Is It True That Cleopatra Did Use Sugaring?


The body sugaring technique of hair removal originally is considered to be an ancient Egyptian artform, even reported to have been used by Cleopatra! The Persian ladies were the original ones to state that a hairless body was the epitome of youth and beauty. It’s why they eventually used a sugaring paste or wax referred to as ‘moum’ made of water, sugar, and lemon for hair removal. This paste was applied within the direction of hair growth, covered up with a muslin cloth then pulled off as it cooled. It was believed to be the most natural and effective method of body hair removal. The ancient Egyptian hair removal art only has recently been revived within the modern-day age, as hairless, smooth skin is the desire of most females today.

Recent rumors that circulate around the web imply that females have just been extracting hair from their legs for the past hundred years, but, that might just be a fact for European and American women. The truth that body hair removal for Europeans was not too popular gives way to the truth that American females did not shave, seeing as the majority of immigrants were European.

But, in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Middle Eastern countries, body hair removal was very important. As a matter of fact, these ladies removed the majority of their body hair (except for the eyebrows), not to mention the women in Egypt who went so far as to remove their head hair. Even having their hair down under was believed to be uncivilized by the majority of Greek, Middle Eastern, and Egyptian standards. Knowing what we now know, we may conclude that body sugaring involves one of the top techniques (if not THE TOP!) for hair removal. It’s the least painful, safest, and most efficient (both in terms of application and cost) as compared with others AND may easily be prepared at home. Therefore, what say we put away those strips and wax forever and make a little room for juice and sugar!

Bare Body Sugaring even utilizes the exact same natural formula as the ancient Egyptians. The sugar paste we use is made only of lemon juice, sugar, and water to provide flawless, smooth skin. The formula easily is washed away with hot water, and leaves you feeling clean without that sticky feeling which waxing offers you. Here’s the best part – it’ll contain absolutely no toxins, chemicals, or resins which may be harsh upon sensitive skin.

Bring Your Inner Royalty Out

Sugaring is a tried and true, near-painless hair removal method which results in silky, soft skin. Not just is it less uncomfortable than waxing, it also is completely natural and safe –it’s even possible to eat it! Sugaring does not only remove hair, it’ll permanently reduce hair growth. Bring out your inner Cleopatra by attempting one of our different sugaring services rather than wax, from a bikini and half- or full-legs to underarms and eyebrows!

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