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Do Women Prefer a Manscaped Man?

Fact: 93 percent of females prefer males who groom below their waist.

If you do not live under a rock, you have been exposed to the concept that ladies love manscaping. Women are actually beginning to expect it from men. It’s possible to likely think of a couple of reasons why they think that way, yet actually exploring the female mind may be enlightening in ways you would not guess. Today, we’ll offer that enlightenment. We are done telling you that ladies like manscaping. Now, you’ll learn precisely what it is about grooming down below that works for them. You are welcome. 😊


We aren’t yet talking about sex. The ladies claim to like manscaping for the sake of better intimacy. While it may apply below the belt, most of it is above the waist. A smooth back and chest are great for getting physically close to your partner, and it is cited by females as the most critical aspect of manscaping.

Remember that it’ll come with a possible disadvantage. As most women don’t like forested backs and chests, stubble is worse for physical closeness. No one has the desire to cuddle with sandpaper. Therefore, the lesson here is that introducing intimacy is much easier if you keep your body very clean.

Appearance Matters

A female is more likely to enjoy checking out your manhood as you take care of it. Plus, as all of us know, manscaping makes your manhood appear larger. The aesthetics may help most ladies get more into the mood. The look incites sexual feelings, and the stimulation is something all of us are after. If you want to boost your closing percentage, then manscape.

Improved Confidence

All women will notice any below-the-waist grooming. If you’re able to make it clear that the effort was for their sake, they’ll get that unspoken compliment in full force. It’ll give them a boost to know they are worth the effort, and that may translate to more confidence inside the bedroom, too.

You Will Be Better in Bed

We stated that your grooming will help with a woman’s confidence, yet it may help yours even more. It is something we actually mention a lot. Manscaping is actually one of the best tools in the world for a guy to feel better about himself. It certainly makes you feel more attractive. That is fantastic; however, manscaping additionally makes you feel more at ease, and it’ll translate to the most unmistakable, sexiest displays of confidence.

Here’s the end game: confidence WILL lead to better sex. Because you’ll feel sexier, you will look sexier and receive better responses from the ladies. That’ll get reinforced as your confidence gives you the boost to try fun and new things in bed. It’s tied to why the ladies like confident guys, and they’ve noticed that males who manscape are more confident.

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Why One Woman’s Gynecologist Made Her Swear Off Waxing

In this post, we tell the story of a women whose gynecologist made her swear off waxing. Here is her story:

When Megan was in her mid-twenties, she got her first bikini wax. Around 6 weeks after that, she got her first Brazilian. In spite of the actual process, she liked the final result. It was not until around 6 months later that she had pause regarding the entire operation.

One morning, she discovered 2 - 3 unusual bumps along her labia. She went into immediate hysterics. She racked her brain for prior sex partners who could’ve given her a sexually transmitted disease and booked an appointment with her gynecologist right away, bracing her for the bad news.

When she told her gynecologist what was happening, the doctor did what looked like an eye roll. However, what the gyno told her stuck in her mind. According to her female doctor, she wasn’t convinced it was an STD. and, luckily, she was correct. She then added how she always discouraged her patients from getting a wax. She added that it isn’t normal to rip the hairs out from the skin, particularly in an area as sensitive as the vagina. Plus, those waxing places usually always double dip.

Her bumps subsided in a couple of weeks and all was fine with her vagina. However, she kept thinking about how the wax, materials, facilities, were all simply bastions of infestation. However, she was not certain if she was completely correct.

But should she actually have given up waxing? Within a 2014 study of 333 females ages 16 to 40, 87 percent have an existing pubic-hair-removal routine of some type, and the other 13 percent have attempted hair removal sometime in the past. Yes, 100 percent of the ladies have groomed at least one time, and out of these ladies, 60 percent confessed to having some type of issue associated with hair removal — yet very few (4 percent) consulted a physician about it.

Anytime we shave or wax, we’re opening up the pores, as well as making ourselves more vulnerable to infection.

The doctor added that waxing not just pulls the hair by its root, it also can disrupt the follicle which assists in guiding the hair from its root to the surface. Therefore, as a new hair attempts to grow from its root, it might become stuck underneath the surface, and cause an ingrown.

Although doctors are big fans of laser hair removal, one other option is sugaring, involving the use of a warm mix of lemon juice, sugar, water, and occasionally, essential oils. The paste then is applied against the hair growth then within the direction of growth. After a couple of minutes, hair is removed with one's fingers. Unlike a bikini wax, the sugaring paste and gel is cleaned off of the skin using plain water and doesn’t have any chemical additives which may irritate the skin. In addition, the sugar paste does not harden; therefore, it’s possible to spread it on a larger region and take it off all at one time, instead of in small sections.

