Why Is Sugaring Eyebrows A Thing?  

Well-groomed eyebrows are now a thing. No matter your gender identity, having nice eyebrows suits everyone.

There are many ways to groom the eyebrows. Standard methods are threading, tweezing, and waxing.

A new technique is slowly being adopted now known as ‘sugaring.’ This gives you more options on how you want your eyebrows done. But what exactly is sugaring?

Why Is Sugaring Eyebrows A Thing?  

Origin of Sugaring

The sugaring technique of removing body hair may not be very familiar in the United States. In East Africa, however, this technique has been used for thousands of years.  

It is well known that Arabic cultures and parts of North Africa have been sugaring for hundreds of years.

The renowned queen of Egypt Cleopatra had been known to use this technique. Her beautiful and smooth skin was believed to be the product of sugaring using various beauty products very rich in her time.

By the 1980s, sugaring reached Western culture when a Tunisian introduced it to England.

Function of Sugaring

Although not in a very familiar form, sugar can be made into a wax. It will have a syrupy texture being a thick compound. Imagine sugar wax being a soft caramel or honey.

The sticky and gooey texture of sugar wax is seen to be very similar to the products mentioned above.

This characteristic is what makes sugar wax very easy to apply to any part of the body. With this, the hair removal property becomes very easy and smooth.

The hair will cling to the wax making it easier to pull out from the root. One of the advantages of the solution -- among others -- is it’s soluble in water. Which means you only need water to wash away the wax after application.

Benefits of Sugaring

Unlike other wax, sugar wax does not contain any chemicals or artificial products. The ingredients of making the wax are so simple you can make it in your home. By using lemon juice and granulated sugar, you can create a mixture of sugar wax.

One of the benefits of sugaring is the regrown hair becomes lighter and finer. Sugaring on a regular basis on the same stop will stop the hair from growing after some time.

Also, sugaring can be applied to any area in the body, even the sensitive areas.

Warning of Sugaring

Warning of Sugaring

Like a typical wax, there is a relative pain associated with the removal of the hair. If you have waxed or tweezed that particular area before then, the pain will be minimal compared to the areas where it was applied for the first time.

Always be ready with ice to put on the area you have sugared. This is for the pain and the redness of the area to be eased.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to check the temperature of the sugar wax before applying.

It should not be too hot that it will burn the skin. Test a drop on your wrist preferably to check the temperature.