Stylish Gifts for the Man in Your Life

From preppy style essentials to private cocktail-making appointment with a winner of a James Beard Award, these gifts pack a punch.

Choosing a gift for the man with everything is intimidating—selecting a gift for the man with everything including excellent style? It may feel almost impossible. However, don’t panic. From prepsters to sporty types, to golfers and artsy guys, these are the ideal gift ideas from the pros at Body sugaring Winnipeg for every guy in your life.

The Dopp Kit

Regular: $125.00

On Sale: $45.00 (64 percent off)

An appealing dopp kit should be a must, and this variant comes along with a waterproof interior that resists spills and several zippered pockets which hold all your travel needs.

Iconics Collection

Now: $245

For the man who’s prepared to get serious inside the kitchen, this curated set has everything needed to begin his culinary journey.


What woman doesn’t want an all-around clean-shaven man? 

Bare Body Sugaring

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Now: $1,495

When off, it is a full-length mirror. When it’s on, see your instructor, yourself, and other MIRROR Members in an interactive, sleek display, which comes complete with embedded speakers and camera. The Mirror streams on-demand and live fitness classes over WiFi, or you might connect to the Web through an ethernet cable.

It’s controlled by a companion app that permits users to control the Mirror and tailor their experience. Everything needed to optimize a fitness journey--from setting goals and choosing a class to controlling the music--is inside the palm of your hand. During the class, a trainer will provide instruction and personal shout-outs if you join up with a live class. Then, the classes will optimize based on your preferences, goals, and biometric information with its proprietary algorithm providing text-based encouragement and tips and video-based modifications for any injuries.

Mariner Oxford

Now: $96.98

Do not allow the navy suede to fool you. These shoes were inspired by the “coral creepers” Naval cadets used in the late 1960s and were designed for seaside wear. They are perfect for the sailor in your life.

Cocktail Kit

Was: $24

Now: $18.95 (21 percent off)

Flying these days needs all of the help it can get, and this Carry-On Cocktail Kit from W&P Design provides all of the non-alcoholic beverage ingredients to create the ideal Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, or Gin and Tonic at 30,000 ft. Add a little nip courtesy of the attendant and you will be good to go.

Series 9 Electric Shaver with Clean and Charge System

Now: $249.99

For the man who just does not have sufficient hours in the day, the wet-dry electric razor makes life more convenient with 5 shaving elements and trimmer for a close shave, as well as all-around grooming, in addition to a charging which cleans the shaving head while powering up.