance from pulling on your skin and only pulling the hair.


Benefits of Sugaring 

One of the best benefits of sugaring is the recipe. If you want to learn how to make sugaring paste from home and DIY your own wax, you will only need three simple ingredients.

Sugar, water, and lemon. Many people learn how to make their own homemade version of sugar wax and will start to use it as an alternative to shaving, waxing, and other hair removal products.


body sugar scrub.jpg

 Sugaring for Hair Removal 

There are many different new and old hair removal methods out there today. We've seen razors, lasers, and crazy chemicals used to try and remove unwanted stubble.

Now that you know how to use sugar paste hair removal and what the benefits of it are, you can start to use it as a natural alternative to harsher methods of removing hair.

Appreciating the Brief History of Winnipeg

Planning a trip to Winnipeg? If so, then learning the brief history of Winnipeg can help you appreciate the Winnipeg

points of interest better, given those major historical events in Winnipeg, Manitoba had contributed as to when did Winnipeg become a city that it is, today.

Canada is a huge country which has an interesting historical timeline, especially since its earliest settlement started way before the expeditionary missionaries arrived. The thing is, there are major historical events in Winnipeg, Manitoba which helped determine when did Winnipeg become a city that is, today. With that said, knowing the brief history of Winnipeg can surely help you understand how the Winnipeg points of interest came to be.

winnipeg city.jpg


Learning the Brief History of Winnipeg

Winnipeg's history is rich with major historical events, especially since Winnipeg's history has been laden with tragic events in over a century. This Canadian city's points of interest, in fact, tell a lot about how history has shaped the city into what it is today which is why learning the brief history of Winnipeg can surely help you appreciate the places you'll visit and the events you'll attend to during your visit.


Major Historical Events in Winnipeg, Manitoba

As mentioned earlier, Winnipeg's history has influenced the culture which this Canadian city practices today, and it is imperative to learn also how these major historical events came to be to help you get an introduction to this city upon getting there. Several major historical events occurred in Winnipeg, and in chronological order, these events are marked by:

1. The Pre-colonial Settlement

2. The Railway Transit Episode

3. The General Strike of Winnipeg

4. The Onset of the Great Depression and World War II

5. The Post World War II and the Flood

6. The Recent Events which Transpired Over the Last Fifty Years

Among these historical events, the railway transit era has greatly influenced the way things were run in the city over the succeeding years. It's influence on Winnipeg's economy, and culture remains visible today. Since the establishment of the Winnipeg railway boomtown, it has caused an influx of migrants and the increase in the city's population over time.


When did Winnipeg Become a City?

With the economic boom cited in Winnipeg's history, it is apparent that the city has been established for a while now. Some factors were considered before it became a city, and it has gone a long way from the early native settlements to now, is one of the melting pots of Canada. With that said, Winnipeg has been established as a city since 1873, and from then on, history has worked its way to influence how Winnipeg's economy and culture are running today.


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Navigating through Winnipeg Points of Interest

Winnipeg's history is rich with many events which transpired over the years and influenced how the city is running today. With that in mind, the events which happened in Winnipeg's history has influenced greatly how Winnipeg points of interest came to be. Based on facts from the brief history of Winnipeg, this Canadian city has endured so many hardships, and over the years, have become established as a melting pot of cultures and traditions.

The music scene, for one, has been very active over the years after the establishment of its theatre built a long time ago. From having an orchestra concert to music assembly festivals, Winnipeg indeed has a rich culture which one can look forward to. If you want to know more about the brief history of Winnipeg, then hail a cab now and go to the nearest library to read more about this beautiful city.

Sugaring VS Shaving: What Makes it Special

Are you tired of constantly being mindful about your unwanted body hair? Are you scared of getting them removed because of the possible pain involved, or do you simply have no time to do so?

A lot of hair removal methods have sprung forth through time, and learning the difference between sugaring vs. shaving, the pros and cons of sugaring instead of waxing, and the benefits of sugaring hair removal can help you switch to a new hair removal procedure altogether.

Men and women are now increasingly becoming conscious about the way they look, and having unwanted body hair on the legs, the underarms, the back, or any other body part can sometimes take its toll on one's confidence.

Men and women may become hesitant to show some skin because of this unwanted body hair, and as a result, the clothes which they can wear become limited.

