What to Expect When Having a Brazilian Sugaring


Are you nervous about the prospect of your first Brazilian sugaring? Most women are a little uncomfortable with the idea of someone seeing such a private area – especially someone they don’t know! Knowing what to expect from your first Brazilian sugaring helps put you at ease for the entire process. Consider this to be your handy guide for what to expect when you have your very first Brazilian sugaring.

Preparing for Your Brazilian Sugaring

You might be tempted to do a little landscaping before you arrive for your Brazilian sugaring. However, we would ask that you refrain from doing anything more than a simple trim if necessary. You want the hair to be at least ¼” long in order for the sugar mixture to grab hold of the whole hair. This means waiting roughly two to three weeks from the last time that you shaved or waxed this area.

What to Wear to Your Brazilian Sugaring

Make sure you wear clothes that are going to be easily removed once you arrive in the room. Keep in mind that you will have to put these clothes back on your body after the session is over. You will have some redness and possibly a little irritation in this area, so it’s best to avoid rough fabrics like denim. A loose cotton skirt is the ideal thing to wear on your bottom half when heading to the sugaring shop.

When You Arrive

Once you are called back for your appointment, you might be wondering what happens next. Your sugaring professional will show you how to get situated on the table and then leave you to get undressed. She may leave you with a hot towel to help you freshen up a bit and prepare the skin for sugaring. This makes most people feel significantly less self-conscious about their private areas before your professional comes to see you.

When she returns, you will assume a position with your feet together and knees apart to help her better see what she’s working with. The warm sugar paste will be applied to the area and flicked away until you’re beautiful and bare. A clean towel will help you wipe off the residue and you’ll be good to go!

Can I still get sugared when I have my period? How about when I’m pregnant?

The good news is that you can definitely get a Brazilian sugaring when you’re on your period. We just ask that you wear a tampon and tuck the string in. Because we are all females here, we won’t be shocked by this occurrence. You can even get a Brazilian while you’re pregnant if your doctor says it’s okay. Be aware that you might be more sensitive to pain when you’re on your period and when you’re pregnant.

Once you decide to go bare, we know that you’re going to love how beautiful you look and feel. At Bare Body Sugaring, we offer the highest quality body sugaring from an all-female staff. We know how to make you feel comfortable from the minute you walk through the door!