Can Body Sugaring Permanently Remove Hair?

Body sugaring is an all-natural method of waxing the face and body with several additional benefits, as well. For the ones who consistently require body waxing and never had the experience of undergoing body sugaring, Bare Body Sugaring is going to share some of these benefits.

Does not Break your Hair

Waxes don’t remove all the hair. Around 30 percent of the hair breaks rather than getting removed. Usually the hair breaks at the surface or somewhat underneath your skin, giving a smooth feel, yet only for a short time period. Sugar paste envelops and grips the whole hair and removes your hair by its root, prolonging new hair growth.

More Sanitary

Sugar paste is created as it’s needed. It’ll never sit inside a pot until it’s used before new wax is added or that pot is cleaned. Also, if the sugar paste is made ahead of time, because of its high content of sugar, no bacteria will develop in the paste.

Does not Dry on the Skin

Occasionally wax cools down too quickly, making it hard to peel off or remove from the skin. As sugaring paste or wax cools, it still comes off of the skin even after it cools down. It does not matter how long it sets on your skin it’ll still peel off and remove your body hair.

It Does not Remove Skin

Since the sugar wax or paste is water soluble, it does not stick to the skin. While using standard wax, the skin cells on the surface often are removed with the hair. You are actually peeling a fine layer of skin off every time you wax. With sugary wax, the dead skin which already has loosened and is prepared to fall off goes with the hair, helping to maintain healthier appearing skin. It is stressful for the skin to extract living skin cells causing more discomfort as the skin is removed. In using the body sugaring technique, you’ll preserve the healthy skin cells and it is less painful.

Simpler Clean Up

Since sugaring wax is created from natural ingredients, it’s a lot easier to wash off. Warm water easily will wash the residue sugary wax away. The majority of waxes require an additional cleaner to remove the residue. Also, after the sugar wax is removed, it does not leave any residue afterwards. If the wax accidentally spills on the floor, counter top, or clothing, it easily can be washed away.

Prevents Burns

Hot waxes may burn your skin and leave behind ugly blisters or red bumps. Sometimes, the wax is going to get too hot and if the heat was not tested at first, it may cause mild burns or scarring. For the ones who’ve been burned before, you know how problematic that is. Sugaring is not heated. It’s just somewhat warmed before use, meaning no burning.

Contains Natural Ingredients

Sugar wax naturally is made from water, sugar, and citric acid, which does not irritate sensitive skin.

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