A lady may hesitate to wear a bikini if she did not shave some pubic hair, or a guy may keep his shirt on just so no one will tease home for being "furry," and that is the last thing that you want to happen to you.

Hence, learning the benefits of sugaring hair removal, how sugaring vs. shaving differs, and why choose sugaring instead of waxing, can surely help many people become more confident about their beauty.

Sugaring VS Shaving: What Makes it Special

Pros and Cons of Sugaring

Sugaring has been around as early as 1300 BC, and this goes to prove how this method or technique of hair removal has been practiced way before the era of using Brazilian wax, threading, and laser hair removal came to be.

Before getting the treatment done, it is imperative to learn the pros and cons of sugaring, why to choose sugaring instead of waxing, and how sugaring vs. waxing differs so that you won't regret having it done in the first place. Some of the pros and cons of sugaring include:

1. It uses natural ingredients to make a sugar paste.
2. It is less painful than waxing and threading, especially for sensitive areas.
3. The worth of the procedure is less than that of laser hair removal.
4. Results last longer than shaving

Sugaring VS Shaving and Why Choose Sugaring Instead of Waxing

The main differences between sugaring vs. shaving lie on the procedure itself and how long the results last.

Between shaving vs. sugaring, sugaring is more painful but, it offers longer results. People also choose to sugar instead of waxing since it offers fewer post-treatment complications and is also less painful than hot wax.

Maximizing the Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

Maximizing the Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal

With the benefits of sugaring hair removal becoming obvious, it is then imperative to make sure that the results will last longer.

Post-treatment care should be observed to lessen the occurrence of complications such as getting the area infected.

What makes this stand out from other hair removal techniques is the fact that it can prolong the duration of being hair-free in parts where they are not wanted, with less pain than waxing.

With the advantages that this procedure offers, you can now kiss shaving and waxing goodbye.

Use Sugar Wax for Hair Grooming

Grooming unwanted body hair can be challenging especially for the ladies who need to constantly think of ways to do so with long-lasting results.

Razor shaving has been commonly used by men and women to help them do so because it's pain-free, but this requires constant maintenance in contrast to waxing which may have long-lasting results but may mean that they will subject themselves to pain.

With that said, the best of both worlds is the sugar waxing hair removal, given that it gives the long-term results which regular waxing offers all the while minimizing the pain that will be experienced.

The sugar wax hair removal method has been used by the Persians since 1900 BC, and despite its old history, sugaring is still practiced today for some reasons. With this in mind, learning how to make homemade wax for hair removal using the perfect sugar wax recipe can help you achieve such results.


Advantages of Sugar Wax Hair Removal


There are several reasons why sugar wax hair removal is still being practiced today because as mentioned earlier, it gives you the main advantages which shaving and traditional waxing individually give you. Some of the benefits of sugar wax hair removal include:

1. This natural paste is mild on the skin and has fewer tendencies to injure your skin due to the heat than that of conventional waxing.

2. It is cheaper than most products you can buy from a shop.

3. Since the ingredients are natural, allergic reactions are usually not reported.

4. It has a long-lasting effect which razors cannot give you.

With these benefits, it is now apparent to learn how to make homemade wax for hair removal using the perfect sugar wax recipe with instructions which are easy to follow.


How to Make Homemade Wax for Hair Removal


There are a lot of beauty and skin care ideas you can find over the internet t help you learn how to make the perfect sugar wax recipe for a smooth skin with slow hair regrowth. As mentioned earlier, ensuring that the growth process of your body hair is slowed down is imperative so that you can maximize the benefits you can get from the procedure. All you have to do is to gather the ingredients needed, follow the instructions and steps that the tutorial offers, and make sure that you read post-treatment skin care.


Looking for the Perfect Sugar Wax Recipe


You can start by looking at reviews of people who have undergone the treatment to get ideas on the perfect sugar wax recipe which a salon uses. You can easily purchase a kit, but do-it-yourself (DIY) recipes are proven to be the safer option, especially since you can easily adjust the components of it to make the treatment as painless as possible. You can also ask a professional for recommended DIY recipes so that you will have smooth, hairless legs for weeks on end.


waxing and hair removal.jpg

Optimizing Results


You can maximize the results which these treatments can give you by reading for pre-treatment and post-treatment care. In doing so, you can minimize injuries so that your procedure won't be painful upon being conducted. Lastly, aftercare can also ensure that the growth of your hair does not result in ingrown infections so that you won't have a problem with the sugar waxing procedure in the long run.


