Reasons Why Body Sugaring is Better Than Waxing

If you are new to this term, body sugaring, and you have been a diehard supporter of the waxing community, then you better get ready for the trial of your life (or whole body for that matter). Today we will be looking at the two types of hair removal techniques that are most common these days - waxing and sugaring.


To avoid the long technical descriptions, body sugaring basically is the process a sugaring compound will be wiped on the body and this compound sticks to the hairs and basically detaches it from the skin without attaching to the skin itself. I know I got your attention. Read on!

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Sugaring, Not Waxing

The Egyptians discovered this method, and I give all props to them for creating the most ingenious process of body hair removal that was ever discovered. Whereas waxing covers you with many chemicals that could be harmful to your skin, the sugaring element or paste that you wipe on the different areas of the body that you want to be "purified" is made from, get this, water, lemon, and (duh) sugar. Not that complicated. It's so basic in fact, that it can actually be eaten. TMI, right?


This soothing, natural method of hair elimination has been around for thousands of years and it is only recently people are starting to realize that this is so much better than waxing. When I said people, I meant for everyone because body sugaring is not only for women, but it can be used for everyone.


Other Benefits

Sugaring can be washed off very quickly with simple water, which means that after your session, you won't feel the "stickiness" of the sugar paste or anything for that matter. However, the waxing method needs lots of synthetic and artificial removers to eliminate the icky feeling, and all that chemicals pass through your skin. Wow!


Another benefit of body sugaring is that there is absolutely no risk of burning your skin. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for waxing, which sometimes leaves customers with traumatic experiences, and I'm not joking. Wax gets hot quickly, sometimes too hot. Sugaring doesn't have that issue.


What About Cons

Of course, some people have complained about body sugaring. We admit, for those few with very sensitive skin, the sugar itself can cause some slight irritation and allergic reaction. This reaction is called anaphylaxis. But don't be turned off, this is not dangerous in any way.


Even if you are just getting leg sugaring or underarm sugaring, this can nonetheless still affect you if you are sugar intolerant. There are preventive measures in place, like taking some anti-allergy tablets or even antihistamine meds will work fine.


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What Now

What happens next totally depends on you. You are now the jury. I have presented the advantages and benefits of body sugaring versus traditional waxing. It is your decision to make.


Whether it's a comprehensive whole body sugaring or just leg sugaring, you decide your subsequent steps (pun intended). Find a center near you that specializes in this technique. Try it out, even for a simple hair removal session, and experience the difference.