7 Ways to Remove Hair on the Face

All women have a tiny bit of facial hair, and for most, except for eyebrows, it isn’t noticeable. However, if yours is more easily visible than you would like, there are several ways to remove it. They involve all-natural methods, removal at home, and more advanced selections which may permanently remove it. Become savvy about the pros and cons and do’s and don’ts of this fragile zone to pick the proper method.


 Tweezing is the cheapest and easiest way to remove facial hair. It is more commonly the go-to way to keep the eyebrows tamed. However, it also may be utilized for the ones with occasional chin hairs which sprout up from nowhere.


 Unless you are having electrolysis or laser procedures or are actually desperate for fast hair removal, put the razor down. Shaving will create blunt edges which make the hair look thicker, not to mention being temporary and probably will just last one day. It is okay for your body, yet not your face. Therefore, do not be fooled by these small razors in vibrant colors marketed to ladies.


 This ancient method of hair removal utilizing a string is sought after for precision facial hair removal and eyebrow shaping which may last up to 6 weeks. It is fast, uses no chemicals, and usually is inexpensive. A huge plus is that if it’s possible to feel the hair, threading will remove it.


 Waxing is a favorite way to eliminate facial hair for up to 6 weeks utilizing a resin-wax. Waxing services are found in spas and salons everywhere, and a broad array of home kits are available. Waxing is exfoliating and may cause scabs, extreme redness, or burns if you already are utilizing powerful exfoliators on the face such as enzymes, alpha-hydroxy acid, or salicylic acid. Waxing will last around 4 weeks.


 There are two kinds of sugaring: gel and paste. Both kinds are made with all-natural ingredients such as water, sugar, and lemon juice. This technique leaves you hair-free for as many as 6 weeks. Most folks prefer sugaring over waxing because it is gentler on the skin and less painful. The traditional way to use paste will remove hair as short as 1/16”, as compared with the ¼” minimum hair length required for waxing.

 Coil Hair Removers

 Perhaps you’ve seen these small gadgets advertised for facial hair removal for women. They appear like little slinkies which grab your hair out from its root. Think tweezing, yet a lot quicker, because you do not need to individually grab each hair. Lindo and Epicare are two potential options.

 Prescription Cream

 Using the prescription cream Vaniqa may be the simplest method of lessening the look of facial hair. While this Food and Drug Administration-approved cream will not permanently remove hair, it’ll cause it to grow more gradually and come in softer and finer. According to the manufacturer of the cream, Allergan, you ought to witness improvement between 4 to 8 weeks after starting treatment.

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