The Three Phases of Hair Growth

Under arms sugaring.jpeg

As we pull hair out using sugar, our aim includes removing the entire unit.  That includes the shaft, root, bulb, and sheath. The bulb will cover the papillae.

 Generally, our hair grows in 3 stages.  The Anagen phase is the first phase.

Papillae plumps and through the use of nutrients inside blood from your skin cells and capillaries, begins to grow hair. Within the process of growing, the cells double up every 23 to 72 hrs. The fresh hair utilizes a structure that looks like a tunnel to get to the surface. 

As we sugar a customer, his/her body temperature heats sugar and it’ll become more liquid and wick deep inside the follicle then wrap around the hair and the shaft.  As we take off the sugar we typically remove the bulb.  If there’s a touch of blood, referred to as “pinpoint bleeding” we’ll know that we have reached the papillae.  If we take out the entire papillae, that hair may not ever return.  If we left behind only a single cell, it’ll replace itself.  Here’s the great thing: if our professional witnesses pinpoint bleeding and he or she left a single cell behind, the hair will grow back, yet it never is going to be the hair it was at one time.

The anagen stage’s length will vary depending upon where on your body your hair grows.  The hair upon your head takes longer to grow and remains in the following stage longer.

 The following stage is the dormant stage. It is called the Catagen stage. The hair is no longer in the growing stage, but it still is obtaining nutrients from papillae and capillaries and is beginning to dry and shrink.  A translucent, thin sheath forms over the root and bulb. As the coating gets thicker, papillae get dryer and smaller until it breaks off then your hair is no longer attached to your body.  The sheath will become an anchor and keep the hair within the follicle without the use of energy from your body.  If our professional sugars as the hair is at this stage he/she might get the entire unit, yet there’s just a slight chance of damaging the papillae then weakening the growth of hair permanently. At the period of separation, it’ll move to the Telogen stage.

 It remains here until it sheds or pushes out by a fresh hair sprouting up beneath it.  Remember all 3 phases are occurring simultaneously.  Otherwise we’d be bald, and then furry, and then shaggy, and then bald once again.

 As a customer comes to our studio for the first time, there might be hairs right underneath the skin we cannot see, or just starting to sprout up.  If there’s a healthy bulb, chances are we will not get those hairs at that session.

 We recommend that a customer schedule a follow up appointment immediately after their first visit to assist in getting two of these phases together.  It’ll give the client an opportunity to have smoother skin for a longer period of time.  After around 4 - 6 sessions our professionals will assume that we have pulled every hair out at least one time. 

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