Why One Woman’s Gynecologist Made Her Swear Off Waxing

In this post, we tell the story of a women whose gynecologist made her swear off waxing. Here is her story:

When Megan was in her mid-twenties, she got her first bikini wax. Around 6 weeks after that, she got her first Brazilian. In spite of the actual process, she liked the final result. It was not until around 6 months later that she had pause regarding the entire operation.

One morning, she discovered 2 - 3 unusual bumps along her labia. She went into immediate hysterics. She racked her brain for prior sex partners who could’ve given her a sexually transmitted disease and booked an appointment with her gynecologist right away, bracing her for the bad news.

When she told her gynecologist what was happening, the doctor did what looked like an eye roll. However, what the gyno told her stuck in her mind. According to her female doctor, she wasn’t convinced it was an STD. and, luckily, she was correct. She then added how she always discouraged her patients from getting a wax. She added that it isn’t normal to rip the hairs out from the skin, particularly in an area as sensitive as the vagina. Plus, those waxing places usually always double dip.

Her bumps subsided in a couple of weeks and all was fine with her vagina. However, she kept thinking about how the wax, materials, facilities, were all simply bastions of infestation. However, she was not certain if she was completely correct.

But should she actually have given up waxing? Within a 2014 study of 333 females ages 16 to 40, 87 percent have an existing pubic-hair-removal routine of some type, and the other 13 percent have attempted hair removal sometime in the past. Yes, 100 percent of the ladies have groomed at least one time, and out of these ladies, 60 percent confessed to having some type of issue associated with hair removal — yet very few (4 percent) consulted a physician about it.

Anytime we shave or wax, we’re opening up the pores, as well as making ourselves more vulnerable to infection.

The doctor added that waxing not just pulls the hair by its root, it also can disrupt the follicle which assists in guiding the hair from its root to the surface. Therefore, as a new hair attempts to grow from its root, it might become stuck underneath the surface, and cause an ingrown.

Although doctors are big fans of laser hair removal, one other option is sugaring, involving the use of a warm mix of lemon juice, sugar, water, and occasionally, essential oils. The paste then is applied against the hair growth then within the direction of growth. After a couple of minutes, hair is removed with one's fingers. Unlike a bikini wax, the sugaring paste and gel is cleaned off of the skin using plain water and doesn’t have any chemical additives which may irritate the skin. In addition, the sugar paste does not harden; therefore, it’s possible to spread it on a larger region and take it off all at one time, instead of in small sections.

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