How Long Do You Have to Grow Your Hair Before Sugaring?

You’ve finally decided that you’re ready to take the plunge and be sugared for the first time. You might be a little nervous at the prospect of removing your hair this way or super excited to try out going bare. Either way, most people want to know how quickly they can follow through on their decision. How soon can they schedule their sugaring session?

Scheduling your sugaring session has a lot to do with how long your hair is first. It has to be long enough to allow the sugar mixture to adhere to the hair and remove it. If you just shaved a few days ago, it isn’t going to be a great time for you to have your body sugared just yet. Everyone’s hair will grow back at different speeds, but we generally recommend that you wait two to three weeks from the time you last shaved.



If you are used to waxing, you might need to wait a little longer than that. Usually, four to six weeks from your last wax treatment should be long enough for the hair to grow back enough to be sugared.

In general, you want the hair to be between 1/8” and ¼” long before you remove it with the traditional sugar mixture. This gives you the perfect length for the sugar to grip the hair without the hair being too long. Don’t worry about grabbing a tape measurer though. The hair should be roughly the length of a grain of rice before you head to the shop to have it sugared.

Staying Bare for Longer

If you love the look and feel of being bare, you might realize that you’re going to need to come back more regularly. We usually recommend coming back every four to six weeks to stick to a regular sugaring schedule.

Don’t stay away just to save a few dollars or you might undo all of the work we’re striving to complete for you. You need to get your hair sugared when it is closer to 1/8” long because it is still in the anagen phase of hair growth.

When you remove hair with sugar during this stage, it is more likely to take some of the follicle wall with it. This essentially collapses the follicle and prevents hair from growing in this spot again. The hair will gradually come back in thinner and grow slower than it did before. Over time, we are able to make your bare skin more permanent when you come back as scheduled. Make sure that you don’t wait too long to schedule another appointment with us!

When you’re ready to take the plunge, let your hair grow out and then come see us at Bare Body Sugaring! We have the experience to help you feel calm and comfortable while you become bare and beautiful. Give us a call today to schedule your sugar session and get started on your way to more beautiful skin!