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What You Can Expect When Arranging a Brazilian Sugaring

Before visiting your salon, there are some important things to take into consideration so the service goes smoothly. Firstly, the most vital preparation includes trimming the hair. Not too short, yet so the hair is around 1/4” – ½” in length for the most efficient sugaring. If the hair is too long, the sugaring is going to pull the skin rather than the hair which might cause some agitation. The wax won’t grab if the hair is too short and you will be left with stubble. The Esthetician ought to trim the hair for you, if you do not have the time.

Second, as you book the appointment, be certain to ask for a Brazilian sugaring, and not a bikini sugaring. There’s a big difference in the quantity of time those procedures require. If it’s your first Brazilian sugaring, the skin might welt a little.

The Appointment

Now that you have completed your due diligence, arrange an appointment for a Brazilian sugaring. You are trimmed, you are dressed in clothes which will not rub that area, and hopefully you have gotten familiar with the Esthetician a little.

Here is what you can expect once you are inside the room. Your Esthetician will invite you inside the room. There ought to be a towel on top of the bed, in conjunction with a cover to drape yourself.

You’ll need to take off your garments from the waist down and within some areas, you will be given a steamed towel so you can freshen up. It’ll assist in re-assuring you that everything down below is fresh, and it’ll help the Esthetician. The heat lifts the follicles and provides your Esthetician a better look into how to place the sugar. If you aren’t given a warm towel, it isn’t a huge deal to request one; they keep a stock in their hot cabbies full of them! As you are finished, simply toss it some place discrete, yet not inside the sink. The sink is actually a sanitized environment.

Climb on the bed and bring your smartphone or something that will distract you. Lay on top of the towel, yet underneath the drape. There’ll probably be a pillow that indicates which side of the bed you should lay your head on. Wait for a knock by the Esthetician.

Now that you are lying there, your Esthetician enters the room and helps place your mind at ease! Before starting, she will ask if there are any spaces you’d like to leave or if you’d like it all gone. Some women like to keep a little bit, and if you are one of those, be certain she knows exactly what you want.

Once your Esthetician is done, she will offer you a cool towel and cotton with an oily substance. First, use the cotton to take off any sticky or sugar substance which might remain. The towel is to take off the oil and cool the area down. Get dressed and go – you are done!

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What are the Benefits of Manscaping?

What is manscaping and why should men be doing it? Let us concentrate on the what first; manscaping is ‘the trimming or removal of hair on a male's body for cosmetic reasons,’ according to Google. Sounds unmanly and intimidating; however, it actually is very straight forward. Manscaping is merely smelling good, getting cleaned up, making a good impression, and feeling confident; therefore, do not fear it, embrace it.

You Will Look Better

Whether it is your abs, your pecs, or your manhood, groomed bodies look younger, cleaner, better defined and more toned. A distinctly extra benefit of keeping yourself groomed all over is the optical illusion of size. Trimmed groins accentuate your member and make you look more impressive and bigger.

It is more Hygienic

Hair collects, as well as retains all types of molecules; sweat, dead skin cells, and urine to name a few. If not extracted, those substances may begin to fester, particularly on a hot day, or in males who do not regularly shower. This sort of situation is the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria, which includes STDs. Keeping hairs cut short means there’s less surface area for the detritus to cling to, thereby decreasing the unpleasant odors, the growth of yeast infections, and the spread of bacteria.

It Increases Confidence

Research consistently shows that males who take pride in their looks are more successful in both their personal and professional lives than males who neglect their appearance. Manscaping is all about placing your best foot forward, as well as presenting the best edition of yourself; one who’s sharp, groomed, and slick, even within your birthday suit. If you feel and look great, you will have more confidence in yourself, as well as be better perceived by other people.

You Will Sweat Less

Sweat exists to assist you in cooling the body down. With less hair coverage on the skin the body has a better ability of regulating body temperature. That means you will not have to sweat as much to release body heat, which makes you feel dryer and cooler, particularly in the summertime. In addition to feeling cleaner, less sweat means less smell and as hair decreases the effectiveness of antiperspirant it’ll give a double whammy within the odor department. If you are little nervous about tackling your entire body, shaving your pits is an excellent first step in decreasing sweating.

It May Improve Sex Life

While most partners enjoy the natural appearance, according to research, males who routinely groom their nether regions state receiving more oral pleasure from their partners. A well-groomed, clean manhood is more sensitive, because there is not a barrier between your partner and your organ - absolutely something to keep in mind. Being a manscaper actually means you seriously take care of your personal hygiene and are considerate of your intimate partner; thank us later. 😊

Whether it is for better sex or hygiene reasons, there are several benefits to manscaping yet overall you will find that you will feel and look better, cleaner, younger, and more confident.