Deals for Hotels in Winnipeg

Travelling to Winnipeg? Looking for a place to stay during your trip? Then worry no more, as you can easily find the best hotels in Winnipeg, Canada which can accommodate you and give you the service that you need, today.

Booking cheap places to stay in Winnipeg may be challenging, especially since Winnipeg hotel deals last minute may mean that there are a lot of other clients waiting to book the deal also.

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So as a guest, if you are traveling to Manitoba all of a sudden, then you can read reviews, compare prices, get rewards, and select the best hotels in Winnipeg Canada all the while saving time, money, and effort.

As mentioned earlier, getting the best price for Winnipeg hotel deals last minute can help you save money on rooms which offer you maximum comfort.

However, you may not have the luxury to wait for Winnipeg hotel deals last minute, especially if you are busy juggling life between family and career.

Hence, it is advisable to look for cheap places to stay in Winnipeg way ahead of your scheduled trip to ensure that you can get a room at the best hotels in Winnipeg, Canada, today.

Who knows, you might even get the lowest prices, highest discounts, and free booking cancellation for some of the best hotels in Winnipeg, Canada to guarantee you a cheap but fun holiday.


Get Deals from the Best Hotels in Winnipeg, Canada

Getting the best prices for hotels in downtown Manitoba can be challenging if done at the last minute, especially since there is a season where vacationers flock the city to attend Winnipeg events.

Hence, you need to plan your trip in advance so that you can get the best deals for the best hotels in Winnipeg, Canada, today.

If your trip is spontaneous, however, you can still opt with looking for cheap places to stay in such as motels or perhaps an inn, instead of the more expensive hotels.


Do Cheap Places to Stay in Winnipeg with Free Breakfast Exist?

It may seem impossible to get a room with a hotel offering free meals, but it can be done if you wait for such deals diligently.

Hotels normally have flash sales and price drops for certain rooms which come with free meals, so if you are a frequent traveler, you should know by now when and where to book for such deals for you to enjoy them.


Waiting for Winnipeg Hotel Deals Last Minute

If you have the time, you can wait for last minute hotel deals (or ask someone to do it for you!). You may even subscribe to newsletters of hotels, as they usually notify subscribers that deals for hotels are coming.

Guest reviews from travel sites can also provide you details, so you better do some research in advance.


where to stay in winnipeg.jpg

Location may Affect Price Value

Before you book a hotel and pay for the room, you should anticipate that the location of your hotel may affect its price.

Those who are near the city center, the highway, or the airport are normally more expensive than the less popular ones.

If you want to save money and don't mind the location of your hotel, then it is best that you book them instead of the more accessible ones.

The Secret to Being Confident in Winnipeg Bars

Having a nightlife can be a lot of fun. This is why a lot of people go to clubs, pubs and bars. You can dine and dance at Winnipeg bars. There are so many establishments in Winnipeg where you can have fun. Do you already have your favorite bar? 

If you're not from the area, you can search your ideal bar on the internet. The listings of establishments come along with reviews that you can read. Choose the one with great food and beer. 

Also, go for the hottest Winnipeg bars. But, if you want to get noticed at a club, we can share with you something to help you out greatly. You will learn the secret as you go along the article. 

The Secret to Being Confident in Winnipeg Bars

Level Up Your Nightlife Fun at Winnipeg Bars

This applies where you may want to go. Beit fancy restaurants, fun events, nightclubs, hotels or wherever, we have something that can help you out. If you want to be noticed and a cut above the rest, we'll tell you. 

Even with doing sports, being more attractive in photos, being noticed at lounges or at the downtown, this is guaranteed to work. A nightclub is a lot of fun, anything can happen. Especially to singles. 

This might be why you want more fame when you're in a pub. Meet more people and exchange numbers. Level up your nightlife fun at Winnipeg bars and you can do just that.

