The 4 Most Critical Manscaping Rules Every Man Should Know

Whether you are hairy and wishing to be less so, or you simply have to have a functional trimming down, consider the following rules for body hair removal. The following manscaping rules help you through each scenario and will save you a heck of a lot of agony within the process.

Not Everything Should Be Trimmed

Within some instances, trimming body hair is purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. Body hair will trap moisture and, as there is a lack of light and circulation, you raise your risk of fungal infection and additional rashes. That is why it is useful to keep all things at a short clip. The precise length is up to you, yet it is better to leave it under 1” or 1-1/2”.

You do not have to trim as much of your additional body hair. For instance, chest hair is okay. It’s particularly true if you never see it becoming too unruly: All of the hair on your body possesses a set “terminal length”, during which point the follicle stops generating more hair, your hair falls out, and new hair replaces it weeks later. For that reason, your chest hair may maintain an ideal length without the need to snip it down.

Know When to Shave and When to Wax…and when to Sugar

If you are going for complete smoothness, you should consider the cons and pros of shaving and waxing. It’ll help you determine which is better for you personally, and which is more appropriate in any given scenario. However, there is another option to consider: sugaring.

What’s sugaring? Sugar is a paste that is made of water, lemon juice, and sugar which takes off every hair it possibly can. Ancient Egyptians nailed it as they thought of the most brilliant hair removal technique ever invented!

Sugaring actually hurts less than waxing. It’ll take less time and is very thorough. Sugar never will burn you and Bare Body Sugar never double dips.

Treat Your Body as You Might Your Face

You probably have a good pre- and post-shave plan for your facial area: disinfecting aftershave, hot shower before, and cold splash of water afterwards.

You ought to do the same as you are waxing, shaving or sugaring body hair. You should prepare the skin for hair extraction by softening the hairs then relaxing the pores. After, rinse in cool water to close your pores, followed up by an application of post-shave balm that soothes your skin while protecting it from grime, sweat, and bacteria.

Hygiene Is Critical

Any time you place a wax, razor or sugar on the skin, you should make sure that everything is clean. Look at the reviews of any parlor. Store the razor upright in a well-ventilated area. Clean your razor between every use, and replace it after 4 uses, or after 2 weeks. If you risk anything more, you will have a rusted blade, dull blade, or bacterial-infested one. Those all are recipes for ingrown hairs or infection.

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