How Many Males Actually Manscape?

Manscaping is not simply something bodybuilders do right before a show. As a matter of fact, an increasing quantity of males are placing even more emphasis on how they look. Below, we list the most recent statistics.

Manscaping refers to the extraction of a male’s body hair mainly for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons.

And it’s something which has become more and more prevalent and popular.

How many males actually manscape?

An estimation is somewhere from 50 – 70 percent of men do at least a little manscaping. That’s based upon the findings of more than a few surveys, polls, and research performed on the topic. Generally, the younger the males, the more often they’re likely to manscape. And the older, the less likely they will be to groom their pubic area.

Below we list some statistics that back this up.

  • The JADA Dermatology journal performed a poll that had 3,400 males aged 18 - 65. 67 percent of those people said they’d manscaped at least one time in the past.

  • Braun performed a survey in 2003 with 70 percent of males responding that they have during one point or another shaved or trimmed part or all of their body hair.

  • 69 percent of men said they’d trimmed their pubic hair and an extra 17 percent claimed to shave it bare, according to a recent poll by Cosmopolitan.

  • A 2014 study stated that 57 percent of millennial males did at least a little manscaping every once and a while.

  • Between 62 – 82 percent of all males in the UK, Australia, New Zealand the U.S. regularly removed at least part of their pubic hair, according to a 2008 online study performed by Australia’s Flinders University.

Furthermore, there’s even some proof that the average age of the ones who do or are curious about manscaping is becoming more and more younger, as male grooming professional Stephan Handisides has seen that an increasing amount of mothers are asking him if it is alright if their 14 or 15 year old sons are able to shave their pubic hair.

While it is likely impossible to nail down the precise figure of males today who manscape, two things are very clear:

  • manscaping has completely transitioned from something which only was popular in the gay community to makes of all sex preferences

  • manscaping has become more and more prevalent

Trimming a bush a little here and there is one thing, yet what about shaving everything down to the bare skin?

Some of those numbers may shock you, because they shocked me!

The most common manscaping method by far seems to be using a razor or trimmer to shave and trim one’s pubic area, yet believe it or not, there’s another technique an increasing amount of makes have been trying: sugaring.

To sum it all up:

  • It appears that somewhere from 60 – 70 percent of all males do at least some type of manscaping.

  • The most typical manscaping method is trimming, followed up by razor-shaving.

  • An increasing amount of males are choosing to go fully hairless down there.

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