Can I Eliminate Ingrown Hair with Body Sugaring?

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Have you ever experienced the terrible appearance and discomfort that can be caused by ingrown hairs? They resemble acne or hives, but they fall somewhere in between the two when it comes to appearance. However, they are actually caused when a hair turns around and grows back into the skin. People with coarse and curly hair tend to be more prone to this type of uncomfortable growth, but anyone can experience it. The good news is that body sugaring may help to eliminate ingrown hairs altogether.

When compared to other methods of hair removal, sugaring produces the best results for people prone to ingrown hairs. Take a look at how this method of hair removal works out better than others!

No Broken Hairs

A hair that is cut very short through shaving or broken off through waxing has the opportunity to turn back around and become ingrown. Breaking off the hair and causing a sharp point to the end of it makes ingrown hairs far more likely. It also has a tendency to become trapped underneath the skin, making it impossible for the new hair to grow in properly. Getting these old hairs out so the new ones can grow in healthy can prove to be a painful extraction process. Fortunately, sugaring doesn’t break off hairs or cause a sharp point like shaving does.

No More Clogged Pores

Applying thick waxes and pastes to your skin can clog up the pores with dead cells and dirt. They can even clog the area around where the hair follicle is, making it impossible for the new hair to push through the pore. The buildup can force the hair to turn back around and re-enter the skin as an ingrown hair or to grow sideways.

One of the best parts of sugaring is that it tends to remove all of the dirt and buildup around the pores. The natural mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice makes it simple for the skin to handle without allowing it to penetrate too deeply. This can help to make ingrown hairs far less likely for everyone.

Reduced Hair Growth

When you visit your sugaring professional on a regular basis, you will find that the hair in the affected area tends to grow back less frequently. Sugaring can help to collapse the follicle wall and make it impossible for new hair to grow. You will find that you experience fewer ingrown hairs simply because there is less hair growth. Bare and beautiful skin definitely has a number of benefits, but not having to suffer through ingrown hairs is one of them!

Can you eliminate ingrown hairs with body sugaring? Absolutely! There are a number of natural processes that make sugaring far more likely to eliminate ingrown hairs than other styles of hair removal such as waxing and shaving. When you’re ready to experience professional body sugaring, give Bare Body Sugaring a call! Our professionals will help you feel comfortable and at ease with your services so you can enjoy the benefits of being bare and beautiful!