The Secret to Being Confident in Winnipeg Bars

We will tell you the secret to being confident in Winnipeg bars. During a night of dancing to loud and fun music, imagine yourself being close to other people. When you are in Canada, Bare Body Sugaring can help you be extra confident. 

Confidence and having really smooth skin is the secret. You will immediately feel the effect if you try and have your hair removed with sugaring. After, try doing a trip at any district. 

A lot of guys might then just ask you to go with them to a restaurant... maybe even a hotel right after. Now that you know the secret, make your way to Winnipeg's best sugaring shop.

Bare Body Sugaring is Your Best Choice

Bare Body Sugaring is Your Best Choice

If you want to do some hair removal procedures, Bare Body Sugaring is your best choice. Don't bother going to any other shops in Manitoba. You already know the official top one sugaring shop. Their price is reasonable and very competitive. 

You will surely be excited to go to a bar right after a hair removal session. Clubs are waiting for you. Go to the store right away. It's located in Winnipeg. 

Look for our store on the internet so you can have a guide on how to get to our establishment. A lot of people might then go asking you your secret for having such healthy looking, smooth and glowing skin. You will dominate Winnipeg bars.

You now know the ultimate advice and secret before going to any Winnipeg bars. Make use of it and you will surely attract a lot of people.

You will definitely be a head turner with your smooth and glowing skin. Give Bare Body Sugaring today and experience being the eyecatcher of the night at any Winnipeg bars.

Sugaring Paste: Remove Your Body Hair Naturally

Hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures, and there are many traditional and newer methods to perform it. Some traditional ways like waxing are still the mainstay, while today many hair removal creams are also popular.

There are also laser hair removal techniques available these days thanks to modern technology. But many of these techniques have their unique disadvantages. The laser hair removal, for example, is quite expensive.

Many may not choose to bear the pain associated with waxing, while some may have allergic reactions to the various chemicals used in the hair removal creams.

But there is one technique that is quite ancient and quite effective, that is the use of sugaring paste for hair removal. This technique uses completely natural ingredients, and hence the risk of an allergic reaction is quite low.

How to Make a Sugaring Paste

How to Make a Sugaring Paste

Sugaring paste is quite simple to make and you can make it home as well. You need 2 cups of refined white sugar, ¼ cup of lime juice and some water. For making the sugaring paste, mix all the ingredients in a saucepan.

Then add just a little bit of water, about ¼ - ½ cups should be enough, to enable thorough mixing of the ingredients. Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, heat the saucepan on a low to medium heat. Keep mixing the contents or it will get burned.

Bring it to a boil. Then inspect the mixture for its colour. If it has turned to a golden colour, then it is done. Keep boiling and mixing it till you get a golden colour. Do not leave the mixture unattended since it will likely boil and spill over or get burned.

Once it is cooked, turn off the heat and let it cool down for as long as it needs. It is ready for use or storage when it is very gently warm.

It will form a paste with a gelatinous consistency. You can store it in the refrigerator. When using from storage, just heat it up a little bit in an oven in order to make it soft and pl1able again.

In order to use the sugaring paste, you need to first cleanse the target area to get rid of any dirt, dust, oils, lotions etc. You can use commercially available pre-waxing cleansers.

Many of those products also contain anti-inflammatory substances, can be helpful for people who are prone to irritation.

For applying the paste, take a small amount of it in your hands. Then roll it between your palms in order to form a ball.

Take this ball and apply it to the target area, against the direction of hair growth, stretching it out and apply firmly. Let it sit like that for about a minute or two. Then pull and remove the paste by pulling it in a flicking motion in the direction of the hair growth.

If some of the paste is left behind, reapply more paste on it and remove again. Each blob of paste can be reused 2-3 times.

Get Help from the Best Sugaring Salon

Get Help from the Best Sugaring Salon!

The effectiveness of sugaring paste is greatly dependent on the technique used. If you are unable to use it yourself, you can go to the best winnipeg sugaring salon offering hair removal by sugaring paste.

When professionally used, it can give just as good results as any other technique. It removes the hair from the follicles, leaving long-lasting results.

Some Facts about Hair Removal

For men and women, some body hair is expected to grow; but when it grows on the back, shoulders, arms and legs to a considerable length, then there is every reason to be worried. It is times like this when you receive endless opinions on how best to deal with this hair some are artificial while others are natural methods.

hair removal cream.jpg

Now, for people who dislike harsh hair removal creams and razor burns, their best option would be to turn to natural methods. The problem is that many people are actually looking for permanent hair removal methods and they may end up getting scammed in the process.

