Go Confidently Bare and Natural With "Bare Body Sugar's" Natural Sugaring

Bare Body Sugaring which is dubbed as Winnipeg’s sweetest sugar shop is a salon which focuses and specialized solely on natural sugaring method of hair removal.

The specialty shop caters to both ladies and men. The natural sugaring process of the latter is referred to as manscaping.

What Is Natural Sugaring?

Tracing its origin way back to the very ancient Egyptian times, the natural sugaring method of hair removal has come a long way through all these millennia over millennia of evolution until what we find and are using these days.

Despite its very long history, the popularity of natural sugaring has ironically only skyrocketed over more recent years thanks to more and better health benefits which it yields particularly compared to other hair removal procedures.

What Makes up the Natural Sugaring Paste?

Body sugaring technique makes use of a very simple concoction of water, lemon juice and water. All these are all-organic and natural and the solution is absolutely free of any chemical infusions such preservatives or colorants, unlike the other less time-consuming yet risky and almost unhealthy hair removal procedures.

How Does It Work?

The body sugaring mixture is hand-crafted and is faintly warmed up to typical room temperature which makes it more than tolerable for the skin to bear. There is practically no burning feeling or even too much warmth on the skin.

The body sugaring paste of only three all-organic and natural ingredients is then applied to the area of the body which you want to rid of unwanted hairs.

The thorough application and smoothening of the paste on the skin is specifically against the direction of the hair growth and is then peeled off following this direction of hair growth. The mixture on the skin being peeled off in a rather swift sweeping motion is popularly known as “flicking.”

It is important to note that flicking body sugaring paste off the skin is a skill that is meticulously learned by the natural sugaring experts.

Although natural sugaring takes more time relative to other more painful and more chemically-packed hair removal procedures, it does more than clearing your skin of unwanted hairs but is also proves to be the very, if not most, healthy procedure.

What Makes Natural Sugaring So Healthful?

oil for hair removal

The paste used in the technique is all-organic and natural. Natural sugaring mixture is comprised only of three organic ingredients that are sugar, citric acid and water. It is not at all mixed with any chemical additives. Therefore, you do not make your skin ingest harmful chemical products which may accumulate over time and take their toll on your health and body in the future.

It is free of any harmful bacteria and germs. Anything with sugar in it plus the natural preservation properties of lemon juice virtually chases bacteria and germs away. Sugar is pet peeve to bacteria and germs which contains their reproduction and growth.

In addition, the container for the body sugaring paste is completely sanitized prior to use and is instantly discarded after use, regardless if there is any excess mixture.

It is naturally moisturizing, hydrating and exfoliating. Sugar, saturated in citric acid and water, makes for the perfect exfoliator. As your unwanted hairs are pulled out right down from the roots and follicles as the paste is being flicked, it takes with it the dead skin cells too, leaving your skin feeling and looking much smoother and younger. The plus side is that healthy live skin cells are kept intact in your dermis. Again, this is not the case with other hair removal procedures.

Go Bare and Go Healthy with Natural Sugaring.

Given all these advantages and comfort of the process, it is time for you to make the switch, if you have not yet done so. Go organic and natural with body sugaring to rid your body of unwanted hair and achieve that smooth and glowing skin you have always wished for.