Can You Be on Your Period and Still Get Sugared?

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Sugaring is a hair removal method which has been used since 1900 BC, and is an ancient practice from the Middle East that uses an all-natural gel or paste that is made from food-derived ingredients such as water, sugar, and lemon juice to extract the hair follicle from its root. Its results may last up to 6 weeks. While there are several recipes, only natural ingredients are utilized. It also has been referred to as sugar waxing, even though not a correct phrase, because it is done similar to waxing. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions that our customers have, including if it’s possible to get sugared while on your menstrual cycle.

What’s the different between normal wax and sugaring?


Sugar products never stick to live skin cells. So, when it’s taken off, it just gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and leaves behind glowing skin. Plus, because sugaring paste is water soluble and all natural, it may be rinsed away easily if it’s accidentally flicked on clothing or residue is left on your skin.

Direction of hair being pulled out

With the sugaring technique, you just extract the hair in the natural direction of your hair growth. In addition, through the sugaring application method, the sugar paste will seep into your hair follicle. It assists in lubricating the hair root and allows the root to completely be removed with less pain and without breaking.

No burning

Sugaring is performed at body temperature. There isn’t any need for heat. The sugaring procedure sticks to the hair, and not the skin then lubricates the root for an easier removal of the follicle. Along with the hair removal that is in the natural direction of growth, sugaring will mean a less damaging experience for you.

How long will the hair need to be?

The hair ought to be at least 1/8” long and should take around one or two weeks after shaving to get to that point.

Does sugaring hurt?

Your first sugaring, unfortunately, will be the most painful because coarse hairs are being pulled out of their follicles for the first time. As sugaring only grabs the hair, and not the skin, the discomfort will dissipate quickly. Women should arrange Brazilian sugaring treatments within the initial two weeks after your menstrual cycle to take advantage of decreased sensitivity during this time. You also should avoid alcohol and caffeine as it’ll make you more sensitive and boost the redness after sugaring. In addition, pregnancy increases sensitivity.

I am on my period. Is it still possible for me to come in?

Absolutely! Be certain that your use a diva cup or tampon, so the technician may perform the service. Remember, that some clients find that they experience more pain during their menstrual cycle and some folks do not, so the option is yours. If you want to reschedule the appointment contact us and we will accommodate you.

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