Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

Since the dawn of time us humans have sought after clear, hairless skin. Whether for aesthetic purposes or necessity for cleanliness, we have always set a societal ideal for pure and smooth skin, free of hair and other imperfections.

Looking back on the art and statues of days gone by, you can easily see this perfect image of humanity perpetrated everywhere, from paintings and marble statues to even in literature. That has not changed as of late, as we have sought to perfect and advance methods of hair removal for ourselves for generations.

Body hair removal techniques have varied across the eras of human invention. The most common methods have included hot wax that bonds to the hairs and rips them out, and using a blade to shave the hairs so tiny they aren't noticeable.

While these methods have lasted throughout the years as reliable, affordable and easy to do, they do come with their own share of dangers.

For one, traditional wax may seem the best because it pulls the hair out at the root, but the wax can easily burn your skin if not done properly, and also the harsh pulling can cause your hair to break, causing problems with the hair growing back.

Body Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method

How Body Sugaring Is The Best Hair Removal Method

If you look back at the ancient Egyptians, body sugaring is obviously the way to go. Body sugaring combines lemon juice, water, and obviously sugar to make a simple wax that you use like your average hair removal wax.

You heat it up to the required temperature, smooth it on, and peel off like normal. But the differences in the experience are truly staggering, as we will detail for you below.

First off, you don't need to heat it up that high for it to be a good, smooth wax. Unlike traditional wax that needs to be heated extremely hot to stop being solid, with sugaring wax it only needs to be around body temperature. This means that neither you or the person doing your sugaring will be hurt in the process.

Secondly, when it pulls off of you, it hurts a lot less than waxing does, feeling more like a small pinch rather than a painful rip of your skin.

It also does hardly any damage to your skin, and has the least potential for broken hairs out of any of the waxing processes around the world, as the wax is more gentle and bonds more easily to the hairs, lifting them completely out without breaking them in the process.

And lastly, one of the major problems with waxing is if you accidentally leave stuff on, it can be hard and painful to get the wax off of you. With body sugaring you can fear no more as all you need to get the solution off of you is some warm water and a gentle scrub.

How Body Sugaring Is The Best Hair Removal Method

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