Is Sugaring Less Painful Than Waxing?

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You may be shocked to hear that there are multiple options as it’ll come to hair removal; however, the majority of folks want to know the answer to questions like what’s the difference between sugaring and waxing? Shaving is the most well-known and common options; however, its results are not as long-lasting and smooth as sugar waxing. If you are new to advanced hair removal providers, you may be a bit shocked by the pros and cons of waxing and sugaring. Sugaring is less known than waxing, yet both provide likewise hair removal results; however, one is better particularly in terms of pain. If you’re attempting to compare both hair removal techniques for your next appointment let Bare Body Sugaring help you!

What’s Sugaring About?

Sugaring is not as well-known as waxing; however, it is gradually increasing in popularity particularly for the ones who want a more natural technique for eliminating unwanted hair or the ones with a low pain tolerance.  The paste or wax is made by heating together lemons, sugar, water, or other kinds of natural acid. There are a couple of kinds of sugaring wax hair extraction techniques. One is referred to as the ball method in which the paste is at skin temperature and slowly is applied on the hair then rapidly pulled off. The other includes the warm wax technique. The warm wax technique essentially is utilized just like soft wax with a strip or cloth that’s placed over the sugar wax then rapidly pulled off extracting the hair from its root. Unlike traditional soft wax or hard wax, the paste will not stick to the skin, translating to less pain.

Benefits of Sugar Wax

  • It’s 100 percent natural and is edible. We do not suggest consuming it for sanitary purposes, yet it’s very safe.

  • It’s hypoallergenic. There may be some folks who are allergic to eating sugar; however, it’s very rare for anyone to have a reaction to sugar on their skin.

  • Simple to clean. Sugar is water soluble, so all that’s needed is water to extract all excess wax unlike soft or hard wax. So, no more sticky messes!

  • It’ll only remove hair, not cells. The chemical property of sugar wax won’t extract any live skin cells; however, will extract hair and dead skin cells.

  • Prevents growth of bacteria. The high sugar level prevents contamination and bacteria growth.

  • Helps to prevent ingrown hairs. As the wax completely sticks to the hair, it’ll extract the hair from the follicle, as well as prevent hair breakage which easily can cause an ingrown hair.

Wax versus Sugar: Which Technique Is Better?

The best technique depends upon what you’re comfortable with. Sugaring is not as uncomfortable and will take less time, which is partly why it is increasing in popularity. It has the possibility of overshadowing waxing and becoming the preferred hair removal method, particularly with large skin patches.

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