5 Things All Males Should Know Concerning Their Balls

“Balls” and “testicles” aren’t the same thing. When males refer to their balls, they’re really talking about 3 things: their testicles, their scrotum (skin sac which protects their testicles), and small tubes referred to as epididymides which are connected with the testis and which transport and store sperm. The testicles are your big testosterone producers; therefore, you want to ensure that they’re happy and healthy at all times!

Bigger isn’t necessarily better

Males who have smaller testes are usually more likely to be nurturing fathers than are their peers with larger balls, according to a study performed at Emory University. The authors assessed 70 American males, which includes African-Americans, Caucasians, and Asians, who had a kid aged 1 - 2 years of age.

Two is company, three is a crowd

A very rare condition referred to as polyorchidism is defined as the existence of 3—or more—testicles. Only around 200 polyorchidism cases, more or less, were reported within the literature; therefore, it isn’t a condition which should keep you awake at night with worry. But, if you have an unexplained mass inside your scrotum, it is something your physician might want to rule out.

Bumpy balls

Something you can state about a male’s balls—they are not attractive. All of those tiny lumps and bumps certainly do not make them eye-appealing; however, are they also dangerous? In the majority of cases, no. But an enlarged vein referred to as a varicocele may have a negative effect on fertility and be uncomfortable. Small fluid-filled bumps named epididymal cysts are ugly yet harmless. Only 4% of the odd lumps on the balls wind up being cancerous. If you have a bump or lump that does not seem right or which has suddenly appeared or changed in shape or size, be certain to have your physician check on it.

Cool balls

Your body temperature might hover around 98.6°; however, your balls run around 1° - 3° cooler. And why is that? It tends to be nature’s way of keeping sperm “on ice,” so to speak. A colder temperature keeps sperm within a resting state until they’re prepared to move on and result in pregnancy or simply a vacation away from home. When men have a fever or sit inside a sauna for an extended period of time, their sperm counts are temporarily decreased.

Pampering balls

If you really want your balls to be all that they can be, pamper them. This means no smoking (reduces sperm count), limit alcoholic beverages (lowers sperm count and testosterone), dress them comfortably (no tight bathing suits, pants, or underwear—except on special occasions!), wash them gently and daily, as well as protect them from trauma, particularly in sports. Always use a protective cup when playing contact sports and buy the proper saddle for your bike. In addition, when manscaping for the occasion, pamper yourself with a sugaring session and leave it the professionals to take care of your balls.

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