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Sugaring hair removal is a method of pulling out unwanted body hairs without the pain associated with the regular waxing procedures and without the inefficiency and ineffectiveness related with regular shaving.
The popularity of sugaring hair removal has skyrocketed over the recent years, owing not only to its effectiveness and longevity, but also because of the healthy advantages and benefits which the procedure brings forth.

the difference between sugaring hair removal and waxing

Body Sugaring Treatment vs Waxing Treatment: How Does Sugaring Hair Removal Work and Why Does It Differ a Great Deal from Waxing?

While the basics of sugaring hair removal are in a way similar to a waxing treatment, the two hair removal procedures have more differences than similarities and the benefits you can obtain from the former are much more favorable than those from the latter.
Like waxing, sugaring hair removal is a viscous substance applied to the skin. Once removed the skin, the mixture will then remove the unwanted hair from the roots.
However, the great difference lies in that in sugaring hair removal, the lifting of the substance happens following the direction of hair growth, which is much more effective and much less painful, than in waxing, wherein the swift lifting of the substance from the skin occurs against the direction of hair growth.
In addition, sugaring involves the use of all-organic and natural ingredients that are not infused with any harmful chemicals. This makes body sugaring treatment healthier, in that it leaves the live healthy skin cells during the process of hair removal while taking with it the dead skin cells you’d want removed anyway.
There is little to no discomfort in body sugaring treatment during and even after the procedure is over.
There is practically no chance for your skin to develop any rashes, irritations and inflammations, that is unless you have extremely sensitive skin.
In addition, the sugar paste or solution applied during body sugaring treatment, is kept at room temperature. That way, your skin will not experience any burning sensations, unlike the painful hot wax used in waxing treatments.

What Are the Pros of Body Sugaring Treatment?

advantages of sugaring hair removal treatment

Ease of Application and Tidying Up

This healthy hair removal procedure is perfect for large areas of the skin and body, like the back and legs. And the process does not take long to perform and the paste or substance is also easy to clean up after use, as it is simply rinsed with water.

As well, sugaring solution does not dry out fast and easy, unlike wax, so it can be applied to larger areas at once, without worrying the sugar solution will be difficult to come off.

Much Gentler on the Skin and near Permanent Halting of Growth of Unwanted Body Hairs

Consistent application of sugaring hair removal paste can cause the growth of unwanted body hairs to completely stop over time.
The reason for this is because sugaring does not only pull out the hair from the roots but it also damages or kills the hair follicles themselves, which are the ones responsible for fast hair growth.
Therefore, as you frequent the body sugaring salon, you will eventually help your hair follicles to expire and finally fail to function, resulting in less or no more hair growth.
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