Shaving Vs. Sugaring Body Hair Removal

The easiest and the most practical way to remove excess body hair is shaving. And, compared to sugaring body hair removal, shaving is frequently used by people. On the other hand, people who are more anxious about the unwanted hair on their body choose sugaring.

Let’s discuss why sugaring is way better than shaving.


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A razor is used to remove the body hair. So what you only need to have is a razor and a shaving gel for the procedure. Another thing is you can use the tool not just once but as long as it is sharp enough to cut hair.

Moistened hair first, then application of shaving gel follows. After that, carefully shave the hairy part. Cut nearer to the roots through shaving against the hair growth.


What Now?

There are other matters to be considered other than the hair should be moistened before shaving.

•  When you shave the areas repeatedly it can cause skin irritation.

•   Resting your skin after shaving for 30 minutes before applying stuff that has a chemical content on it is necessary.

•    Be sure not to swim directly after shaving. Seawater and chlorine contain elements that make the skin irritated when it touches them.

Therefore, if you have a tight budget and no time for removing the unwanted hair from your body, shaving should be considered. However, the outcome is not satisfying.

Since the hair is cut not through its root, it grows faster. Thus, most of the time, shaving is done daily. There might also be a time that you can’t avoid skin irritation. And, when the hair grows, it’s stiffy. It could also result in ingrown hairs.


How Is Sugaring Done?

Sugar, citrus, and water are mixed and heated together. The mixture is applied to the skin, then.

Before the mixture application, skin with hair should be cleaned and dried first. Apply the mixture to the skin using the back of the spoon. It would penetrate into the hair until it sticks enough to be pulled off.


What Could Be the Result?

Admittedly, side effects are possible for those who have very sensitive skin. They might experience redness of the skin and a little bit of pain. Worst, it could result in skin infection if it's not properly performed.

Nonetheless, you'll gain a lot from sugaring. These are some of the benefits.

• There are fewer possibilities of burning and irritating your skin.

• It last longer than the shaving procedure. Why? Because it removes the root of the hair.

• When the hair is pulled off, it is less painful.

However, it could end to an unwanted outcome if you do the process improperly. Thus, ask the skilled ones, when you are new to this.


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Take Your Skin Care to the Next Level!

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