Popular Male Pubic Hair Designs for Men

We are happy that you have taken such a proactive approach to manscaping. You have learned to appreciate it, and we trust that you have the competence to groom your pubic hair without damaging your manhood. Now, you believe you may be prepared to advance your sense of pube style. We always are here to encourage your endeavors, therefore, here is a fast list of what is trending in the realm of manscaping. Remember, if you haven’t quite gotten accustomed to the idea of taking care of your own manscaping, the friendly folks at Bare Body Sugaring will be more than happy to help you out!

The Classics

Below we list the 5 classics which will always be a part of a manscaping discussion.

First is the natural. The natural has the goal of incorporating light grooming that leaves the bush appearing like a bush yet with a little less wilderness. The right natural will not have closely cropped pubes or clean lines; however, anyone who has witnessed an ungroomed body before instantly will recognize the work which goes into it.

Contrary to the above natural style is the megabush. It’s the style in which you simply allow it to all hang out the way it was designed. No razor or trimmer ever touches a megabush. It is a bold style, yet it should not be lightly adopted. The majority of men prefer a bit of grooming down there, yet for the (very) few megabush fans, nothing less is going to suffice.

Getting into more contemporary appearances with manscaping, we arrive at the triangle. It is precisely what its name suggests: you’ll trim the pubes into a tight triangle. By itself, it is a nice enough look, yet the triangle also is the initial stage for a lot of additional, more advanced grooming designs. Something to note about this style is that it’ll require shaving of a man’s pubes. But, be careful. You require the proper razor and a lot of patience. Without both, pube shaving may be miserable.

The landing strip is an additional modern classic. This style does not lead to extra designs, yet it is a clean, basic look that’s appealing to the masses. Simply groom from happy trail to shaft in one, thin hair line. The landing strip alone also should be trimmed down to a reasonable level.

The final classic style is referred to by several names: the naked mole rat, the swimmer, the prepubescent, and the baldy. As some of those nicknames suggest, it is not always an appealing look; however, there are reasons to go thoroughly bald below the waste. Sports are the main motivator, and the periodic request from a partner also is a sufficient reason. Whatever the reason, a bald undercarriage is lots of work.

Congrats, gents! You are now current on manscaping fashion. You are armed with the tools to make a real impression with all of your sub-naval stylings. This ought to keep your days interesting and help your love life 😊