Drawbacks and Benefits of Laser Hair Removal vs. Sugaring

Sugaring: it’s an ancient method of hair removal similar to waxing. It’s believed to have been one of the original hair removal methods ever utilized, as it had its origins within ancient Persia in which it had been utilized since 1900 BC. It’s still used around the world today. Pro sugaring paste is designed with 100 percent natural ingredients, and there isn’t any heat necessary in the process; therefore, it’s believed to be more delicate than standard waxing. On the other hand, laser hair removal is just somewhat older than a teen. The technology comprises of a laser beam that causes localized damage by heating and targeting dark matter situated inside the hair follicles. Both techniques both have their cons and pros – here are some you should take into account when choosing which one is more appropriate for you:


There are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration, like personal pain threshold, skin sensitivity, and, in the particular instance of laser treatments, hair/skin color. Generally, sugaring paste does not require heat, and it just sticks to hair, not to the skin, so it’s said to be less painful than standard waxing. Generally, laser hair removal has been described as having a rubber band consistently snapped against your skin. For darker tones of skin, it’s usually more uncomfortable, as the laser targets melanin. The darker the skin tone is, the more melanin there is; therefore, your skin may get injured in the process.


Sugaring costs may vary anywhere from $10 - $110, depending upon the space you want to treat and whether you like to have it accomplished by a professional or if you’re brave enough to do it on your own. Laser treatments aren’t as affordable. Depending upon your location and which space of the body you need treated, an expert laser hair removal session may cost from $200 to $900 per procedure, and you require more than a single session to witness results.


It may be approached from two various perspectives. Firstly, the instant effectiveness, and secondly, its long-term effects. Sugaring is immediately effective and leaves the skin silky and smooth in one procedure. Laser treatments take five to six monthly treatments to accomplish results; therefore, if you have to have the hair on your legs or any other body part removed because you’re going on vacation in one week, you likely want to try sugaring.

Post-treatment care

Both procedures require careful post-treatment regimens. You must avoid sun exposure and all heat treatments, like having hot showers or going to a sauna. But, if you go through laser treatment, you always should use sunscreen for the duration of the procedure, as skin becomes extremely sensitive to sunlight and susceptible to darkening.

Some folks prefer an effective, well-known, safe method like sugaring, whereas others prefer to experiment with fairly new – albeit not 100 percent guaranteed – methods, like laser hair removal.

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