The Many Pros And Cons Of Sugaring For Your Body

Since the beginning of civilization humans have tried to rid themselves of body hair. Whether it's for health and odor related reasons, or if it's purely an aesthetic choice, humans have craved smooth, hairless skin since almost the beginning of human civilization.

When looking back at art and statues made by our ancestors you will see a common trend of hairlessness except for on the head and potentially on the face, for men. This has been a standard for many people's beauty ideals, and can lead to smooth skin that is nice to the touch and helps you keep your skin healthy and soft.

However, modern times never seems 100% satisfied with each new method of hair removal. While technology for hair removal is getting more advanced by the minute, nothing seems to be 100% effective.

Razors can accidentally cut your skin or break your hairs, laser hair removal can hurt your skin and is expensive, needing multiple treatments in order to be permanent, and even traditional waxes can hurt, burn, and cause your hair to break.

Having broken hairs or damaged skin can not only be painful, but it can cause hair, if it does grow back, to be uneven and potentially dark and thick, negating the whole process and causing you to have to spend money in repairing your damaged hair.

Pros And Cons Of Sugaring

Pros And Cons Of Sugaring

However, there is a way that most people overlook because it's not exactly "modern". That way is body sugaring. Body sugaring is a technique that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, which involves a simple solution of sugar and a couple other ingredients heated to around body temperature, then applied to the desired area and pulled off in a gentle manner.

There are many benefits to body sugaring, and frankly, we don't see many downsides, aside from the general downsides whenever you do any wax treatment of the skin needing to be treated carefully for a few days after the procedure is done.

One of the major pluses of body sugaring, however, is that it is a lot less painful than wax. While wax needs to be heated to extreme temperatures, and rips off roughly after applying, leaving some residue that is even more painful to remove, with body sugaring it only needs to be heated to body temperature, making it feel less painful and making it easier for the person doing it to apply.

It also only bonds with hairs, and pulls them up in a way that doesn't damage the surrounding skin. Also, since its mainly sugar based, if any residue or spots are left on your skin, you simply have to run it under some water and scrub gently for the solution to melt and go away.

Experience Body Sugaring in Winnipeg Now

Experience Body Sugaring in Winnipeg Now!

So if you're looking for amazing Winnipeg body sugaring, be sure to give us a call or click today. Our professionals can sugar your most troublesome areas with our gentle sugar, and help you get to the state of hairlessness that you want your body to be at.