Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

By far, body sugaring can be considered the best hair removal method that there is available that you can treat yourself to.

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What Is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring makes use of a simple, all-organic and natural paste which contains sugar, lemon juice and water.
The paste will be applied and molded onto your skin and then will be quickly lifted in a brief sweeping motion extracting all your unwanted hairs in the process. The swift removal of the sugar paste solution from your skin will follow the direction of your natural hair growth. This means much less breakage and little to zero pain or discomfort for you.
After the body sugaring services, the paste and the gloves used will be instantly discarded and you will be left with luxuriously smooth skin free of unwanted hairs.

Why Body Sugaring Is the Best Hair Removal Option

Body Sugaring vs Waxing

With the best hair removal technique known as sugaring, you will not risk your skin getting rashes, irritation or any sort of inflammation. The technique is also practically painless. There is basically zero chance of pulling or hurting your skin during the procedure.
Plus, it is much more hygienic and completely sanitary compared to waxing. The reason for this is because any solution or substance that is mixed in with the sugar will be naturally resistant to growth of bacteria and germs. In addition, any excess sugar paste and the gloves used will instantly be discarded and will never be recycled or reused. So this process is completely sanitary and safe.
Given the very healthful sugar-lemon and juice-water solution, you are guaranteed that there will be no trace of harmful chemicals that will touch your skin and therefore makes sugaring very ideal for you if you have overly sensitive skin.
Finally, unlike waxing, there is no requirement in terms of the length that your hair needs to be for them to be efficiently pulled out with the use of this organic sugar paste.

Body Sugaring vs Shaving

When you shave off unwanted hair, you risk cutting or nicking your skin along the way. Shaving does not pull the hair out from the root which can leave a rough look and feel to your skin. This is simply because of the remaining short hairs that are left after shaving. 
As well, shaving is very inefficient in that you cannot accurately use the razor in terms of following the natural hair growth. Doing so results in faster, messier, and thicker regrowth of your hair. You also risk getting folliculitis with shaving better known as an ingrown hair.
All these issues can be avoided with body sugaring.

how sugaring is a lot better than laser hair removal treatment

Body Sugaring vs Laser Hair Removal

You won’t have to expose yourself to unnecessary radiation at a large fee with sugaring hair removal unlike with laser hair removal procedures.
Laser hair removal actually does not work on all skin types especially on types that are more sensitive. However, sensitive skin can easily be treated with sugaring without any worries of irritation and inflammation after the services.
Are you convinced yet that body sugaring is the best hair removal option? If so, go ahead and make an appointment now with Winnipeg’s sweetest sugar shop, Bare Body Sugaring salon and gain more confidence with your body as our expert sugaring attendants rid you of those unwanted hairs.