Using Sugaring as Personal Care


Sugaring: what is it to you? Just your regular hair removal? Or is it a lot more than that? At Bare Body Sugaring, we understand that sugaring is much more than just being hair free.

 Sugaring also has personal care benefits! If you’ve obtained a sugaring service before, you might already know that sugaring is an ultra-effective exfoliant. As the hair is flicked away, so are dead cells. It’ll leave behind baby soft, smooth skin. If you’re getting routine sugaring, consider this. One time per month you come by for hair removal and your skin will get that new glow again.

 Our top skincare advice is for soothing skin irritation. If you see red skin bumps, we suggest an oatmeal paste treatment There are pre-made variants you may buy in grocery stores or drugstores, which you ought to utilize as instructed on the packaging. For a DIY method, what we prefer is crushing oats up and blending that with water to create a paste. Apply that to the irritated region. Allow that to sink into the skin like a mask. As it dries, rinse away the paste. Also, if you have a tub, add oatmeal to the bath water for an in-home spa experience. Remember that oatmeal pieces may clog your bathtub; therefore, plan accordingly by utilizing a filter bag, tea infuser, or strainer over its drain. In order to enhance the mood with a little aromatherapy, also use lavender buds! The relaxing and restorative properties of lavender washes your cares away.

Secondly, pay close attention to your body. If you see ingrown or red bumps, be your very own skincare sleuth. Do you see fabric from your clothing rubbing uncomfortably against your skin? That might be the culprit! Try to wear a breathable material or fit of clothing which matches your curves and angles. Check if there’s an improvement. Be open to adjustments and speak with the sugarist if you need suggestions. Most of us have undergone those struggles ourselves and we’re trained to support your beauty needs.

For optimal hair removal results, take a bath before the service, so the skin is free of all contaminants which might sneak into your freshly hair-free pores. For twenty-four hours, try to avoid activities which cause sweat or friction to the skin. This may result in needing an oatmeal bath that we discussed earlier, and healing may take up to 4 days. We know it may be difficult to resist a routine workout routine or additional vigorous activities. The smartest decision includes waiting one day before playing. The day after the service, follow all aftercare instructions by showering and delicately exfoliating the region which was sugared. It’ll help the skin’s natural process of restoration.

If you have any inquiries about how you can make your skincare regimen more advantageous to you, the majority of our sugaring techs will get very nerdy about the subject, so don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here for you!

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