Frequently Asked Questions about Sugaring

We here at Bare Body Sugaring often receive many questions about sugaring. Here, in this post we are going to cover our most often-asked questions to help clear up any speculation you have about sugaring as a method of hair removal.

Does Sugaring Hurt?

If you’ve been shaving, the initial treatment will hurt because of the fact that the bulb at the hair shaft’s base is enlarged. The more procedures you undergo, the weaker the roots get and the simpler it is to remove your hair.

How long will the hair need to be for sugaring?

Hair growth must be at least one-eighth of an inch to arrange a session for sugaring your legs, and for bikini or additional sugaring services, you must wait 3 to 4 weeks.

I once shaved/waxed, am I a candidate for sugaring?

Certainly! Just do not shave after you begin coming for sugaring, or else during each appointment you’re going to feel the same discomfort as the first time and the hair will lose all of the progress made.

Am I able to shave between procedures?

Please don’t use a razor between sessions as it’ll cause the hair to grow back stronger, darker, and more feel coarser.

How many sessions until the hair growth diminishes?

Depending upon how dense your hair growth is it’ll range from eighteen months, for the ones who have light hair growth, to three years or more, for the ones who have heavier growth.

How do I avoid any in-grown hairs?

Sugaring isn’t going to break the hair, it’ll remove the hair from its bulb. Then, if there are no broken hairs, there will be no ingrown hair. Doing sugaring frequently is going to prevent ingrown hair.

How do I get prepared for sugaring?

  • For legs, bikini area, chest, back, and arms: grow hair out in the application space to ¼” in length—just enough for the technician to target the roots, yet not long enough to where extraction is tricky.

  • Avoid sugaring or waxing up to 2 to 3 weeks before your session. If hair grows longer than ¼”, first trim the area.

  • Keep skin dry and clean. Avoid putting on lotions or additional topical products to the space before treating.

  • Before the facial sugaring session, keep the face clear of lotion, makeup, powder, and moisturizer.

  • For underarm: grow hair out for at least a week before the session.

  • For eyebrows: grow hair out for at least 2 weeks before the appointment.

Why is it better than waxing?

Wax has several chemical ingredients whereas, sugaring paste is created from 100 percent natural ingredients. Hot wax has to be heated to an extremely high temperature to become liquified. This level of heat may cause scarring and burning. Also, it causes swelling within the tissues, making hair removal challenging. Using on a long-term basis may break down underlying connecting tissues, particularly in the brow and lip regions which are related to wrinkling.

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