What You Can Expect When Arranging a Brazilian Sugaring

Before visiting your salon, there are some important things to take into consideration so the service goes smoothly. Firstly, the most vital preparation includes trimming the hair. Not too short, yet so the hair is around 1/4” – ½” in length for the most efficient sugaring. If the hair is too long, the sugaring is going to pull the skin rather than the hair which might cause some agitation. The wax won’t grab if the hair is too short and you will be left with stubble. The Esthetician ought to trim the hair for you, if you do not have the time.

Second, as you book the appointment, be certain to ask for a Brazilian sugaring, and not a bikini sugaring. There’s a big difference in the quantity of time those procedures require. If it’s your first Brazilian sugaring, the skin might welt a little.

The Appointment

Now that you have completed your due diligence, arrange an appointment for a Brazilian sugaring. You are trimmed, you are dressed in clothes which will not rub that area, and hopefully you have gotten familiar with the Esthetician a little.

Here is what you can expect once you are inside the room. Your Esthetician will invite you inside the room. There ought to be a towel on top of the bed, in conjunction with a cover to drape yourself.

You’ll need to take off your garments from the waist down and within some areas, you will be given a steamed towel so you can freshen up. It’ll assist in re-assuring you that everything down below is fresh, and it’ll help the Esthetician. The heat lifts the follicles and provides your Esthetician a better look into how to place the sugar. If you aren’t given a warm towel, it isn’t a huge deal to request one; they keep a stock in their hot cabbies full of them! As you are finished, simply toss it some place discrete, yet not inside the sink. The sink is actually a sanitized environment.

Climb on the bed and bring your smartphone or something that will distract you. Lay on top of the towel, yet underneath the drape. There’ll probably be a pillow that indicates which side of the bed you should lay your head on. Wait for a knock by the Esthetician.

Now that you are lying there, your Esthetician enters the room and helps place your mind at ease! Before starting, she will ask if there are any spaces you’d like to leave or if you’d like it all gone. Some women like to keep a little bit, and if you are one of those, be certain she knows exactly what you want.

Once your Esthetician is done, she will offer you a cool towel and cotton with an oily substance. First, use the cotton to take off any sticky or sugar substance which might remain. The towel is to take off the oil and cool the area down. Get dressed and go – you are done!

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