Waxing Causes Skin Damaging

If you really dislike shaving – as well as those irritating small bumps which oftentimes appear after you shave – then you’re absolutely not alone. Thankfully, there are some alternatives to shaving which are more convenient while additionally offering incredible results.

But, one of the most typically chosen hair removal forms is waxing. Are you utilizing hot wax to extract body hair? Or, have you given consideration to turning to waxing? If you are, it’s time to reconsider, as well as learn about a much healthier, better, as well as more efficient technique – sugaring.   Look at our FAQ page to learn more on bare body sugaring. Arrange your appointment today at Bare Body Sugaring to obtain the smooth, beautiful skin you deserve!

The Downsides of Waxing
As it’ll come to waxing, there are a multitude of disadvantages. First off, waxing may damage the skin, especially fine tissue cells. Secondly, the majority of waxes aren’t natural, as well as contain chemicals. Thirdly, waxing is less effective and painful.

As you opt for waxing hair removal, you’re choosing a method which involves placing hot wax onto the skin. The hot wax can’t only bruise and burn the skin, yet the heat additionally results in tissue swelling, making hair removal more challenging.

Apart from the irritation, pain, as well as heat, waxing also extracts hair in the opposite direction of the growth of hair. In turn, the process usually results in 15 to 35 percent hair breakage that’s left behind. All that pain and there’s still hair there?

Lastly, waxing requires that the hair is at the minimum of ¼” in length before removal. Thankfully, there’s a better alternative which may lead to permanent removal of hair.

Pick Sugaring for the Best Hair Extraction

Thankfully, there’s a better option for hair removal which has all the advantages of waxing without the downside!

Unlike waxing, sugaring gets put on at a lukewarm temperature – no more scarring or burns. In addition, hair is extracted in the natural direction of hair growth. This process of extraction not just substantially decreases the irritation and pain, yet also assists the hair in remaining intact all throughout the process of removal (less breakage? Please sign me up!).

Moreover, the sugaring paste is 100 percent natural (it’s even edible). Say goodbye to chemicals, and hello to smooth, beautiful skin!

Lastly, sugaring will remove hair that’s only 1/16” in length! That is right, no more having to wait weeks after shaving to extract unwanted hair. As a result of the capability of removing really short hair, permanent removal of hair using an all-natural method is no longer an idea of the past.

Therefore, why are you paying somebody for waxing? If you are, it is time to stop. There’s a better choice that’s better for the skin and is a lot less painful and much more effective!

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