Why Did the Brazilian Sugaring Become So Famous?


Getting a Brazilian wax is almost a rite of passage for women everywhere. Even men are starting to get in on this long-running trend with their own “manzilian” experience. As sugaring rises in popularity, it seems that the Brazilian style is still one of the most popular areas of the body to have done. Why did this one particular style of sugaring become so famous?

Take a look at some of these prominent reasons why Brazilian sugaring has become so popular!

Sugaring is a gentler formula

The Brazilian sugaring has a lot of things to boast about, starting with its all-natural ingredients. It isn’t uncommon to find people with extremely sensitive skin in this private area of the body. As a result, waxes, lotions, and other sources of hair removal can sometimes cause severe and painful irritation in your nether regions.

Sugaring can erase all of that with a much simpler concoction of sugar, lemon juice, and water. The gentler formula tends to have a much higher success rate for individuals with skin irritation issues.

Bacteria don’t breed in sugar

The benefit of sugaring is that it is also much more sanitary than waxing. Bacteria don’t have an opportunity to breed with the sugar content in our unique paste. This makes a Brazilian sugaring far cleaner than other hair removal methods. Particularly for sensitive areas like this, you don’t want to introduce more bacteria than is absolutely necessary.

The skin won’t be as irritated

Is there anything more painful than a newly-waxed pubic area? When your esthetician applies hot wax to your skin and removes it using the strips, it also removes the top layer of your skin cells. Sugaring leaves your skin completely intact, only removing the hair and its associated root. This means that the only areas that should be sore after a sugaring are the areas where the hair root was removed.

Sugaring cuts down on the amount of skin irritation and pain that you experience. It can even reduce the number of painful ingrown hairs in your pubic area.

You can avoid frequent sugarings after a while

Sugaring is well-known for removing the hair root and eventually decreasing the amount of hair that will grow back. Nobody wants to have more Brazilian waxing than they need to, so this is a definite perk. After a few sessions, you might find that your hair grows back much slower and needs less attention in between. The time between your sessions will eventually expand until you only have to have your Brazilian-area touched up every once in a while.

We at Bare Body Sugaring have done over 4,000 Brazilians and have perfected the art. If you’re ready to see just how the Brazilian sugaring became so famous, you need to give our salon a visit. We can help you to find a comfortable experience and get you back on the road in less than fifteen minutes. With all of this time to spare, you can move onto other areas of your life without worrying about your appearance in this very personal area.