Sugar: More Than a Sweet Treat!


There are a lot of artificial sweeteners out there: aspartame, saccharin, stevia; the list goes on. There’s good reason for these sweeteners; a lot of us are trying to reduce our daily sugar intake, as obesity and diabetes become more prevalent in our society. There is, however, no substitute for the original; not only does sugar taste different than it’s would-be contenders, but it also has a ton of uses outside of food. Coupled with its availability, sugar can serve many purposes around your household and in the world at large; here’s a few of the unconventional uses of sugar.


A study conducted by a nurse who was born in Zimbabwe has shown that sugar might reduce the pain that comes with an open sore or would. The study involved 21 patients over 6 months, and found that there was a reduction in the symptom of pain when sugar was applied to the would. The running theory as to why this works is that sugar draws water from the wound into the dressing; bacteria need water to survive, so the process kills them. Salt can be applied to wounds for the same purpose, but salt is painful when applied to wounds; using sugar instead could save hospitals money, and patients pain.


Sugar can be used throughout your house for cleaning and upkeep. Sugar is abrasive, so it makes a great cleaner; it’s also remarkably good at cleaning oils. You can use sugar to clean out your coffee maker; the abrasion will loosen stuck-on grounds, and the oils will be drawn into the sugar. This means it’s great to use for washing your hands if you’ve been repairing a car or cooking with a lot of oil; the sugar will help cut through the grease, but washes away easily with water. Sugar can also be added to flower water to encourage growth, spread on ice in a pinch when you don’t have salt, and used to lure insects into traps; it’s an incredible multi use household product!


The abrasive quality of sugar isn’t just great for getting rid of coffee grounds; it can be used as a great exfoliant for your skin. This means you can use a sugar scrub on your whole body, and a more concentrated dose on rougher areas, like chapped lips and dry spots on your skin. Sugar scrubs are entirely organic, so they’re much safer for the environment than pre-packaged products. Sugar can also be used for body sugaring, a process that uses a sugar paste to remove unwanted hair from your body. The process is almost as old as recorded history, and is more environmentally friendly than laser treatment and other hair removal styles; Bare Body Sugaring just so happens to be our specialty!

Sugar isn’t just a delicious treat; it can be used for your daily chores, your cosmetic routine, and even in the healthcare system. Sugar also has industrial uses, and is widely available, being sourced from plants. The next time you add a little sugar to your coffee, think about all of the uses this amazing substance has, and be thankful we live in such a sweet time.