How to Remove Short Hair

Waxing short hair might be challenging because it has to be around ¼” long for the wax to grab onto it. If it is shorter than that, it might or might not be successfully removed. Below are a few tips for waxing stubble-length hair from the convenience of your home or with a professional.

 When Doing Business with a Professional

 Depending upon what kind of wax the pro uses and how experienced they are, you may be turned away if your hair is not long enough.

 Therefore, when booking an appointment, ask if they utilize hard wax and are able to remove short hair. If they aren’t, phone other spas and salons specializing in waxing or wait until your hair grows longer.

 When Performing Waxing from Home

 Waxing yourself might be challenging and attempting to extract shorter hair might make it trickier. This isn’t the time to utilize pre-made wax strips or cold wax because these products usually don’t pick up all the hair, particularly if it is thick. A professional hot wax must be used.

 Wax is usually applied in the direction of hair growth then taken off in the opposite direction.

 Wax fully surrounds the hair on all sides; therefore, there is a better opportunity that the shorter hairs are going to be removed.

 Before you wax the desired space, practice this method on your arm or one other area in which you do not care if the hair is completely removed.

 Stripless Wax and Strip Wax

 Stripless wax: Additionally referred to as hard wax, stripless wax is heated up. As it is applied, it basically shrinkwraps and hardens around your hair; therefore, it does not have to be taken off using a strip. It is fantastic for small spaces that have coarse hair, like on the bikini area and underarms.

 Strip wax: Not to be mistaken for with wax that is already on a strip, this kind of wax is warmed and then a cloth strip or muslin is placed on top and removed quickly. It is great for waxing larger regions, such as the chest, back, and legs.


 There are 2 kinds of sugaring—paste and gel--and both extract hair from the follicle such as waxing. But sugaring is notorious for being less uncomfortable than waxing, and it’ll leave less irritation and redness.

 The gel is usually applied then removed in the same way as wax is in that it’s applied in the direction of hair growth and taken off in the opposite way. Although gel typically is easier to utilize than paste, hair must be around ¼” and you also will require strips.

 Paste has a few benefits, although the method is a little more challenging. The best part is that you just need around 1/16-inch of growth.

 Home method: Though it is a little tricky to do on your own, it’s possible to save money by creating your own paste.

 Professional application: Perform an online search in your locality for providers who offer sugaring services. For information on our sugaring services contact Bare Body Sugaring today!