Hair Removal Myths, Debunked

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We live in the information age, where sometimes it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction. Rumours become overblown, and half-truths become widespread. This can influence topics as big as politics or as intimate as hair removal. Today, we’ll go through some common hair removal myths, debunk them, and go over what we really need to know about the ancient practice of removing body hairs.

Myth 1: Shaving Hair Makes it Grow Back Thicker

This is a common myth that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Most people believe this is true because as our body hair grows back after a shave, it often feels thicker; when our senses tell us something is true, it’s easy to believe. The reality is, when we shave we slice hairs at an angle, so the surface we touch feels larger to our fingers. Thankfully, you can shave without expecting your hair to literally thicken. That said, how we perceive is a large part of what we hold to be true, so if we don’t like coarse feeling hairs, or don’t want anyone else to touch our coarse feeling hair, it might be wise to explore other hair removal options.

Myth 2: Laser Hair Removal Permanently Removes All Unwanted Hair

We hope that when we’re willingly getting a laser pointed at our skin to remove hair, it does something drastic. This myth says that because the laser’s heat is so powerful, it permanently kills any hair follicles it targets. While this can be the case, more often than not a hair follicle just falls dormant, and can reawaken shortly after; the follicles are only partly destroyed. This means most laser hair removal takes multiple treatments and semi-annual touchups.  This is especially true for people with fair hair; the lasers have a hard time targeting hair with less color, and so follicles can easily be missed entirely!

Myth 3: Hair Removal Has To Hurt

Let’s be honest here - thorough hair removal is probably going to feel at least uncomfortable. That said, does it really have to hurt; are we going to be red in the face and holding back tears no matter what? Thankfully, the overly painful hair removal is easily debunked, and there are many ways we can alleviate pain from hair removal. Firstly, we can avoid caffeine or any other stimulants before we get hair removed, because stimulants tighten our skin, which makes it harder to remove the hair. Taking painkillers and using relaxation techniques before getting hair removed is extremely helpful. Finally, distracting yourself with a held object can be useful.

Myth 4: At Home Hair Removal is as Good as Professional

In short, it’s not. Professional hair removal services can offer the highest quality body sugaring or other hair removal services that at home products can’t match. This is because of the quality of equipment, ingredients and technique professional services offer. This isn’t to say we can’t work on hair removal between trips to the pros, but for best results, professional is the way to go.