How to Use Sugar Paste for Hair Removal

Body sugaring has been around as long as shaving has and it actually has many different benefits. The ancient Egyptians discovered this particular hair removal method and used it regularly as an alternative to shaving.

But how do you use body sugar today? We are going to go over how to use sugar paste hair removal and what the benefits of using this hair removal method are.

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Sugaring Paste Kit 

First off, there are a couple of different body sugaring methods that are used. Both methods use the same recipe but are applied differently. The first one is very similar to using wax. You simply put the sugar paste on the desired area and apply strips of cotton that you will gently tear off the skin resulting in the removal of hair.

The other method of sugaring is known as bare body sugaring. With this method, you will simply stick the sugar to the desired area and use your hand to pull the paste off and then repeat the process until there is no hair left. This method is a natural way to remove excess body hair and leave you with smooth and soft skin.


Does Sugaring Hair Removal Hurt?

One of the biggest questions that comes up when talking about how to use sugar paste hair removal is "does it hurt like normal waxing does?" The answer is no. In fact, the ingredients used in body sugar are all natural and organic so you don't need to worry about chemical irritation at all.

The reason why body sugar doesn't hurt is because the natural ingredients (primarily the sugar) helps to keep the paste from attaching to the actual skin. The paste will stick to the unwanted hair and when you yank the sugar wax off, it will not pull on the actual skin but simply remove the hair.

One thing that many people do to help increase their comfort levels when using this technique is to also use baby powder. Simply rub the baby powder on the area you plan to use your sugar wax on. This helps further prevent the substance from pulling on your skin and only pulling the hair.


Benefits of Sugaring 

One of the best benefits of sugaring is the recipe. If you want to learn how to make sugaring paste from home and DIY your own wax, you will only need three simple ingredients.

Sugar, water, and lemon. Many people learn how to make their own homemade version of sugar wax and will start to use it as an alternative to shaving, waxing, and other hair removal products.


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 Sugaring for Hair Removal 

There are many different new and old hair removal methods out there today. We've seen razors, lasers, and crazy chemicals used to try and remove unwanted stubble.

Now that you know how to use sugar paste hair removal and what the benefits of it are, you can start to use it as a natural alternative to harsher methods of removing hair.