For starters, there is just one method that can be considered permanent, Electrolysis. It burns the hair follicles and ends causing intense damage to them such that the body is unable to repair them. The time time hair takes to regrow could be up to 10 years and the new hair's growth will not be as elaborate as the one before the electrolysis.

This process is undertaken by special hi-tech devices that are designed for the purpose of destroying unwanted hair from the roots; the procedure could end up being a little scary especially when a thin metal or small needle is inserted into the hair follicle before passing a low energy electrical current through the metal or the needle which in turns destroys the hair follicles and in return the growing hair.

There's another short term method of hair removal known as laser hair removal with impacts lasting up to a year. Just like electrolysis, it damages the hair follicles but not as intensely. Its main aim is to reduce the growth rate of the hair without actually stopping it. Laser hair removal is recommended and preferred by many people.

The good thing about Laser hair removal is that it works fast since the laser is designed to treat several hairs in various places all at the same time. Depending on the area being treated, hair removal can take anywhere from one minute to 15 minutes to half an hour for larger body areas. The good news is that there is no sticky residue left after after the procedure. The issue of pain during and after the procedure is dependent on an indvidual because people respond to pain differently. Moreover, the pain factor will also depend on the part of the body receiving the treatment; however, most people have reported a tingling feeling.

skin care treatment.jpg

There are other simple methods of hair removal, such as sugaring, waxing, tweezing and shaving just to mention a few. They unfortunately last for a short duration of time because hair ends up growing after a month or so. Waxing for instance lasts 3 to 6 weeks because it eliminates hair right from the root; it is also safe, hygienic and painless.

It is important to note that there are no permanent methods of hair removal because regardless of the duration taken, the hair will still grow back.

Jobs In Winnipeg: Tips To Land A Good Job

No matter where you are in the world, one major part to success is having a good job that can provide for you and those under your care.

While many people start with low-income jobs to gain experience, after a while you can go for higher income jobs with the experience and education and skills that you have gathered among the years of your adult life.

Chances are, if you're over thirty you know very well how to get a good job, but either way it's good to learn what employers are looking for.

There are many things that go into landing a job, and so taking each one into consideration is the key to making sure your application and resume stand out among the crowd, making it more likely for you to be called back.

If you can dazzle during both your resume and then the interviewing process, chances are you'll land the position. T

his guide we have written will help you make sure you're prepared for each step of the way for whatever job you hope to get here in our lovely sunny city of Winnipeg.

Jobs In Winnipeg: Tips To Land A Good Job

What Jobs In Winnipeg Want To See

The first tip to landing a good job is to make sure you follow all application instructions. Some creative jobs will require examples of past works, most jobs require a specially tailored resume and cover letter, while some simply want the filled out application form.

Making sure you follow the instructions perfectly means that you won't be scrapped for not following them, which many jobs will do, and could save you the thought of losing the job due to skipping through the instructions without paying close attention to them.

Another tip is the follow-up call. Some jobs will print on the application or state when filling it out that they do not want follow up calls, but if you don't see that listed than it could be a good way to get your foot in the door. 

You could either call or go in person, but either way checking up on your application is a good way for them to remember your name.

One tip though is to always make sure you're speaking with a manager or the hiring manager, as most general employees won't really care what you have to say.

Lastly, when you do get the awaited interview, always make sure to look clean and professional, wearing business casual clothes and (if you are feminine) makeup, but nothing too heavy.

Also, if you're looking to remove body hair before your interview, Bare Body Sugaring is a good way to get the clean and sleek look you want. You don't want them distracted by your appearance, but you want them to notice that you put effort in.

Also it is good to take a copy of your resume and cover letter to the interview as well, and give it to them in case they lost your last one.

What Jobs In Winnipeg Want To See

If you follow these steps, and make sure to communicate honestly and in a professional manner, chances are you'll have a job in no time! Good luck, and happy hunting!


Looking For Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax is quickly becoming a wonderful alternative to other hair removal options. Aren’t you tired of using your old razor and shaving cream? Tired of getting razor burn or dealing with harsh lights from laser hair removal? Most people are looking for a more comfortable and safer alternative for their hair removal.

