What Hair Removal Method is Safe While Pregnant?

Pregnancy hormones usually make hair grow in thicker — occasionally in unwanted and unexpected spaces. While you ought to avoid some methods of hair removal while pregnant, there are numerous ways to safely become hair-free.

Threading and tweezing

For smaller hair removal projects — such as removing pesky chin hairs, shaping caterpillar eyebrows up, cleaning stray mustache hairs up and zapping the periodic nipple hair — threading and tweezing are likely your best bets. While it’s possible to conveniently tweeze while at home, threading is better left to the professionals. Because neither need any medical procedures or chemicals, both are safe while pregnant.


In order to remove undesired hair on bigger spaces, shave as necessary. Do not feel bad if you borrow a habit from your husband and begin to also shave facial hair: chin stubble, upper lip hair, and sideburns are simple care for daily using a razor. Both electric shavers and manual razors are safe for use; however, always make certain to utilize a new blade so you will be less likely to draw blood.

Sugaring and waxing

Sugaring and waxing — where a heated sugar mix is spread on the skin then lifted off to take off hair — both offer a long-term solution to your hair problems and are fine if pregnancy has not made your skin overly sensitive. As always, those products never should be used on the ears, nose, or nipples; over moles, varicose veins or warts; or on sunburned, chapped, or irritated skin. Check with your physician before you wax, as well, to figure out if there’s a reason that waxing isn’t suggested during pregnancy.

As your stomach grows you will likely have a more difficult time reaching — and seeing — your lady parts; therefore, a professional sugar wax or salon wax usually is the best option for hair removal while pregnant. Be certain the salon you select is sanitary; the technician must wear gloves and utilize a new spatula between applications in order to prevent sharing infections and germs between clients. Before the technician goes to town on the front of your forearm or bikini line, ask her/him to test wax on a tiny space of the skin to check if it reacts differently to waxing while pregnant.


Even though hair removal gels, creams, aerosols, lotions, and roll-ons might seem like a simple solution, the science still remains on whether they are safe while pregnant. Those products contain the active ingredients calcium thioglycolate and barium sulfide powder that affect the hair’s protein structure and causes it to dissolve into a jelly-like mass which may be wiped off of the skin. The chemicals have a distinct smell, which is unpleasant and in rare instances, has been well-known to cause allergic reactions. Therefore, while there isn’t any evidence that proves depilatory creams are dangerous to developing babies, it is probably better to skip them until after giving birth.

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