Sugar Wax vs. Sugaring Paste

Sugaring paste: it’s a natural hair removal solution which extracts hair from its follicle. It is comprised of natural ingredients. Lemon juice, water, and sugar are its most basic formula. Occasionally you will see honey, salt, and/or essential oils. There are 2 kinds of natural sugaring solutions made with that basic formula: gel and paste.

 Sugaring Paste

 It is used at room temperature, and due to its consistency is just used on the hands or fingers for the whole process-- no applicators or strips.

 Sugaring paste is not as available in drugstores yet used at spas and salons.  The method for sugaring includes molding a sugar paste ball against the direction of hair growth then extracting the hair in the direction of its growth.

 With it being removed within the direction of hair growth, there is lesser opportunity of hair breaking below or above the skin. With less force pulling on your skin-- the primary hair removal pain source, it is known to be the least uncomfortable technique that extracts hairs from their follicles.

 Even the ones with extremely sensitive skin tend to deal with it well. Even though any time you remove hair, you’ll risk of a little irritation, sensitivity, and redness.

 Sugaring Gel

 Sugaring gel is a thinner consistency and must be heated in a microwave or inside a wax warmer. It is spread on your skin over your hair using an applicator within the direction of hair's growth and taken off the opposite way using a muslin strip or cloth. There must be around ¼” of growth for the sugaring gel to stick to.

 What’s Sugar Wax?

 But, if you have something referred to as sugar wax, it might mean a resin combined with natural ingredients utilized for sugaring hair removal. In that case, you no longer have a real sugaring product. With the blended sugar and wax product, businesses use sly marketing tricks to make you believe you’re tried "sugaring" or getting the benefits, when you actually haven’t.

 Gel is similar to soft wax- how it must be heated, the way it is applied, taken off and the ¼” of hair growth required.  With sugaring being organic and not adhering to the skin as much as waxing, it is stated to be generally less uncomfortable than waxing. Even though sugaring gel still can spur some of the same side effects as waxing—such as bruising, hair breakage, ingrown hair, pimples, bumps, and redness.

 Occasionally a real sugaring product in the form of a gel is referred to as sugar wax because they’ll possess these similarities. Therefore, first know what is in the formula.

 A true sugaring product whether a gel or paste is going to be water soluble, which means it’s possible to clean the residue off your skin with plain water. Water will not cut it for any solution containing resins, such as wax does. You will require an oil-based solution to break the resin down in the wax for it to remove and clean all traces from the skin or additional surfaces.

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