Waxing has always been thought of as a painful hair removal option. However, body sugar isn’t a new form of hair removal. It has been around for thousands of years actually, and it is much less painful than actual wax.

sugar wax.jpg

The Perfect Hair Removal Option

Sugar is nothing new like we said before. This is an ancient practice that actually was used by the Egyptians as a hair removal option. They used it to remove hair in the most painless way possible. They did this because this type of wax does not cause skin irritation.

Most other wax recipes actually stick to the skin when they are pulled off and cause serious irritations, rashes, and even can tear the skin.

The amazing thing about this type of body wax is that it won’t pull the skin at all. The recipe used makes it so that when the body sugar is removed, the skin is left unharmed and the only thing that is removed is the actual hairs on your body.

Cold Sugar Wax Recipe

With this sugar wax recipe you will have a product that not only exfoliates when you use it but will start to lighten the hair follicles and actually make the amount of hair that grows back lighter every time you use it.

For this recipe you will want to use exactly one cup of sugar, one cup of honey, and a half cup of lemon juice. Making sure that you stick to this ratio is crucial. A little bit over or a little bit under will mean that you will not have the correct ratio to get the recipe right.

You will then want to melt the sugar using medium heat on the stove. Do not stir it at all. You can swirl that saucepan around slowly to mix the sugar. Once the sugar has caramelized simply add the honey and the lemon juice.

Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon preferably and continue to stir until the mixture has melted. If it is too thick you can add about a spoonful of water until it has thinned up to your satisfaction. After a few practice runs you will figure out the best consistency.

Once you have done this let it cool down and remember to store it in a container that is completely air tight and leave it in the refrigerator.

body sugar scrub.jpg

Sugar Wax

Go ahead and try this recipe yourself until you find the right balance yourself. If you want to try having this type of wax removal as an option in a salon, try our body wax specials or give us a call today to see what kind of packages we have to offer.

Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

Since the dawn of time us humans have sought after clear, hairless skin. Whether for aesthetic purposes or necessity for cleanliness, we have always set a societal ideal for pure and smooth skin, free of hair and other imperfections.

Looking back on the art and statues of days gone by, you can easily see this perfect image of humanity perpetrated everywhere, from paintings and marble statues to even in literature. That has not changed as of late, as we have sought to perfect and advance methods of hair removal for ourselves for generations.

Body hair removal techniques have varied across the eras of human invention. The most common methods have included hot wax that bonds to the hairs and rips them out, and using a blade to shave the hairs so tiny they aren't noticeable.

While these methods have lasted throughout the years as reliable, affordable and easy to do, they do come with their own share of dangers.

For one, traditional wax may seem the best because it pulls the hair out at the root, but the wax can easily burn your skin if not done properly, and also the harsh pulling can cause your hair to break, causing problems with the hair growing back.

Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

How Body Sugaring Is The Best Hair Removal Method

If you look back at the ancient Egyptians, body sugaring is obviously the way to go. Body sugaring combines lemon juice, water, and obviously sugar to make a simple wax that you use like your average hair removal wax.

You heat it up to the required temperature, smooth it on, and peel off like normal. But the differences in the experience are truly staggering, as we will detail for you below.

First off, you don't need to heat it up that high for it to be a good, smooth wax. Unlike traditional wax that needs to be heated extremely hot to stop being solid, with sugaring wax it only needs to be around body temperature. This means that neither you or the person doing your sugaring will be hurt in the process.

Secondly, when it pulls off of you, it hurts a lot less than waxing does, feeling more like a small pinch rather than a painful rip of your skin.

It also does hardly any damage to your skin, and has the least potential for broken hairs out of any of the waxing processes around the world, as the wax is more gentle and bonds more easily to the hairs, lifting them completely out without breaking them in the process.

And lastly, one of the major problems with waxing is if you accidentally leave stuff on, it can be hard and painful to get the wax off of you. With body sugaring you can fear no more as all you need to get the solution off of you is some warm water and a gentle scrub.

How Body Sugaring Is The Best Hair Removal Method

So if you're interested in body sugaring services for men and women, be sure to give us a call or click today for more information and we can set you up with an appointment.