This Is My First Time Sugaring. I Am Nervous. Is It Painful?

Let us not beat around the bush or sugar coat it, there’s a little bit of pain with hair removal. Here’s the thing. Sugar paste doesn’t stick to live skin. The professional at Bare Body Sugaring, high quality body sugaring, may touch your skin with a ball of sugar paste as if he/she is touching your skin with her/his hand and the paste won’t stick. For the hair to be extracted, the professional has to manually mold then melt the sugar paste inside the hair follicles. What’s somewhat painful is your hair being extracted by the root out of its follicle. A chest wax is actually more uncomfortable than a male Brazilian. It’s followed up by the flanks of the back and nape of the neck. The hair roots within these spaces typically are extremely course, strong, and deeply rooted. Most guys will think the scrotum is very painful. It is not. During the male Brazilian, the part which is the most painful is the base of the shaft. Both males and females, the buttocks are the EASIEST! 

If you’ve ever been sugared and thought, “It’s the worst! It’s a lot more uncomfortable than waxing!”, something definitely went wrong. The sugarist might’ve been using the incorrect consistency of sugaring paste. A sticky, warm, soft sugar paste is not conducive for Brazilians. If he/she didn’t pull parallel with the skin or if they utilized too large of sugar molds, YES, that’s going to hurt. Also, it’s possible that the times you’ve been waxed, the hair was breaking and not coming out by its root. As waxing distorts the hair follicle backwards, it’s easy for the hair to break. Expert waxers using a high-quality wax gets the majority, if not all of the hair out by its root and that’ll come with pain. In the hands of a skilled Esthetician, the sugaring process is just minimally painful. Not ALL sugaring pros and Estheticians invest in continuing education. A few believe they’re able to learn by viewing YouTube videos. Be certain your professional is: a) licensed to extract hair and b) possesses certifications of continued education within the art of Brazilians and hair removal.

We practice empathy in hair removal. We’re efficient. The ones who take extremely large strips of sugar or wax usually miss a TON of hairs and must go back over multiple times to pick missed hairs up. We have the ability to envelop all of the hair in smaller spaces efficiently in a single pull preventing us from re-sugaring the area. Not to mention that a single ball of sugar paste is all that’s needed to get the job accomplished. We don’t need to stop and retrieve more sticks and strips of wax which we find is very time consuming. One other method in empathy hair removal includes giving reprieve or a moment to catch your breath if it’s really uncomfortable. In addition, we have tequila and stress balls in our studio. Just kidding! You’ll be fine we promise!