Wedding Prep Tips from the Pros

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Wedding preparatory season is now upon us. While it’s a time of happiness for many, it may be a source of angst and stress for other people. The last thing any bride wants to be concerned with is stressed out skin and additional beauty blunders. Therefore, we have reached far and wide to professionals all throughout the wedding industry to get you their truthful opinions about everything a bride should know before the big day. Below are the results:

Skin Health

Number one across every forum asked was to visit an esthetician. The question was posted within ten different forums which ranges from nails to tanning, including lashes, makeup, skin care, hair removal and professional procedures. The leading comment out of all of them involved skin health.

The esthetician’s concentration was on making sure your skin had the time needed to address and potentially fix any problems you might not want on the big day. One esthetician specifically recommended getting on a routine facial, spot treatment and regular in-home mask care. Masks are fantastic because they may be accomplished at home as necessary between procedures, and it’s possible to test out the one you want to utilize on your wedding day. If this regimen sounds a bit exorbitant, check with a local esthetician. Most provide bulk packages that keep you within budget and on track.

Healthy on Inside

One other concern that was posted by estheticians was exercise and diet: yet not because of what you might think. This suggestion had nothing to do with comfortably fitting into your wedding gown and everything to do with the health of your skin. The first comment received was to consume more water. While research is still coming up with detailed, long-term answers upon the effects of aging, water causes the skin to look suppler. Also, water contributes to general cellular function; therefore, fewer blemishes. As far as exercise is concerned, while yes, it’ll improve muscle tone, the primary focus of it from commenters included stress relief. Stress is a huge contributor to skin problems that range from eczema and rosacea to hives and acne. Exercise is a well-known stress reliever. Therefore, besides keeping you from becoming a bridezilla, it additionally helps keep the skin in optimal health for all bridal photographs.

Hair Removal

Your skin’s health plays a big role in hair removal. Hair removal is optimally accomplished as there aren’t any obstructions that inhibit the product’s connection with your hair. What that means is that moisturized and exfoliated skin allows sugar (or razor, wax depending upon your mode) to directly connect to the hair, which leads to effective hair removal. As the skin is dry, congested, or un-exfoliated, sugar must get through all that before it effectively can remove and grasp the hair. We here at Bare Body Sugaring prefer that you do a complete skin conditioning between hair removal sessions. However, whether you wax, sugar, laser or shave, skin health is required for maximum results.

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