Don’t Be Shy to Do Your Manscaping

Men, are you interested in cleaning up your appearance for the warmer weather? Some men might hesitate at the idea of sugaring because it seems too effeminate for them. However, this beauty ritual is great for both genders and can be a great alternative for men who prefer to take an all-natural approach to their appearance.

Is sugaring really a better alternative to waxing? This is what it boils down to for many men who are interested in removing the hair from their chest, legs, arms, or any other area of the body. You could even opt for a “manzilian” if you feel particularly brave on your first visit.

If you’ve been hesitant about what sugaring could do for your manscaping routine, take a look at these key reasons why many men are jumping aboard the sugaring bandwagon.


Sugaring is more natural and gentler on the skin

The truth is that sugaring is a natural alternative to wax that is gentler and easier for your skin. It’s no secret that removing the entire hair root can be rough on your skin. That’s why you need to take every precaution to make this an enjoyable experience for yourself. The ingredients and the process are inherently gentler than the alternative.

Consider the mixture that you would find in a traditional sugaring shop. It only contains a high content of sugar, lemon juice, and water mixed together. That’s all we really need to help you achieve a smooth and hairless façade. It doesn’t get much simpler or more natural than that.

Sugaring lasts longer than waxing

Do you want to take care of that unsightly body hair but are worried that you need to do it more regularly? The good news is that sugaring can keep you out of the chair for longer periods of time. It tends to last significantly longer than the traditional waxing form of hair removal.

Many men are curious whether that’s genuinely true before they are ready to make a commitment. First, both waxing and sugaring remove hair from the strand all the way to the root itself. This automatically reduces the amount of time you need to spend manscaping compared to shaving on a daily or semi-weekly basis.

Some experts claim that sugaring can mold to your skin much more closely than wax, allowing for a deeper pull that can extract the root more effectively. Because it can penetrate deeper into the skin, this process could potentially last longer than other versions of hair removal.

It’s important to consider that everyone’s hair regrowth will be slightly different, so we can’t accurately predict just how long your sugaring will last. However, we can promise that your skin will be perfectly smooth whenever you leave the shop. Manscaping can drastically change your appearance for the better, no matter what area of the body you decide to tackle first. A high percentage of Bare Body Sugaring clients are male, so don't be shy – you'll love the results!