Do Women Prefer a Manscaped Man?

Fact: 93 percent of females prefer males who groom below their waist.

If you do not live under a rock, you have been exposed to the concept that ladies love manscaping. Women are actually beginning to expect it from men. It’s possible to likely think of a couple of reasons why they think that way, yet actually exploring the female mind may be enlightening in ways you would not guess. Today, we’ll offer that enlightenment. We are done telling you that ladies like manscaping. Now, you’ll learn precisely what it is about grooming down below that works for them. You are welcome. 😊


We aren’t yet talking about sex. The ladies claim to like manscaping for the sake of better intimacy. While it may apply below the belt, most of it is above the waist. A smooth back and chest are great for getting physically close to your partner, and it is cited by females as the most critical aspect of manscaping.

Remember that it’ll come with a possible disadvantage. As most women don’t like forested backs and chests, stubble is worse for physical closeness. No one has the desire to cuddle with sandpaper. Therefore, the lesson here is that introducing intimacy is much easier if you keep your body very clean.

Appearance Matters

A female is more likely to enjoy checking out your manhood as you take care of it. Plus, as all of us know, manscaping makes your manhood appear larger. The aesthetics may help most ladies get more into the mood. The look incites sexual feelings, and the stimulation is something all of us are after. If you want to boost your closing percentage, then manscape.

Improved Confidence

All women will notice any below-the-waist grooming. If you’re able to make it clear that the effort was for their sake, they’ll get that unspoken compliment in full force. It’ll give them a boost to know they are worth the effort, and that may translate to more confidence inside the bedroom, too.

You Will Be Better in Bed

We stated that your grooming will help with a woman’s confidence, yet it may help yours even more. It is something we actually mention a lot. Manscaping is actually one of the best tools in the world for a guy to feel better about himself. It certainly makes you feel more attractive. That is fantastic; however, manscaping additionally makes you feel more at ease, and it’ll translate to the most unmistakable, sexiest displays of confidence.

Here’s the end game: confidence WILL lead to better sex. Because you’ll feel sexier, you will look sexier and receive better responses from the ladies. That’ll get reinforced as your confidence gives you the boost to try fun and new things in bed. It’s tied to why the ladies like confident guys, and they’ve noticed that males who manscape are more confident.

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