Tanning After Sugaring: Dos and Don’ts

Woman tanning.jpg

Do you have dreams of being both bare and bronze at the same time? Many of our clients love the feeling of having their unwanted hair removed, but they don’t want to give up their tanning sessions. There’s good news if you have been trying to figure out how you could reasonably expect to have both! Tanning and sugaring don’t have to be mutually exclusive when you know how to manage them both properly.

We’re here to help you make the most of your beautiful, bare body. That’s why we compiled this list of dos and don’ts for tanning with your new and luxurious skin. Take a look at what we recommend to help you become bare and bronze!

DON’T go tanning for the first day or two after sugaring.

Tanning and exposing yourself to the rays of the sun (or the tanning bed) can make your skin far more sensitive than it usually is. Unfortunately, sugaring can also make skin feel more sensitive for the first day or two following your session. The best thing you can do is to give your skin a break for the first 48 hours. It can heal and the sensitivity will decrease, allowing you to tan far more comfortably.

DON’T go tanning before your sugaring session.

Because tanning can make your skin more sensitive, we don’t recommend tanning just before your sugaring session either. It can be painful to have your hair removed from sunburnt and irritated skin. Be sure to take a break from the tanning bed for a day or two prior to your session.

DO consider spray tanning.

Your skin is going to be perfectly primed for spray tanning just a few days after your sugaring session. The skin will be rougher and in better shape from not having been shaved for several days or weeks. The spray tan often adheres to this better. Be sure to schedule this type of appointment just a couple days after your sugaring session and before you start to exfoliate your skin again.

DO wait to tan if you are prone to burning.

While most people would be fine to wait just two days before laying out in the sun, you may not want to do so if your skin is likely to burn. This can cause increased irritation in the areas you just had sugared, making them feel red and painful instead of beautiful. People with fair skin tend to be more susceptible to burning when they tan. You may also want to wait a full week after your last tanning session to be sugared just in case your skin burns. It’s always best to wait if you have an issue with skin that burns easily.