I Used to Shave Can I Do Sugaring?

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Many customers answering the question – what’s better shaving or sugaring – without hesitating would pick the first one. Here, we go over why sugaring is a great alternative to shaving:

Pain level

Yes, it’s precisely the first question that customers ask. If we compare sugaring and shaving by levels of pain caused by each treatment, sugaring 100 percent loses here. However, this is the one and only downside to the treatment. However, even this downside won’t be noticeable after multiple treatments. According to customer's, pain is only experienced the first time. The second session is much less painful, and the next 3 to 4 sessions – the hairs get a lot thinner and are easily removed.

Impact on your skin


Shaving involves mechanical hair removal using a blade. Hair is cut from the skin’s surface. The problem is, since the time razor’s were created, humanity still is looking for a way to permit you to bring the blade closer to the surface of the skin while shaving.

“Clean” shaving will have its downside – oftentimes shaving will end with an unpleasant sensation – discomfort and burning. This tells us that while shaving you haven’t just cut the hair closely, you also damaged the epidermis, and opened the entrance to a variety of infections.

Skin hyperpigmentation and roughening are unpleasant side effects you’ll receive when you use a razor.

Most of us forget that a razor must be carefully washed and cleaned after use, because its blade is a bacteria source, which, after using, may lead to infection.


During the sugaring procedure hair isn’t being cut; however, it’s removed with its follicle. The soft and tight fit of the paste offers a maximum effect – hair extraction without breakage. Furthermore, it offers a light peeling and removal of dead epidermis skin cells.

With sugar paste, reproduction of bacteria becomes impossible. Thereby, sugaring on its own never is a reason for infections.

Hair condition

Routine shaving makes the hair thicker and thereby, more noticeable. After two to five hours you may experience an unpleasant sensation if you come into contact with your skin and run your hands over from opposite hair growth direction – it’s possible to feel “bumps” – as cut hair continues to grow and does not slow down.

The sugaring method allows you to extract hair from the root and pull along the direction of hair growth. That is why sugaring is a great alternative because in five hours, and even in 3 days, your skin will not get coarse from growing hair. After multiple treatments, hair becomes less noticeable, thinner, and weaker.

Treatment frequency

Women who pay close attention to their appearance know that with shaving, they must repeat every three days. And so, shaving becomes a laborious routine. Plus, purchasing all the required shaving equipment may become quite expensive.

Sugaring allows you to forget about your hair for at least 2 - 4 weeks.

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