Waxing vs. Sugaring for Hair Removal


Waxing and sugaring often are put within the same classification of hair removal because they are slightly similar in the way they remove hair. Both are made to lift hair from the follicle. As the hair is extracted by its roots, it does not regrow for 2 – 6 weeks.

But, they’re different from each other in a few ways. The methods utilize various ingredients and you might have a preference for sensitive skin.

As both waxing and sugaring are painful, some folks report that sugaring is less so and might be better for the regions of the body which are more susceptible to pain.

Waxing Method

Waxing is better done if hair is ½” long, as it must be securely gripped and cannot be too short.

Wax is heated to liquefy it then applied warm to your skin, which carries a burn risk if you are not careful. Wax is applied within the direction of hair growth. It’s covered using a cloth and permitted to solidify. Then it’s removed against the hair growth grain. Some believe that it’s more uncomfortable than sugaring. Because longer hair is necessary for removal, waxing only can be done every 3 - 4 weeks.

Sugaring Method

There are two kinds of sugar for hair removal— gel and paste. The paste is like it sounds, it is extremely thick and has that kind of consistency. It is applied with the hands within the opposite direction of hair growth. One strip of cloth then is applied over the sugar and extracted the same direction that the hair grows. With hair being extracted within the way it grows, there’s less pulling on your skin, making it less painful. It is applied at room temperature and because it’ll remove hair in the direction that it grows, it might extract hair as short as 1/16th”.

Sugaring gel is a likewise consistency to wax. It is heated up inside a microwave or warmer and is applied like wax—within the direction of hair growth then extracted in the opposite way using a cloth strip or muslin.

Sugar paste never is hot. Sugar paste is utilized lukewarm so there isn’t any opportunity of burning the skin. However, sugaring gel may get overheated with the risk of a burn.

Sugaring may be done every 8 - 10 days as your hair doesn’t have to be longer to extract it. Some folks report that sugaring only will take away dead cells, unlike waxing which additionally extracts live skin cells. If the skin is not already over-exfoliated you do not have to be concerned with the sugar accidentally removing the skin.

Where to Use Waxing or Sugaring

Specific body areas are more sensitive than others. The biggest pain offenders are the chest, upper lip, genital and bikini areas. Sugaring, particularly with the paste, comes in handy when eliminating hair in these areas. If you’ve tried waxing and it was too uncomfortable, you might want to attempt sugaring for these areas.

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