Brazilian Sugaring vs. Wax Body Hair Removal

Body hair removal has existed for thousands of years, since the times of ancient Egyptians. The reasons have varied from culture to culture, some finding it more hygienic to shave, and some just preferring it as aesthetic.

Regardless of the reason, the culture behind body hair removal has been evident in almost every nation around the world, from times as early as thousands of years ago. If you look back at ancient paintings and sculptures, you will find the subjects hairless, as in ancient Rome where the style was also coveted.

There have been many methods to remove body hair since the beginning of the trend. Every method is unique in its own way, and every generation seems to become more and more set on finding better ways to remove body hair.

Advancements include using lasers to destroy hair at the follicle, in an attempt to permanently stop the hair from growing again.

However, sometimes the best thing to do is to go simple. So today we will be comparing the ancient method of bare body sugaring to more modern waxing techniques.

The Comparison Between Brazilian Sugaring vs. Wax Body Hair Removal

The Comparison Between Brazilian Sugaring vs. Wax Body Hair Removal

One major thing to compare when talking about waxing or sugaring is the pain level. Whilst with wax the pain can be tremendous, and even after the pull you can still find waxspots on your body, with sugaring the pain is much less and even if the sugar wax stays on your body, unlike regular wax the sugar wax is soluble in water, so just a quick rinse and it comes off.

Another thing to compare is efficiency. With wax, multiple visits are required every month to keep the hair from growing back, going on indefinitely for years. With Braziliansugaring, just a few visits back to back and the hair will just stop growing on its own.

This can keep you from having to come in for years and years, and help you stay hairless longer, and maybe even forever.

The third comparison I would like to make is the damage hot wax causes. Wax needs to be heated to extremely high levels to melt sufficiently for use, and if the person applying it doesn't test it to make sure of safety first, it could cause severe burns to your body.

Wax also breaks a majority of the hair that it pulls up, causing it to potentially become ingrown or grow back weirdly and unevenly. However, with sugaring, it only needs to be around body temperature, and so there is absolutely no risk of burning. It also helps grab the hair at the root gently, keeping the hairs from breaking.

Get the Best Sugaring Treatment Today

Get the Best Sugaring Treatment Today

So if you are considering taking steps to become body hair free, schedule an appointment to get a sugar waxing session today. Your body will thank you.