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Does Body Sugaring Hurt?

Do you love the idea of going bare but can’t bear the thought of the pain? You aren’t alone if your fear of pain is holding you back from your very first sugaring session. Many of our clients have some initial hesitation due to the previous experiences with wax or horror stories from their friends.

The truth is that body sugaring hurts a lot less than traditional waxing does because of the way the ingredients bond with your skin. If you still aren’t sure about what to expect from the experience, here is what most people are concerned about when it comes to their pain level.


Under arms sugaring.jpeg

Why does body sugaring hurt less?

The first thing that people want to know is why body sugaring is said to hurt less than waxing. To most people, this seems like an arbitrary statement because both of them remove the hair from your body in roughly the same manner. Behind the scenes, the difference between waxing and sugaring is rather significant.

The paste used for sugaring consists of sugar, lemon juice, and water. This paste doesn’t actually stick to your skin cells the same way that wax does. Removing the wax causes it to rip off skin cells along with the strip while body sugaring leaves those skin cells intact. It also removes the hair in the same direction that it grows, causing the tug to be less painful than it is with waxing.

The immediate pain is minimized, but so is the pain after the session is finished. Most people see their redness and any minor irritation disappear within hours. This is a great alternative for individuals with sensitive skin.

What if I’m concerned about pain?

No matter how many times you hear that it doesn’t hurt that badly, you may still be afraid of what is coming. When our clients are concerned about the pain, we advise them to take a couple of Advil before they come to their appointment. This can take the edge off any discomfort you may feel and minimize any irritation you experience afterward.

Will it be sore after I’m finished?

The irritation after a sugaring session is usually very minimal because it doesn’t harm the top layer of your live skin cells. However, you will still want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself properly. Don’t apply any lotions, gels, or creams to the areas you have sugared, particularly if they contain alcohol or fragrances. Be sure to wash your body thoroughly if you go to the gym or do any other sweaty activity in the first few days after your session.

Another tip for your sugaring session is to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. A Brazilian sugaring can cause urine to be uncomfortable for a while, so you will want to dilute it with water as much as possible.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and become bare, it’s time to schedule your session at Bare Body Sugaring! We have the experience to make your first session successful, comfortable, and as pain-free as possible!  

Is Body Sugaring Permanent?


Nobody wants to deal with unwanted body hair for the rest of their life. Many are turning to
body sugaring because it offers an all-natural way to effectively and permanently remove your
hair. If you have been wondering whether there is a real way to get rid your leg hair for good,
it’s time for you to take a closer look at sugaring services. There’s definitely some hope on the
horizon for everyone who is tired of shaving and waxing on a regular basis.

Legging sugaring.jpeg

How does body sugaring become permanent?

Well, you won’t see permanent hair removal on your very first treatment. Most experts
recommend coming back every few weeks depending on the area of the body you are focused
on. The reason many people don’t see their sugaring transform into permanent hair loss is that
they wait too long between their treatments. You should really come in as soon as your hair
reaches 1/8 inch in length.

When your body hair is removed while it is still short, it takes much longer for it to grow back.
This is how you start to lengthen the time in between your treatments. Removing your hair
early in its growth cycle is also the key to making your body sugaring a permanent thing. You
must remove the hair during its anagen phase, the point where it is shortest both above and
beneath the surface of the skin.

During the anagen phase, the hair is usually still attached to the follicle wall. Short hairs that are
removed through sugaring often take their grip on the follicle wall with them. Piece by piece,
sugaring can eventually cause the follicle wall to collapse altogether.

You won’t be able to regrow hair without the follicle wall in place. Even if you don’t collapse the
follicle wall for every strand, it is highly likely that your hair will grow back much thinner than it
did previously. Eventually, this is how your body sugaring becomes a permanent solution to
unwanted hair growth.

Does waxing make hair removal permanent?

If you are interested in sugaring, you might wonder whether waxing can produce the same
results. Maybe you’ve tried it in the past, but it just didn’t work for you. It’s time to see one of
the main reasons why sugaring and waxing differ.

Waxing can’t produce the same permanent results as body sugaring. People who wax might
experience hair that doesn’t grow back as quickly, but it will always come back eventually. The
hair is required to be much longer before it can effectively be waxed. It must enter into the
catagen stage of growth where the follicle is much longer. At this stage, the hair has detached
from the follicle wall which means you won’t be able to collapse it over time.

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you on the process to lasting change and permanent hair removal with this all-natural