Sugaring: The Aftercare

Under arms sugaring.jpeg

If you’ve landed on this website, you probably know that sugaring for hair removal is thought to be less painful than waxing. In addition, sugaring does not cause razor burn and stubble growth which typically goes hand in hand with shaving.  During a sugaring procedure, the hairs are extracted in the natural growth direction and sugar paste does not stick to the skin, just the dead skin cells and hairs. Thereby, there’s a lot less redness and less follicle and skin irritation.

Nevertheless, hairs still are being pulled out by their roots, additionally referred to as the follicle bulb. I’d be misleading you if I claimed that there wasn’t any irritation or pain afterwards. I’ve put together some tricks and tips for minimizing these after-effects and keep the skin happy following the sugaring hair removal treatment. As you establish a monthly routine for sugaring, the post-sugar problems are minimized yet the reduction in hair growth is maximized.

Here are some steps to the aftercare of a sugaring session:

  • Be certain that your appointment isn’t scheduled during your period since that’s when the skin is the most sensitive.

  • Do not exfoliate the day after or before the procedure since that may add to skin irritation.

  • The sugaring session is going to be more effective if you avoid moisturizers and creams 1 to 2 days before the appointment. Moisturizers may make the sugaring paste a lot less effective.

  • For the initial 24 hours, do not wear perfumed skin products or the ones containing chemical irritants.

  • Rapidly decrease redness using an ice cube compress inside a wash cloth. You can apply to the affected spaces once every hour for two to three minutes.

  • You can avoid ingrown hairs by soaking three times a week in a bath of Dead Sea salts.

  • To decrease odds of bacterial infection, avoid hot tubs and pools for at least 2 days after the appointment.

  • Avoid tanning salons and the sun for at least 2 days after the appointment because your skin is more susceptible to sunburn.

Watch for Complications

Don’t be concerned with red spots. It’ll take anywhere from 24 to 28 hours for the skin to heal after the sugaring treatment. It is common for red spots to form upon sugared spaces. Those spots form in the location the hair root was extracted and might appear like a sunburn. Don’t be concerned with these types of spots as they will clear up in a couple of days.

Promptly treat ingrown hairs. In case you get an ingrown hair, promptly treat it. Ingrown hairs may cause severe skin irritation if gone untreated. It’s possible to use topical gels made to treat ingrown hairs at the supermarket in your area. If ingrown hairs don’t clear up, visit a dermatologist.

To decrease stress, treat yourself to your favorite wine or chocolate the day after the appointment.  Because after all, it may be hard work being gorgeous and you must permit time for recovery. Do not forget to set the next appointment four to six weeks out.

For more information on the aftercare process of sugaring contact Bare Body Sugaring today!