Reactions from Sugaring, and How to Avoid Them

Legging sugaring.jpeg

More often than not, sugaring leaves your skin feeling soft and beautiful. Everyone knows there can be some irritation after any form of hair removal; here we’re going to talk about some of the possible side effects of hair removal, how to tell what they are, and how to avoid them in future. We’ll touch on histamine reactions, redness, swelling and infection.

The most common side effect from body sugaring is redness - sometimes it feels like our hair wants payback for being removed! This is especially common when we have sensitive skin, but there are a few ways of reducing the appearance of redness. We can apply aloe vera or another soothing gel to the skin to reduce irritation, which will make the redness fade. We can also avoid directly exposing our skin to the sun or other irritants, and avoid touching it too much immediately after sugaring. The best way of doing this is to bring soft, loose cotton clothes when getting sugared; the area won’t touch irritants, and our clothes won’t rub against the sensitive area.

Swelling can also occur after sugaring, for the same reason as redness - the revenge of the hairs! Luckily, the ways of reducing swelling and redness go hand in hand. Avoid doing physical activity right after a sugaring, as sweat and tightness can irritate the freshly sugared area.

When we think of histamine reactions, our minds jump to allergies; that makes sense, because we treat allergies with antihistamines! Fortunately, if a histamine reaction occurs after our sugaring, it doesn’t mean we’re allergic to sugar - our bodies are just reacting to a new and unexpected stimulus. Histamine reactions show up as welts or hives on the affected area, but they’re easily treated by an oral or topical antihistamine, and at worst last a few hours. If you’ve had histamine reactions at a sugaring, that doesn’t mean you need to stop! Simply take an antihistamine before your appointment, and the chances of a reaction are greatly reduced.

The worst reaction we might see after a sugaring is infection. This is because sugaring removes hair from the root, leaving the pore exposed to potential infectants. This reaction is rare, and can be avoided with some common sense tips! Don’t touch a recently sugared area with dirty hands! Avoid contact between the recently sugared area and breeding grounds for bacteria, like public exercise equipment, saunas and hot tubs. Infection typically shows up 24 hours or more after contact between the sensitive area and the infectant, so if you see pustules or other signs of infection, get to a doctor straight away!

All in all, there are some potential negative reactions to hair removal, but most of them are surface-level, and not too worrisome. Of course, if redness, swelling or any other untoward symptoms persist for a long time, it’s always best to check with a health professional - we’re happy to say, this is incredibly rare! Always have your hair removal done by professionals, like Bare Body Sugaring.