Increase Your Skin Elasticity Naturally

In a bathroom mirror, somewhere in the world, a woman is carefully stroking her jawline, reminding herself of how firm her skin felt when she was younger. Another one is considering a facial uplift. As women begin to confront the forces of nature that holds the moon in the Earth's orbit, many fall for gimmicks and hype.

Predominantly, in your youth, the abundance of elastin and collagen makes your skin  taut and supple. While collagen gives the skin structure, elastin helps your skin stretch. As you age, however, your skin produces less of the two proteins hence the loss of its bouncy elastic nature. Much as you can’t stop the ageing process, there are some natural ways that you can improve your skin and keep it firm, even as age sets in.

The Food Intake

It’s true that a few drops of bath body oil help us achieve younger-looking skin, but what we consume is even more crucial for improving skins elasticity. According to a New York dermatologist, here are some high-antioxidant, water-rich and elastic-friendly foods to add into your diet.

  •  Berries make great antioxidants

  • Celery and cucumber boost moisture and elasticity due to their silica content

  • Oils that contain high levels of omega-3-fatty including those found in olives, salmon, and walnuts,

  • Pumpkin and squash contain skin-saving nutrients due to their high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Spices such as cinnamon and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Muscle Exercises

Typically, blood nourishes the skin and any exercise stimulates circulation of blood. An increased supply of blood to the skin helps get rid of toxins. Tons of muscle exercises therefore leave the skin healthy and rejuvenated. Further, exercise pumps up the skin and the softening effect afterwards keeps wrinkles at bay. 

Protection from Harsh UV Rays

Apart from increasing skin cancer risk, UV rays damage skin cells DNA causing the skin to wrinkle. Exposure to UV rays depends on the strength of the rays, the length of exposure and whether you’re wearing the right sunscreen. If you want to protect your skin's elasticity, stay away from excessive sun exposure and when stepping out, always apply a sunscreen cream.

Skin Procedures

Let’s talk about a common skin procedure every woman is quite familiar with; hair removal. There are two common ways women go about making their skin smooth and that’s waxing and body sugaring. In a bid to maintain your skin's elasticity, you will want to go for body sugaring vs. waxing. Why is this? Traditional waxing is not only painful, but also contains chemical ingredients which leave the skin dry interfering with your skin's elasticity. Body sugaring on the other hand, is the natural, less painful alternative to waxing. Sugar not only provides a little moisture to the skin helping it maintain elasticity but is also a natural exfoliant. Opting for body sugaring also leaves your skin looking nice and soft.  

When you faithfully watch your diet, exercise regularly, use skin creams that are friendly to your skin, and opt for better procedures, your skin will begin to look healthier and feel thicker. Beyond the diet and muscle exercises, stay away from smoking as it dulls the skin. At Winnipeg body sugaring services, we care for more than just hair removal; we also care about the health of your skin.