What is Eyebrow Sugaring?

Eyebrow sugaring is an excellent method of shaping your brows because it is gentle to the skin and will last for weeks. Learn more on the various kinds of sugaring, how it compares to additional options of hair removal, which includes how to locate a professional.

Sugaring: How does it work?

Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal which removes hair from its root. It’ll last for up to 6 weeks.

A real product is made of all-natural ingredients; the majority of the time it is just water, lemon juice and sugar. Sometimes essential oils, salt, or honey also are used in this recipe.

Two Various Types of Sugar: Gel and Paste

Sugaring paste is used at room temperature or slightly warmed. It is applied against the way the hair grows then removed within the the direction of hair growth using a finger-flicking motion. It’ll remove hair as short as 1/16 of an inch.

Sugaring gel is utilized the same way as soft wax. It is warmed inside a warmer or inside the microwave then applied in the way your hair grows using an applicator. A strip is put over the gel then removed within the opposite direction of hair growth. It’ll remove hair as short as ¼ of an inch.

Good for Brow Shaping

With the skin inside the eye area being very sensitive, most like that sugaring does not cling as much to your skin as it will to the hair. With less tugging, most folks agree it isn’t as uncomfortable as waxing and brows do not get as pink.

With paste, the pain factor decreases even more as hair is extracted in the direction of growth.

Utilizing eye creams, acne or anti-aging products oftentimes exfoliates skin or removes skin cells. Sugaring is stated to slough dead skin cells off, whereby waxing extracts those both live and dead ones. Waxing may be too much exfoliation in conjunction with some products, which causes removal of skin, inflammation, or redness.

Unless your skin is already within an over-exfoliated phase, sugaring is less than likely to lead to extreme swelling or redness.

Sugaring is quick. While tweezing is fantastic for an occasional hair, both the gel and paste simultaneously remove several hairs.

Sugar may be applied more than one time; therefore, it is good if you miss a bit of hair. The delicate nature of sugar permits it be applied more than one time in a row to get hair that is left behind. The majority of wax is just meant to be used one time, with rogue hairs picked up using tweezers.

Remember that it might take a couple of sugaring appointments before the hair is fully removed. But a skilled aesthetician will have the ability to thread or tweeze to target all stubborn hairs.

Searching for a Professional

Finding a spa or salon which performs sugaring is more challenging than waxing. Professional businesses are more than glad to direct you to a center in your locality such as Bare Body Sugaring.

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