What Should I Know Before Doing My First Body Sugaring?

Have you finally been convinced that body sugaring is the way to go when it comes to removing unwanted body hair? This process is a little different than the more prevalent waxing and shaving, but it has a unique approach that is gentler on your skin. An all-natural approach can make a significant difference in how amazing your skin feels after your services are completed.

Preparation is key to a successful sugaring, no matter where you decide to go. Many of these tips will apply regardless of what area you intend to have sugared. For a little more information on how you can best prepare yourself for this intense beauty ritual, take a look at these key tips below.

Legging sugaring.jpeg

Make sure the area is clean and oil-free

You don’t want to head straight from the gym to your sugaring appointment without a shower in between. Exfoliating the skin around the area is important, as is the need for the hair to be completely clean. Don’t apply body lotions or oils just before heading to your sugar shop. This makes it more difficult for the paste to adhere to your skin.

The hair needs to be a little long to be removed

If you only see stubble growing on your legs, it isn’t time to have them sugared just yet. The hair has to be a little on the long side for the paste to be able to grab it and remove it by the roots. Most experts will recommend that the hair be around ¼ inch long before you have it sugared. On the other hand, many people believe that you can effectively remove the hair as long as there are at least two weeks between your sugaring and your last shave or wax session.  

Plan to stay out of the gym

You won’t be heading to the gym or the tanning salon on the same day you get sugared. Your skin is going to be a little tender following the sugaring, so plan to head straight home for exfoliation. Even hot water might be too much for the sore skin to handle in the first 24 hours.

Try not to irritate the skin after the treatment

Applying fancy scrubs and lotions after the sugaring really isn’t necessary. In fact, adding too much friction to your skin following the treatment could result in even more inflammation and tenderness in that one area. Give it a day or two before you resume your skincare routine. If you plan to apply anything directly after your treatment, be sure to consult your sugaring expert first.

Getting your body sugared can be a great experience that leads to smoother skin and less hair growth over time. Bare Body Sugaring paste is made up of sugar, lemon juice, and water, 100% natural ingredients. As long as you come prepared, you can have a successful sugaring that will leave your skin feeling amazing for weeks to come.